they're wiped out


pleakley’s doubled in weight over the past couple weeks and is officially a FatBaby™ ❤️

Been seeing some amazing art of people’s FE arena teams and decided to jump on the bandwagon as well. So here’s my current (and favorite) Arena lineup! The divine loli!Tiki kills off Hector, M!Robin baits Takumi and Effie pretty much tanks everything the others are weak to. I usually net about 4.2k scores with it, which is good enough for me. (=^w^=)

The only flaw with this system is that 1) it takes a while for Effie to block off chokeholds, and 2) this doesn’t really counter Julia that well. (Even Linde is a bit of a problem; add Azura/Olivia and I cry a river of tears). 

I’m tempted to promote Nino just to deal with mage threats, but I don’t really play a buff team. Hoping to pull a Ninian for the dance/dragon buffs (gotta see how that fares against Falchion and…well, Julia), but the gascha luck is such that I pulled Lucian instead…:L More heals, um no.

Completely stupid, random headcanon with no basis in anything other than my own amusement.

OK so, post-Fury Road, the War Boys still settle disputes as they always have– with physical aggression. Fistfights, whatever, etc. But this irks Furiosa and bothers the former-wives. They’re trying to steer the War Boys towards a more peaceful existence. One day, Cheedo is meeting with some of the War Boys working in some part of the Citadel, so she can report back to Furiosa. A fistfight breaks out and she freaks out and begs the fighters to stop.

“He insulted me!” snarls one of the Boys that’s fighting. “How else am I gonna settle this?!”

Cheedo, intimidated and panicking a little, blurts the first thing that comes to mind and squeaks out, “D…dancing?”

So. Imagine. Imagine the War Boys settling their differences from then on. With. DANCE BATTLES. Imagine that. They’d get way too into it of course and go 10000% overboard with it. It starts with solo dance-offs and then it evolves and gets out of control. Dance squads forming, squad alliances forming, choreographed routines unique to each squad, dance wars that last for like hours. Coma and the taiko drummers have a new job– dance battle jams.

The number of broken noses and black eyes at the infirmary goes way down– but the number of twisted ankles skyrockets.

Cheedo, seeing what she has spawned, is just like, “…..Well, at least they’re not hitting each other anymore? Ha ha….”

Bonus extra headcanon: War Boys keep challening Nux (who’s totally still alive) because they’re like “LMAO it’s Nux he’ll fall on his ass watch this it’ll be hilarious.” Plot twist: Nux is a natural at it and has the sickest dance moves out of all the War Boys. No one can out-dance Nux. He is invincible. Pretty soon no one challenges him anymore except really arrogant youngsters and the older Boys are like “DO YA WANT TO GET YA FECKIN ASS KICKED HE’LL DESTROY YA”. Capable is the world’s proudest girlfriend. The only one who can out-dance Nux in the entire Citadel is the Dag.

I think the most important thing to remember when analyzing Fitzsimmons’ interactions is that they are both human.

Such a simple concept, you would think, but I think we often (myself included) forget that when we analyze these characters, because so much of what they do is honestly superhuman. They are both geniuses and at the top of their respective field. They fight on against all odds, they are usually so kind and good in the face of all evil (even though if I was either of them I’d probably go home and stay in bed all day every day). Because of this, we forget that there are a lot of flaws and imperfections present. But most importantly, we forget that they’re allowed to have them.

Have you ever lashed out at a friend or loved one when you were hurting or angry or scared or feeling all of those at once? Have you ever said something nasty that you wish you could take back? Did it make you wrong to say that? Of course. Did it make you a bad person? No. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t done that.

Have you ever bottled up all of your emotions and wanted to keep them close? Have you ever been horribly conflict avoidant that you let problems or responsibilities escalate dramatically until you finally dealt with them? Was it a stupid thing to do? Probably. Does it make you a bad person? No.

Have you ever done something out of the best of intentions and have it gone horribly wrong? Did it sometimes take you a long time to realize that even though you did it to help the other person, it still hurt them and the have a right to be hurt? Does it make either of you wrong or right? Probably both.

Pointing out flaws in our favorite characters doesn’t mean we’re saying they’re bad people. They wouldn’t be three-dimensional if they didn’t have flaws. We all have them (and we’re often blind to them - just like they are.) 

The point is - don’t be afraid to admit that Fitz and Simmons are both flawed individuals (in fact - I think Fitz is a more well-rounded character narratively because he has been given more flaws, but that’s a meta for another time). That doesn’t mean you don’t like the character, or that they are bad people. The reason we love them is because their flaws are so relatable (and it’s why we jump to defend them - that’s great!) and these flaws are small peas in comparison to the amazing positive qualities they both have.