they're very simple


💚🐱🌻 three things i love most in life: nice boys, cats, and flowers

i can’t understate my excitement over the idea of getting more Free! this year! Tachibana Makoto is one of those earnest, thoughtful, good-boy types that just melt my heart like butter! *SWOON*

despite not doing anything new with composition, like i had been hoping to do this week, i did spend a long time on this and tried some new things with adjusted line weights and more subtle color gradients. hope you all enjoy it!

(maybe i’ll do the other boys too some time! (O  wO) <3)

thewritingloser  asked:

HI LISSA I REALLY LOVE YOUR ART!! ♪(v^_^)v could you draw a reference for kenma and kuroo from your wizard tooru au?? i wanna cosplay one of them because they're amAziNg (*´∇`*)

kuroo wears very simple clothes. Just an loose black tshirt with tight dark red jeans and some boots (or any other comfy shoes. often slippers!)

kenma wears loose shirts of fine/light textile (they usually have cuffs to keep his sleeves from dipping inside the potions. The corset pretty much has the same function). Black tights and boots! It looks fancy but it is very comfy as well! ^^   tysm for your interest!

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on the subject of space and tattoos!! the user "pacifistpadme" has some beautiful minimalist space themed art that they've said is okay to use for tattoo designs!! they're very simple and small while still very pretty - if you place them wisely they could be easily concealed if your job isn't tattoo friendly :D

If I ever get tattoos I want them to be like little minimalist math/space themed ones like I’ve had this photo saved for ages


                              I… came to Seidou to find the place where I belong.
                                 Please don’t disappoint me… Miyuki-senpai.
                                                    Interesting! I like you!


Seeley Booth + black coffee


Phoebe Tonkin Catalogue Magazine AU

We work so intimately with each other that it definitely feels like that– we’re really close. When you go to work and you’re around these people that you know so well it doesn’t really feel like a job, it’s just kind of fun and everybody’s so professional it just makes things really easy– it’s just a well-oiled machine at this point.

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sorry if this is weird but were you resorted into slytherin in the new website? I'm kinda scared to retake the test :/ also your comics are super cute and really brighten my dark days like few things. they're simple but very nice and cute and feel genuine idk I love them 💚💚

..there’s a new test?? Oh man, yeah I’m a bit scared to take it. At one point I did some sorting hat quiz and was put into Gryffindor 😶 I was like, I appreciate the gesture, but babe, no.
Thanks for your lovely words, so glad you like the comics! 💚🐍

This is such an unpopular opinion but I truly do love Stephenie’s writing style. The way she describes Forks makes me feel like I am actually there. There’s something so powerful in the way she defines the atmosphere that surrounds Bella. But my favorite thing is the way she describes human emotions. She makes me feel so close to her fictional characters, and honestly this sounds odd but she just makes me feel human. It’s something that I haven’t experienced with any other author yet. She’s the best at describing emotions. Her writing style might be simple but that doesn’t make it any less splendid. There’s something about her books that distinguish her from others.