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I want a Dragon Age game, but set in Tal’Dorei. 

I want to make a character, watch it become the center of some great event, and see Vox Machina come barreling through the doors.

I want to travel through Emon and listen to Vax whisper about signs of the Clasp while Vex complains about the prices.

I want to collect items from exotic locales for Percy and watch him turn them into amazing weapons.

I want to uncover long lost temples and help Pike repair them.

I want drinking competitions against Grog while Scanlan entertains the tavern. 

I want to hunt monsters with the Slayers’ Take and gather dragonhide and beholder stalks with Keyleth. 

I want Critical Role: The RPG.

GREAT so there’s a shot of Jaime and Cersei kissing in that comic con trailer. Exactly what this show needs more of am I right!!!

Seven save us,” whispered Tyene. “Trystane? Why?”
“The woman must be mad,” Obara said. “He’s just a boy.”
“This is monstrous,” said Lady Nym. “I would not have believed it, not of a Kingsguard knight.

This would be the Sand Snakes Weiss & Benioff just had murder Trystane on the show, reacting with outrage in A Dance With Dragons hearing of Cersei’s secret plot to have Trystane killed.

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Jojen was thirteen, only four years older than Bran. Jojen wasn’t much bigger either, no more than two inches or maybe three, but he had a solemn way of talking that made him seem older and wiser than he really was. At Winterfell, Old Nan had dubbed him “little grandfather.”

I don’t know what Jon could have done to those kids that would result in a guaranteed win win situation, If he takes away their home and send them to live with other Northern lords as wards it could still create a Theon situation in the future instead of undying loyalty to the King in the North. Even if they grew up under any other loyal Northern lords who to say they won’t influence them in the future to turn against the Starks, plus risk of being mistreated for their traitor’s family. If he let them keep their position and their castles, there’s still risks as well since they are minor and could easily be influenced by maesters, household members still loyal to their parents. I suppose the best Jon, Sansa and co. could do at this point is to try to be involved in those two’s upbringing for the next couple of years as much as possible, monitor them, influence them subtly but do not use coercive power and force, ensuring good education as well as securing good marriages for them (I know war with the dead no time for that but yeah you get where I’m at).  

@ambalambs little Z (especially 14 year old Z) had a thing for villains so I would’ve been totally fine with it then, but now that I’m older I’m *really* glad they chose to give him a redemption arc instead.

And yes! It’s been really fun so far! The opening cinematic made me for real cry, I blew through an entire stack of potions because I keep getting the controls mixed up with TLG, I just finished up the Hunchback of Notre Dame world and it looks like next up is Tron. It’s a nice nostalgic feeling to be back in the KH worlds. :D

With the 2018 release window (fingers crossed they don’t delay it), I’m hoping to play through the entire remastered collection that they’ve released on PS4! Maybe even CoM… maybe… that one was a slog for me though…

…so I can’t even deal with the trainwreck that is the sansa storyline this season so instead have alayne in the vale & about to scoff that entire ten-foot eyrie-shaped lemoncake all by herself and actually allowed to be kinda happy gdi


positive lady characters meme redux-> [01/04 antagonists]

↳ Cersei Lannister