Why are people acting like Shelli and Vanessa are some feminist icons tho??? Like Shelli has singlehandedly taken out the only trans woman and the only black woman in the house??? They’re in an alliance with two white girls who are Shelli’s sorority sisters, a creep, and a racist. Wow, the exemplary (*cough* white *cough*) “feminism” we have going on here!!!!

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Lol I find it cool your dad watches anime with you. My dad just asks "how do you understand what they're saying???" even when there's subtitles...

He doesn’t really. I somehow convinced him to watch Psycho-Pass since he liked Attack on Titan. He wanted to watch both dubbed - he hates subtitles but it’s fine with me either way. 

I really want my mom to watch Psycho-Pass. I have a feeling interesting conversations would ensue. 

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I’ve noticed that Olicity haters tend to use the argument that Olicity is irrelevant because when Oliver is Green Arrow, he’ll be with Laurel because the Green Arrow & Black Canary are together in the comics. Or I’ve even seen people say that Olicity is stopping Oliver becoming Green Arrow (too much focus on relationships) & that Oliver should be single until he’s GA & then he’ll still end up with Laurel because comics etc etc

But hmm, what’s the title of the season 4 premiere? Green Arrow.

And who is he in love with & in a relationship with? (Hint: it’s certainly not Laurel).


You know what?

I’m gonna say it out loud and proud. 

I love Ninjago. I love every single character from Ninjago. And so many characters get hated on for stupid things. Well, you know what?

I love them all.

I love Nya. I love that she has problems with guys, like just about every girl does. I love that wants to be part of an all-boys club in some way (I sure as heck did when I was younger!). I love that she struggles to figure out her identity in the team, as both a samurai and a ninja. I love that she has problems. I love that that makes her human.

I love Kai. I love his cocky attitude, and the fact that he’s still figuring it all out. I love that he tries to be leader and still ends up messing everything up, even though he’s the one the other ninja seem to follow. I love that he acts as a brother to not only Nya, but Lloyd as well. I love that he cares for his sister, but gives her space and lets her find her own path. I love that he makes stupid decisions, because those make him human.

I love Cole. I love that he tries to lead, but still ends up following. I love that he has family problems, that he’s had to try a lot of things before settling on being a ninja. I love that he sacrifices himself for his teammates. I love that he’s kind of a showoff, and has obsessions with ridiculous things. I love that he’s not just strong, but smart and even wise at times. I love that he can be strong in bad situations. I love that he has problems with like his friend’s girlfriend, because that happens! It makes him human.

I love Jay. I love his positive attitude, but I also love the fact that he can be more sensitive too.I love that he has trouble controlling his emotions, that he’s impulsive and wild. I love his laugh, and his terrible jokes. I love his humble background, and his slightly overbearing parents. I love that his friend was interested in his girlfriend, and even after fighting, they managed to make up. I love that he has problems that can take some time for him to fix. Because that makes him human.

I love Zane. I love that he’s confused about his identity and his place on the team. I love that he’s gone through so many hardships, both with his realization of being a nindroid and his transition to a new body. I love his voice of reason in the team. I love that he can have a cheerful, joking side to balance out his cold exterior. I love that he’s intelligent, and that that can get in the way of reason. I love that he has trouble relating to the other ninja. Because even though he’s a nindroid, those flaws make him human. 

I love Lloyd. I love watching him grow from a whiny brat to a mature young man. I love that we get to see him face all the problems that come with his destiny. I love that he faces them head on, even though he knows they will come with consequences. I love that he’s had to watch his family fall apart multiple times, but he still managed to pull through it. I love that he accepts help, even though he’s the most powerful of all of the ninja. I love that he never lost his charm, even when he aged. I love that he has to pull through, even when the other ninja may not be able to. I love him, and how he’s human, like all of them.

I love them. I love them all. I understand they have flaws. I know they all have lots of problems. But I love them despite those. Those flaws? That’s what makes a good character, because no human is perfect. Those flaws are what make them interesting. And I love them all so much. I think they’re brilliant.