haikyuu!! 266 summary
  • tora: has no chill whatsoever; GUUTTSSS!!!
  • kenma: you seriously need to chill, tora; SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CHILL THE FUCK OUT, TORA!!!!
  • fukunaga: puns; you've gone to far, Dostoevsky; puns; The Bucket™
  • yaku and kai: chaotic neutrals; ooh the first years are fighting about something serious. let's see how it goes.
  • kuroo: what did i miss?
Criminal Minds characters as things my friends have said

Reid: “The only way I can improve my life is by dying at the hands of a dictionary.”

Hotch: “If I ever get shot I’ll just take some Ibuprofen.”

Morgan: “I heard about these two bros who got married to get, like, that tax break. But one guy didn’t say ‘no homo,’ and the other was like, ‘whoa, dude, am I married to a gay guy?’”

Garcia: “I throw peace glitter all the time.”

JJ: “Don’t you crunch suggestively at me, young lady.”

Rossi: “He’s so little. It makes the Italian grandmother in me want to feed him so much lasagna.”

Prentiss: “This coffee is too hot. That’s homophobic.”

Theory time…

I know these are useless, but I’ll throw these out there anyway…

  • Jeremy could be part revenant. Dolls may or may not know about this, but he certainly knew Jeremy’s mom, or at least, what happened to her (mentioned in 2x02). I’m guessing she was a revenant that was killed by Ward Earp. He also has precognition abilities/clairvoyance or something. He also hinted that he wasn’t recruited into BBD just bc he’s smart.
  • Nicole might be a BBD secret agent. I don’t like the idea that Nicole is hiding something again from Waverly, but I thought this is slightly possible bc I believe BBD is not gone, just hiding or something. It was mentioned in 2x11 that BBD wants to harness the power of the paranormal, and Nicole just happened to have a large file about Bulshar. and she also took Demon Clootie’s ring (also, all the investigation she’s doing on Samedi). Dolls may or may not also know about this, but they do have some secret, based on the looks they gave at the end.

I have 2 theories for Waverly now that the half-revenant theory is out of the equation:

  1. Waverly is part angel, although I can’t see enough proof yet to back this up, aside from her always being referred to as an ‘angel’ by Bobo (& Mama Earp), and her strong resistance to the demon goo.
  2. Waverly is a Demi-God. If Nicole’s investigation about Baron Samedi in PCF will be important to the story next season, they could play it as she’s Samedi’s child with a mortal woman. If I understood correctly, Samedi is sort of like a God, not exactly the Supreme Creator, but definitely higher than that of saints & angels. This claim, however, also has not enough evidence lol
  • The reason Peacemaker burned her tho, is that it can only be used by an Earp. I’d say the gun worked bc Wynonna ordered it to.

Earp sisters angst next season, maybe.

I literally have no idea about the rest of them lol Damn, I can’t wait for season 3!

I hope there’s a universe where Lito Rodriguez and Rogelio De la Vega have met and are just incredibly dramatic and Extra™ actor friends

real talk do sherlock, joan, marcus and gregson rehearse before they go tell criminals exactly how fucked they are ? or does speaking one after the other in sync like this come naturally to all of them?

did they have meeting about it in the beginning but now it’s a well rehearsed act ??

did it spontaneously happen and they just decided that they love it ???

i just, it’s so unrealistic but i love it so much lmao 

they’re all so extra™