god, isn’t is so FUCKING weird how white guys can talk about feminism on somethingawful all day and night long and be praised for it and no one really insults them over it, but the SECOND a black man and an autistic girl do the same thing and call out a rapist they get attacked a ton over it and lose all of their friends and have people make shit up about them and actively try to ruin their online lives.

isn’t that one weird fucking coincidence

taking zero shit from bellamy, like hell yeah octavia tell him, entire thing frames him as such a sympathetic baby 

like nha

still not forgotten his selfish bullshit got over 300 people killed 

and that h started the anarchic shitty structure they had at first

yes he got dealt a crap hand, but she got a worse one. don’t paint her as being unreasonable about how she’s been treated and talked to

fuck bellamy blake and not in that way cause he’s gross and horrible