Drew myself and the Pokemon I caught in Pokemon Go so far! I love my babies…

ALSO psst…. y’all should draw yourself (in your favorite outfit or how your character looks like in the app) and your favorite caught ‘mons/what you caught so far… And then tag it as #pkmn go journey
for science….


servant!gwen or queen!gwen, asked by mysmileispureandblood-stained


#can we just take the time #to appreciate what DC is doing #with their posters/promos and magazine covers? #whether it be the creative use of illustration #to advertise the movie in a non-generic superhero poster way #poc’s having their own photos and looking badass af #several women being front and centre #or just really awesome graphic designs #I just really love the direction #they’re going in

Apparently in Japanese folklore Benkei was a warrior monk known for his great loyalty towards Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who was in his youth called Ushiwaka.

I bet you these two are bffs.


#ok so obviously i’m turning the tags into a rant about peyton specifically but female friendships n rob thomas shows #like women have strong female friendships #that’s a thing #and they’re just as complex and full of interesting ups and downs as any romantic engagement #so i don’t see why we have to focus so much on major and major and liv’s relationship when peyton is someone from liv’s past #who wants the old liv back so same as major #and has an important job that’s closely aligned with liv’s #AND YET SHE’S NEVER THERE #like on the first season when Liv ruined Peyton’s big case and then saved it #that was a good example of what could be a regular growing storyline and they dropped it #and vmars had the same problem with mac and veronica #basically i feel like these friendships are treated as barely more than props for the heroine’s character #when they should be treated as major relationships within the heroine’s life that nurture and hurt and challenge and MATTER #but they’re not #the gifs were just an excuse for my rant honestly #BUT MORE NON ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS PLEASE (requested by anon)

a bunch of you who follow me have probably noticed that i’ve rediscovered drarry fic in the past month or so and it’s resulted in a lot of flailing and screaming and pure joy and happiness on my part. anyway! i’ve had a few people interested in a fic rec so here we go :)

azoth - eighth year, portrait!snape, amazing plot. 88k

right hand red - eighth year, muggle games, secret relationship. 73k

the light more beautiful - 6th year & post hogwarts, pining. warning: dub con in first chapter, potions mishap. 81k

helix - eighth year, tent, SOFT, SNAILS, SOLOMON. read it read it read it. 92k

the boy who only lived twice - unspeakable!harry, secret identity, rabbit. 54k

foundations!verse - healer!harry, hard to describe, just SO GOOD. reparations 87k, foundations 230k, plus drabbles. 

a convenient impracticality - fake relationship, pining, aaaahhhhhhh! 38k 

  • Matt: Chocolate seems to be our standout [song] here.
  • Interviewer: It's such a sexy name.
  • Matt: Exactly, it's perfect. It works. I think it's a really easy song and it's pop music. What's easier to listen to? If you want to look into that song then you can take a lot away from it, but at face value it's a pop song called Chocolate. No one's going to dislike that!
  • Interviewer: There's references to drugs and people sing along to it like...
  • Matt: You don't have to. It's whatever you want it to be.

Why is it that tvd has me liking all the villains much more than the protagonists? (with an exception of bonnie of course) like I’m so serious i like Klaus, Katherine, Silas, Damon, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol (basically the whole Mikaelson Family) and now Kai. Like seriously am i suppose to hate them? because if so you aren’t doing a good job at making them dislikable. It’s astonishing how much i wouldn’t care if the antagonists had more screen time than the protagonists 


#the way Seth Gecko looks at Kisa // requested by anonymous


lotr meme: locations  → rhun, the east (1/5) insp.

all i want for christmas

is my favorite characters getting the respect they deserve


Feeling hot and tired but relatively upbeat after his morning jog, Westley hums to himself cheerfully as he strides through the front door of his apartment. He grabs a towel from the hall closet and begins to head to the bathroom for a shower, but the mouthwatering scent of freshly cooked bacon draws him toward the kitchen instead.

“What are you making?” he asks after a moment.

Carmen doesn’t even bother to glance up. “Breakfast!” she sings in her melodious alto voice. “I ran to the store while you were out and picked up the ingredients. It should be ready in about twenty minutes or so if you want to rinse that stink off before we eat.”

West chuckles as he fills one of Carmen’s coffee mugs with water from the tap. “I didn’t realize you could cook,” he says.

“You don’t know everything about me, love,” she winks at him in reply. “Besides, how hard can it be? It says so right here in the title of my new recipe book: Anyone Can Cook.”

“But why now?” he frowns. “You’ve always told me you hate housework.”

“I guess I just wanted to apologize,” Carmen shrugs, carefully avoiding eye contact. And everyone always says the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, she thinks to herself with a smug little smile.

“Oh, well, thank you,” West grunts, his gaze softening as he watches her prod at an egg stuck to the bottom of the pan. “It smells delicious at any rate.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” she retorts happily. “Better hurry up with that shower, though. I will start eating whether you’re ready or not.”

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