undertale headcanon

you know that thing where someone’s drinking a bunch of water from a water fountain or w/e, and someone else says “leave some for the fishes”

undyne says that about everything. she says it about food at buffets and parties. she says it when somebody does really well on a hand of poker. she says it to alphys if she ever hogs the blankets. it’s her favorite joke and everyone except Sans and Toriel hates it

you know i was thinking it’s funny how people always assume every character on a show/movie is straight unless it is said otherwise. it makes no sense. because if their sexual orientation is not known, and even if they are in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, they still could be bisexual. so people should theoretically assume everyone is bi over than straight. but still, heteronormativity and biphobia win. 

Everyone assumes that my fav sans is Edge but nope

his little nerdy boyfriend is my fav

like seriously

I adore Sci

Like hes a a really smart sarcastic asshole but is still a genuinely sweet person.

and is a dork

and is adorable

I love him

like also Sci is basically me if he wasn’t 

you know

a scientist since I’m a idiot

but hes like my spirit animal

spirit skeleton I guess

like seriously man I love Sci


An AU where everything is all fine and dandy, and they go to school like normal kids do?? that’s all I ask for c’mon

things that are expensive
  • macbooks
  • fancy rose gold cables and earphones
  • leuchtturms/moleskines
  • ordering pens from overseas
  • fjallraven bags
  • minimalist pots for your succulents
  • starbucks
  • prizing these things over your achievements 

things that you do not need:

  • all of the above

even if they are in literally every studyspo picture