they're way too cute i don't even have the words to describe this

The Signs (from a Virgo POV)
  • Aries: you're either super sweet and intelligent or way hardcore, i haven't met an in between yet. you're usually so YOU that people get intimidated by you. some people think you're too hot headed or insensitive, but you're really soft and sensitive deep down. you don't deal with stress so well, but honestly, who does.
  • Taurus: the ones that wear it, wear makeup well. you have a very cool style, and people can be jealous of it. sometimes you don't really get why people get upset at you, and that makes you upset, too. people call you lazy, but when you put your mind to something, you don't give up, and that's really cool!
  • Gemini: even though you're surrounded by people who adore you, you can feel pretty lonely. you fight with yourself about whether you want to be grounded with close relationships or fly away freely, doing whatever you want without "consequences." you're all a bunch of smartie pants, and you tell the best jokes, even though sometimes you laugh so hard you don't always finish them.
  • Cancer: the ease you have with being in touch with your emotions is somewhat intimidating to some other signs. they're afraid of hurting your feelings. getting past that though, you're always a delight to talk to, when you want to talk. so nice and gentle, funny, and i haven't met one yet that hasn't pulled the silliest puns or hasn't said YOLO or swag often.
  • Leo: your sense of staying true to yourself can scare away some people, but also cause many others to flock to you. people are often envious of you for one reason or another. your confidence, whether it be faked or not, is something to be admired. you have awesome senses of humor, and you make your friends laugh so hard they choke on their own spit.
  • Virgo: even though you want to stop most of the time, you're trying so hard. easier said than done, but you guys need to take a day off to relax and have some time to yourself. even when you look like you aren't paying attention, you hear everything, which makes some people wary of you. but when you're over-stressed, your elephant-like memory disappears.
  • Libra: the ones i've met have always been what i can't describe anything other than pure. not in the sense that they don't have a dirty side to them, but in the sense that everything they do is so genuine. if they don't like you, you'll know it right off the bad, and visa versa. they're creative and imaginative and are always impressing someone.
  • Scorpio: you guys are hilarious and usually you know it. your smile is beautiful because your whole face lights up too. people get intimidated by your aura, and although you like watching behind the scenes, you can get really lonely. you're mysterious without really even trying, but others always feel like you're keeping something from them.
  • Saggitarius: not everyone really gets you, so when you find someone who does, you tend to be glued to them at the hip, whether you realize that or not. you have one of the most memorable laughs out of your friend groups. your feelings can be pretty set in stone, so people might think you're a little stubborn or be afraid of you, but don't worry. you can feel however you see fit.
  • Capricorn: people wouldn't think it from first glance, but you guys are beyond funny. you make your good friends laugh all the time, and sometimes you didn't even do it on purpose. it comes naturally to you somehow. you're not as motivated as you let on, but you're always doing your best or trying as hard as you can manage. people envy this of you. most of you are pretty insecure, so you try to hide how you're feeling a lot.
  • Aquarius: not many people really get you. and most of the time, neither do you. all you know if you want to be as different as possible from everyone else so you can have a sense of self. people think it's weird, and you take that as a complement. you notice more things than you let on to everyone else. you have a hard time making connections with others, but when you do, you're sooooo loyal.
  • Pisces: you're all cute in some way. people really like your sense of humor, if you'll let them hear it. sometimes you're insecure to share your thoughts, but as great as your imagination is, you should never hold back. some of you have a way with words, and without meaning to, attract people to you. you're all really in touch with how you feel, and sometimes that makes others nervous of you.
Preference: Christmas Eve
  • Harry: Christmas Eve with Harry was your favorite, not only because you got lots of cookies, but because you could convince Harry to let you open one of your gifts early. "Oh just pick one already!" Harry groaned. "Before I change my mind!" You stuck your tongue out at him, but finally settled on a small rectangular one. "Excellent choice." Harry murmured. Settling yourself next to him, you undid the paper as he popped another cookie in his mouth. Under the snowman paper was a blue velvet box, very expensive looking. Excited as you were, you frowned a bit, hating when Harry spent an excessive amount of money on you. "Just open it." Harry rolled his eyes, as if reading your mind. Slowly, you revealed what was inside. A small silver necklace sat, shining from the tree's lights. A heart and an infinity sign intertwined together. One side said 'forever' and the other one said 'always'. You smiled, gently running your fingers over the silver. Leaning up, you pressed a soft kiss against his lips, sweet from the cookies. "I love it." You mumbled.
