they've been married 30 years!!!!

“What does he look like?”


“The boy,” Chirrut whispers quietly to Baze, leaning on his staff. “The one who blew up the Death Star…”

“He looks like an idiot,” Baze muttered.

Chirrut let out a bright laugh at that, turning to face him. “You say that about everyone, my love.”

Baze shook his head. “Only about fools like you… going in… trusting only in the Force… he’s going to get himself killed.”

“I haven’t been killed yet,” Chirrut pointed out, and Baze was glad he could not see his face, couldn’t see the pain that comment caused. He had been so close to losing Chirrut. “…Baze?”

“No, not yet.” Baze said, and reached out, the knuckles of one rough hand sliding over the back of Chirrut’s hand, holding his staff.

Chirrut smiled and took the hint, letting go of the staff to take his hand. “Jedha has found justice,” Chirrut said quietly, pulling Baze’s hand to his lips and kissing over his knuckles. “I think we should go celebrate privately, don’t you?”

Baze smirked at him, squeezing Chirrut’s hand. “Have I ever said no to an offer like that?”

“Yes,” Chirrut said honestly with a grin, kissing his hand again before leading him away to their apartment.

When people try to tell me Mercy76 is gross...
  • Person: Ewwww! Mercy76 is gross because he's 15 years older than her.
  • Me: My dad was born in 1947. My mom was born in 1962.
  • Person: Umm... okay?
  • Me: Do the math. Last I checked, that's 15 years. So my dad is 15 years older than my mom.
  • Person: Oh
  • Me: Yup. They've been married for almost 30 years btw
  • Person: *immediately changes subject*

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(teacher anon) two of my teachers really are married adn they've been married for like 30 years and they're so in love and they dance all the time in the hallway and talk about each other all the time and the wife hasn't been at school lately and he's been really sad bc he says school is easier when he has her to face everything with and now that i think about it they're the real sidgeno of this school

omg cuteeee!!! also alternatively, consider my 9th grade math teacher (who was also married to another math teacher in the same high school)

Teacher, getting up during free period: Sorry guys, I have to go pick up my son from school. 
Student: Why? It’s like 11.
Teacher: He punched another kid in the nose. I’ll be right back. Don’t leave your seats. 

(30 mins later, teacher returns to classroom, little boy trailing after him)
Teacher: This is my son. He punched a kid in the nose. 

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Don't know if you've seen the tweet: "my dad is drunk hitting on my mom at our family Christmas party and they've been married for 30 years". I SO SO SO imagine Harry doing this to the missus (whether she's drunk or sober)!

I haven’t seen it but YES I CAN SO IMAGINE THIS. 

Maybe the oldest kid is like thirteen and Harry & the missus have been married for like fourteen years or something and their son or daughter (whatever) is right at that age where their mum and dad doing anything slightly young-ish is the MOST EMBARRASSING THING EVER. 

So it’s New Years Eve and a party is happening in the Styles’ house with all the family including grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, the kids have been allowed to invite a few friends over and their parents are there too. Harry’s got fireworks planned for midnight but there’s an hour left to go before the new year rings in and Harry’s already drunk too much.

“Hey, pretty lady,” he’d approach you in front of everyone and grab your left hand to inspect your fingers. “Yeh married? To who?”

“To you, Harry…” you’d laugh.

“Yeh know my name?…What’s yeh name?…Yeh want a drink?…I’ll buy you a drink…How ‘bout we, uh, we share a midnight kiss, hmm?”

“Are you hitting on me?!”

And then your thirteen year would be watching the scene happen in front of her and would be all “ugh, you guys are sick, you shouldn’t be flirting, you’re old! Daaaaaad!,” they’d whine when Harry places a sloppy kiss on your lips.

And when he wakes up the next morning with a headache, you’d be there bringing him pancakes like “wouldn’t get this after the first night, would you?”