So yeah.. about that whole studying for finals thing… I’ve currently fallen into a bottomless pit and can’t seem to stop drawing things from @doodledrawsthings ‘s lovely human Bill au and @videogamelover99 ‘s amazing fics.

I’m ready to see the next evolution on turf wars 😭👌🏽❤️ PREORDER IT GUYS

I give all credit to denimcatfish I’m not claiming this to be my art work. I found it on the internet and really loved it so I posted it here I didn’t know from who it was and I’m sorry I didn’t make this clear. No art that I post on here is mine. Just a fangirl appreciating all the amazing work artists made.
April sits in the middle of a wildflower field
on a foggy morning. The contradiction is not
lost on her. She paints her face in watercolors.
In the stardust left over on the palms of her
hands. Turns her hair to bird nest, welcomes
the blue jays home, hums along to their bird
song. Her body is teeming with sugar water,
ready for the taking. April is cherry sweet.
Gives until her skin is raw, and still, she
sings. Still, the warmth. Still, her song
like bells.
—  APRIL’S SONG, angelea l.

listen these are two of my fave kaminari panels and I really think this should be a meme