When the two that share destiny part and reunite, beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again.

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Things that bring me joy

I have a few of these saved up so prepare yourself because this is only one part. This is just like those other observation posts(?I have no idea what to call those) such as Robe and whatever I named the one about what the Hakyona first child would like(did I name it? I really don’t know what I do anymore) except this time we’re focusing on one of my favorite platonic brotp’s ever and that would have to be Hak and Jae-ha. Seriously, those two make my day whenever they interact, whether it be the two of having a sass fest,

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Jae-ha verbally messing with Hak,

Hak physically messing(threatening, beating, punching, hurting, really any verb that causes pain) with Jae-ha,

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or even just being bros.

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I also love it when the fight together, like both of them make an amazing team with Jae-ha(Bae-ha as many in the fandom call him, @cynicwithatwist and @missdreamerxx looking at you two) providing the aerial stealth attacks supplied by his knife throwing skills, and Hak jumping into the fray beatin’ the hell out of those surrounding with his super cool spinny spear moves, both with their battle smirks and banter.

Nothing like spending time/flying with big bro Jae-ha, right Hak? Look how happy my fictional soulmate is being the daredevil little brother. Like this is so adorable to me especially the tiny part where Hak goes “Let’s do it again!” Just brotp gold.

But honestly I love the moments when it’s just the two of them and things get a little serious or when Jae-ha wants to hang out with Hak and they just talk about stuff. I love Jae-ha giving advice or trying to get Hak to make a move because sometimes I forget that Hak is only 18 and really only fully understands fighting and strategy and how to run the tribe, not how to process emotions or life. He doesn’t always understand feelings or the healthy way to deal with them or even how to be happy and that’s where Jae-ha comes in, to just sorta calm him down or help him out with Yona in Jae-ha’s own particular way. Hak has always had to take the big bro role with Yona and Soo-won and all of the wind tribe kids so he never got to release his fear and vulnerability  but instead take on the burdens  of the others and with Jae-ha he can finally be the one to rely on an older sibling. And even though big bro Jae-ha kinda has a thing for Yona, he forces Hak to slowly reveal his feelings, securing his little brother’s happiness before his own.

I really could go on and on about these two but for now I’ll just leave it at this, with a few extra scenes of the two.

Oh and by the way, I’m officially putting forth the name “Jae-Hak” as their brotp title if that’s not a thing already(although I feel like it is because it works so perfectly).

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Fuckin’ hell, I love these two.

Im just gonna say it

Just because Lin is leaving does not mean the show gonna suck, like Javier is such strong an beautiful singer and personally I like the way he sings and plays Alexander Hamilton than Lin, only because he makes him more mysterious and sinister (I still love Lins rep tho).

So don’t be a dick to Javier because y'all are obsessed with Lin. I love Lin and he’s a super cool guy, but let’s appreciate all the people in the production, okay?

Me: *searching for some good western blogs to follow*

Me: *clicks on one*

Blog comes up. I’m immediately assaulted with some pop country song on autoplay. The background is either Mossy Oak or Realtree. The browning buck symbol is likely interspersed in there somewhere.

The description: “My name is so-and-so. Just a southern country girl at heart stuck in the big city. Huntin’. Muddin’. Quaddin’. Fishin’. Luke Bryan <3 Kip Moore <3 Florida Georgia Line <3 I’d rather drink beer on a lifted tailgate than go clubbin’! Team Realtree!

Me: *Sighs. Clicks on next blog and repeats same painful process*

If you like something about yourself, don’t be ashamed to flaunt it a little (or even a lot). You have the right to love yourself, so love with all you have.

You know you’re too deep into the fandom when Marlin from ‘Finding Nemo’ reminds you of Martin Freeman.

Don’t look at me like that I know you can see it too

Appreciation post for tiny deer and deer-like species


Mouse deer~

Of course, dik-diks~
I will punch your dick if you make jokes about how dik-dik is pronounced I swear to our deer lords I’m not even joking