a lot of people who talk about soumako usually talk about how someone like makoto can really help sousuke and be a good person for him to interact with, but tbh not a lot of people really talk about how sousuke can really help makoto?? like i feel like sousuke can help makoto break out of his constant routines and will help inspire him (mostly with snark remarks tbh) to really speak up for himself and how he’s feeling.

i’m not saying that sousuke will exactly change the makoto we know and love and strip away that selflessness and that kindness - just like makoto wouldn’t make sousuke a kind and gentle soul - but he’d definitely bring out some changes in his character to me.

Steve and Thor wearing big fuzzy sweaters, cuddling together under a blanket and drinking hot cocoa.


you boys♡ (≧∇≦)