Tam siblings + Up Close and Personal [requested by anon]

okay but even if you don’t ship destiel romantically you have to admit that there’s something really beautiful about their relationship—how dean can calm cas down from a rage, how cas can make dean laugh harder than he has in years

dean teaches cas to be human and cas cared about dean so much he fell from heaven for him and tbh i don’t understand how people can hate cas with such a burning passion because those two make each other so damn happy

If you like something about yourself, don’t be ashamed to flaunt it a little (or even a lot). You have the right to love yourself, so love with all you have.

Appreciation post for tiny deer and deer-like species


Mouse deer~

Of course, dik-diks~
I will punch your dick if you make jokes about how dik-dik is pronounced I swear to our deer lords I’m not even joking