they've got dreams

I want a Dragon Age game, but set in Tal’Dorei. 

I want to make a character, watch it become the center of some great event, and see Vox Machina come barreling through the doors.

I want to travel through Emon and listen to Vax whisper about signs of the Clasp while Vex complains about the prices.

I want to collect items from exotic locales for Percy and watch him turn them into amazing weapons.

I want to uncover long lost temples and help Pike repair them.

I want drinking competitions against Grog while Scanlan entertains the tavern. 

I want to hunt monsters with the Slayers’ Take and gather dragonhide and beholder stalks with Keyleth. 

I want Critical Role: The RPG.

This has got to be one of my favorite Eren and Armin scenes

Armin has never had friends before, all his life he’s been basically bullied and beat up for being weak. Armin’s been alone for a majority of his life, he didn’t even have his parents, all he had was his grandpa. Now here comes Eren, someone who simply just doesn’t like anyone, he doesn’t feel the need to have friends. Then he meets Armin, who doesn’t seem to be anything like Eren’s rash, temperamental and strong self.

 But then he sees something in Armin, he sees something different in him, in fact there’s a certain admiration in his eyes when Armin gives his answer for not running away. Eren actually wants to be friends with this Armin. And here’s Armin, who’s basically been alone all his life, wallowing in loneliness and self-doubt and he meets someone who wants to be friends with him. Eren is the first person to see Armin for who he really is.

I feel like this scene set something so wonderful between these two, it’s really no wonder there are rumors of them being too close or how they’re always concerned about each other. They are each other’s first friendship.


The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents

The signs are Kinda Hot.
  • Aries: Their shrink is telling them they've got crazy dreams.
  • Taurus: They're always screaming when they're calling their friends.
  • Gemini: Their neighbors told them that they've got bad brains.
  • Cancer: They are the leaders of the not coming back.
  • Leo: Their mom and dad both think they're a slob.
  • Virgo: They have low self esteem.
  • Libra: Sometimes they feel like they're going insane.
  • Scorpio: They've got a shot, though.
  • Saggitarius: They are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene.
  • Capricorn: Their girlfriend is bitching 'cause they always sleep in.
  • Aquarius: They're alright, though.
  • Pieces: They've got bigger plans that no one else understands.