  • Louis: "I see you!" You heard him call, and you squealed, running the other direction. A bright orange bullet whisked by your face, missing by an inch. Giggling, you hid behind a corner and held your gun to your chest. After shopping, and spending money, and hosting, and giving, Louis decided it was about time for you and him to relax. Of course, his definition of 'relax' was having a Nerf war. You weren't complaining though; you were winning. "Y/N!" He whined, voice drawing nearer. "C'mon Babe," You stifled a giggle, waiting for the footsteps...Now! Letting out your best battle cry, you bombarded him with bullets, taking him by surprise. He slipped backwards on the wooden kitchen floor, landing square on his back. "Ah-ha!" You straddled his stomach, holding the Nerf gun inches from his face. "Surrender, or face your doom." You used your best threatening voice. The corner of his lip lifted and amusement flickered in his eyes. "This is no laughing matter! I am not afraid to pull this trigger. "I'm sure you aren't Sweetheart," He chuckled. "You're just too cute to take seriously." You flexed your finger, making a bullet his him straight in the nose. "Hey!" He protested, making you giggle. "Whoops," You laughed, placing a kiss on the spot the bullet hit. "Slipped." "Yeah, yeah." He grumbled, frowning now. You set your gun down and leaned forward, resting your head in his neck. "Merry Christmas, Louis." You murmured. "Merry Christmas, my little fighter."
  • Niall: According to Niall, it wasn't a holiday without food. So on Christmas Eve, you stocked up on everything you could think of. Cookies, cake, ham, chicken, potatoes, pizza, and a dozen other things he named off. Way more than you'd need to host a party, but you took care of that by eating lots of it before hand. A nice fire roared and some Christmas music played in the background as you and Niall gorged yourselves. "I love your cookies." He sighed, pulling the blanket tighter around the two of you. "I can tell," You giggled. "They're all gone!" He pouted, but shrugged, realizing he couldn't fit anymore in his stomach if he tried. With a groan, he rearranged himself and fell onto your lap. "I ate too much." He announced. "I'll say." You teased, flicking his cheek gently. He swatted your hand away, only to grab it back holding it between his own. "You're freezing." He chuckled. "I know, I know." You shook your head. "Let me fix that." He offered with a smile, leaning up to kiss you.
  • Liam: "Liam! Liam! Liam!" You squealed, jumping on the bed with each word. He slowly came to life, rolling over. "Hmm, what is it?" He moaned sleepily."It's Christmas Eve, Liam! Chrstmas Eve! That's the day before Christmas!" Liam chuckled, rolling on his back to look at you. "I know what Christmas Eve is, Y/N. But, you know, it's also 5:30 in the morning!" "On Christmas Eve!" You pointed out, landing on your butt beside him. He smiled, though sleep still clouded his eyes, loving the excitement all over your face. "So, Y/N, what would you like to do today?" Liam wondered. "I thought you'd never ask!" You exclaimed dramatically. He laughed. "Well, first, I want to make peppermint hot chocolate for breakfast, and pancakes! But they have to look like gingerbread men. Then I want to make cookies, and put the presents under the tree, and play in the snow..." You rattled off the rest of your list, as Liam patiently listened. "And, if you'd pretty, pretty please let me, open one of my gifts, and you could open one of yours!" You finished with a smile. "Really?" He teased. "That's it?" You shoved him, making him laugh again. "Everything sounds lovely, but how about we start at seven?" He yawned, rolling over to trap you with his arm. "Liam!" You giggled, now laying on your stomach. His eyes were closed, but he was smiling. You wriggled back under the covers, rolling your eyes and kissing his cheek. "You're lucky I love you." You teased, snuggling into his warmth. "Very." You heard him murmur faintly.
  • Zayn: "Zayn," You whined softly. "You promised." He sighed. "I know Baby girl, I know. I'm doing everything I can, but I'm just not sure." You sniffled, curling up even further against his pillow, though his scent had long since faded, with the phone pressed to your ear. "I miss you. I want you home." You whimpered. You heard another sigh and some ruffling, and you could imagine him running his hands through his hair, even though he was literally on the other side of the world. Just this thought made a tear roll down your cheek. "Hey now, I don't want any tears from you." Zayn murmured gently. How he knew you had started crying was beyond you, but he did and that only made you miss him more. "Will you tell me what you got me for Christmas?" You asked. "Hmm." He teased, a smile in his voice. "Have you been a good girl?" You giggled, waiting for his verdict. "How about a give a clue." He offered. "Alright." You agreed, waiting. "It's from a beach, really far away from home..." You closed your eyes as he described his presents to you. Though you could care less what he got you, so long as he got home on time tomorrow.