Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x20 Lifetime Piling Up

HALEY: She was totally naked?
NATHAN: As the day she was born. Only a lot more… curvy.
HALEY: Well what happened then?
NATHAN: I got the hell outta there!
HALEY: You and Brooke Davis. Captain of the ‘Cheer Sluts’! That is hard to picture.
NATHAN: Yeah, I’d say ‘hard’ is the right word.
HALEY: Eww! 
NATHAN: Okay, what’s this?
HALEY: Oh, score, a bracelet. Last time I got some fake tattoo with a random number.
NATHAN: Well, here. It matches that, uh, thing you call a shirt.
HALEY: My mother made this for me… and shut up!
NATHAN: You shut up.
HALEY: You shut up.
NATHAN: Don’t say I never gave you anything.

So Oliver in this episode was like...
  • Oliver: I need you here
  • Oliver: I rely on you
  • Oliver: You're my partner
  • Oliver: *SHOULDER TOUCH*
  • Music in the background (in my head and probably in Oliver's too): 🎵 you're everything I want, you're everything I need 🎵
  • Oliver: I can't do this without you
  • Oliver: You're my light
  • Oliver: You're my safe place
  • Oliver: You're my Queen *cough*pun absolutely intended*cough*
  • Oliver: You're my wife
  • Olicity fandom: Just make lots of grumpy smart beautiful babies already