does bighit think we print money or something?

do you ever just think about the way jongin’s arm fits around taemin’s shoulder and how taemin always wraps his arm around jongin’s waist to pull him closer and whisper in his ear but he’s isn’t tall enough and his face is almost pressed into the side of jongin’s neck bc i do


I only have about a year left with the team. So I want to do everything I can for the team and myself.


Guess who got super inspired by winter wear and good fic?? Seriously though, Marinette is so cute and she’s a budding fashion designer so you just know her wardrobe would be bursting with cute things. Adrien too, of course, (a given when your boy’s a model) but gimme Mari in a variety of outfits please.

(Smallest Mari doodle partially inspired by her cute dress from chapter 3 of @taylordraws @seiyakanie‘s Heartstrings. Mari in thigh highs heavily inspired by @caprette@miraculer​‘s Boutique and @clairelutra for introducing me to this gem of a song. Chat cannot dEAL. That hooded shirt is a real thing btw.)

Shit APH Australia Does #36

Leave the house at 2am to because there’s a rare Pokemon nearby, accidentally walk through a spider web and waste 2 pokeballs mistakenly trying to catch the real life possum that’s in his camera view