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The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents

This has got to be one of my favorite Eren and Armin scenes

Armin has never had friends before, all his life he’s been basically bullied and beat up for being weak. Armin’s been alone for a majority of his life, he didn’t even have his parents, all he had was his grandpa. Now here comes Eren, someone who simply just doesn’t like anyone, he doesn’t feel the need to have friends. Then he meets Armin, who doesn’t seem to be anything like Eren’s rash, temperamental and strong self.

 But then he sees something in Armin, he sees something different in him, in fact there’s a certain admiration in his eyes when Armin gives his answer for not running away. Eren actually wants to be friends with this Armin. And here’s Armin, who’s basically been alone all his life, wallowing in loneliness and self-doubt and he meets someone who wants to be friends with him. Eren is the first person to see Armin for who he really is.

I feel like this scene set something so wonderful between these two, it’s really no wonder there are rumors of them being too close or how they’re always concerned about each other. They are each other’s first friendship.

Omfg I was watching Topp Dogg’s performance version of Rainy Day and at the start the camera is going around and showing all of the members and it got to this bit and it reminded me of when they played games and stuff on All-Kill and when they were all having fun together and the sun was out and crap and they were all just together and everyone and everything was ok and now they’ve lost another member and it’s dark and the wall thing they used to sit on is now empty and I’m so emo rn.

I just love Topp Dogg so much and I just wanna ask you guys to just take a few minutes out of your day to check out a few of their MVs or even a few All-kill episodes because I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. They are such an incredible group that are just slept on so much. So please please please check them out. Because I don’t think you realise how much you would be helping them just by looking at some of their amazing work.

I will link their MVs and All-Kill episodes below so it’s easier for you guys.

But, please, I’m literally begging you to just check out a few videos. It’s ok if you don’t like everything, just check out a few because they have such a variety of concepts and sounds so I promise there will be something you’ll like.

Music Videos

Follow Me (Dogg’s out, Jan 2013)

Cigaratte (Dogg’s out (repackaged), Jan 2013)

Open the door (Arario, Jan 2014)

Arario (Arario, Jan 2014)

TopDog (Amadeus, Jan 2014)

Annie/Anniversary (Single, Jan 2014)

The Beat (The Beat, Oct 2015)

Rainy Day (First Street, Nov 2016)

They also have a few Japanese and Chinese versions of their songs as well as remixes.


Episode 1

The group is split into two teams. One person from each team has to run into a convenience store and get the items on the list, that they have to memorise, and then eat the items. The person who finishes the food first wins. Really funny episode, lots of hugging.

Episode 2

They all have to listen to the start of a kpop song and whoever sits on the chair and answers correctly first gets to choose an ingredient for the next challenge. Every man for himself. Lots of pushing, low key cheating and fearing of lives.

Episode 3

The group is split into three teams and given 20 minutes to make a “delicious dish” using the random ingredients they split up in the previous episode. Everyone ends up stealing food anyway and one team uses an especially weird strategy after they realise how bad the food they made looks. A great meme was made because of this episode.

Episode 4

Hansol and B-Joo give you a tour of their dorm. They also go around the dorm and wake up (and talk to) each member. All the members choose one personal item to give to fans. My favourite episode.

Episode 5: Part I, Part II

Part 1 - They have to put a pepero in their mouths and pass an onion ring down the line to the paper plate at the end. If someone drops the ring, it doesn’t count. Lots of awkwardness and funny faces. 

Part 2 - Basically, the group is split into two teams, again. Each person from one team has to eat a jelly bean while the other team guesses which one ate a bad jelly bean. Really funny episode, lots of mocking, “he’s acting” and “wait, let me smell!”

Episode 6

Two members have to hold hands with ice in between. All confidence in this episode is replaced with regret. Lots of fidgeting and screaming and attempts at taking their minds off the pain. Watch at your own risk because you can feel their pain through the screen.

Episode 7

“WHAT?” The group is split into pairs and they have to do the whisper challenge with lines from kpop songs. A lot of Hansol (the one with the blond hair and purple jacket) getting really frustrated and members laughing at Hansol getting frustrated. Cuteness overload whenever B-Joo (the one with the cat t shirt) gets the line right he just looks so happy its adorable. 5:46 is one of the funniest moments in Topp Dogg history.

Episode 8

Charades. The group is split into two teams and they jump around like cute idiots. Honestly just a really nice episode. It’s really entertaining and it’s just 12 minutes of watching the boys have genuine fun. I’m getting all sentimental now but it’s just a really sweet episode. If you’re bored or just want to laugh, I highly recommend this episode. For me, it’s another favourite and will 100% make you fall in love with Topp Dogg. 

Episode 9

They play a game called Drawing Telephone. A few members sit in a line next to each other. Another member will give the first person a word and they have to draw it and then the member sitting next to them will have to copy the drawing and so on until it gets to the last member who will have to guess what the word was. The other members who aren’t in the line will laugh at the drawing attempts. It’s a really funny episode and allows you to see the artistic side of Topp Dogg.

Episode 10

Topp Dogg go around in pairs and get coffee and ice cream ect. It’s the last episode so they just go around and talk and have fun. If the MVs and All-Kill weren’t enough for you there is also Topp Dogg Project which is hilarious.

I have linked a playlist in the second paragraph in case you would prefer that but I’ve listed them here with a summary as well in case you just wanna pick a few to watch.

I’m sorry this post was so long but I just want Topp Dogg to get the recognition they deserve because they really are amazing.

Enjoy the music videos and All-Kill episodes! I hope I have helped you become a Topp-Klass. They are incredibly talented and unique so I hope this was helpful and that you can now/continue to support and love them :)

Help make Topp Dogg’s dreams become a reality. Please.