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(FAHC pre mavinseg) Gavin, for as much charm he oozes, still gets tongue tied around Dollyface-Meg he reminds himself. But once when Lindsay crashed at his apartment, because of some kind of disagreement with Meg, she walked out of the bathroom in just a towel and they had an hour long conversation about different breakfast foods. G:Michael says pancakes and waffles are the same thing– L:Holy shit so does Meg!! They're totally the same person I swear. G: And he never— Both: lets me cook!

Lindsay: it’s fucking bullshit because i make like…i make mean shit! ask my sisters! I get all Guy Fieti up in this bitch, i take everyone to flavortown and Meg just-

Gavin: ‘You’re gonna burn down the bloody apartment because you’re stupid.”

Lindsay: thats almost verbatim what meg says but without the Britain…ness. She’s such a stubborn ass

Gavin: never knows when to chill the hell out

Lindsay: will fight anything that breathes

Gavin: and the anger issues

Lindsay: plus she’s compulsive as all hell

Gavin: and too damn competitive for his own good,

Lindsay: ….. dude…. you’re dating my girlfriend’s clone and honestly i dont know how to feel about that.

Gavin: we’re dating bloody doppelgangers

Lindsay: yeah thats so weird. hey, hey hey you know what, you know what we should do?

Gavin: make waffles and pancakes and other gubbins?

Lindsay: i have no idea what gubbins is but yes. We should go out, get like food shit and cook like a feast-

Gavin: -a feast of champions!

Lindsay: -a feast of fucking champions for ourselves, and our asshole partners cant do shit about it. Next Stop, flav- actually the store, but then next stop after that is fucking flavortown!!!

Gavin: ahhh tippy toppers lindsay lets do it! but uh, first you er, you will need some trou, 

Lindsay: really? you think if i dont, if i just show up in a towel theyll give me food to get me to fuck off? i could threaten to take the towel off if like the groceries arent placed at my feet like “you dont know whats under this! concealed carry motherfuckers!!”

Gavin: that’d be top, you should do it.

Lindsay: i totally should, but im not gonna, you have any ‘trou’ i can borrow while my clothes are drying? i, oh also you mind if I use your washer and dryer? kinda occurred to me now to ask but

Gavin: didn’t occur to you before?

Lindsay: it did not

Gavin: well i’m not a mungy smegpot like Michael is so sure love, and uh, im sure i can find some clothes for you

Lindsay: i have no idea what you just said but i love the sound of it, i’m gonna call meg a ‘mungy smegpot’ to her face next time i see her and see what happens-