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i actually think that uk press release is only for the uk :/ reading back it says if u have a uk address but there isn't a presale they're using the fan verified codes to prevent bots so that's the only way u can get tickets but there isn't a presale time that's different from 5 may at 10

yeah, i just did it through the us site and got this email:

You have successfully registered for Harry Styles tickets powered by Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan.

Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan is committed to getting tickets in the hands of fans. Not scalpers or bots. So we’ve partnered with artists like Harry Styles to create a way for fans to get exclusive ticket access to see their favorite shows. Ticketmaster’s unique fan-first technology levels the playing field so fans get access to tickets - not software.

What’s Next?
Once verified, you will receive a text message with your unique offer code 2-4 hours prior to the 10am onsale on Friday, May 5 (venue local time).

Details for your #VerifiedFan Onsale

We’re committed to getting tickets into the hands of fans. Not scalpers or bots. To receive a code, fans must first be verified through the registration process. Registration does not guarantee you will receive a code or have the ability to purchase tickets. To allow as many fans as possible to enjoy Harry Styles, there is a four (4) ticket limit per offer code.

Stay Informed
Follow @Ticketmaster on Twitter for all the latest #VerifiedFan news. Have questions or need additional help?  Contact us here or email

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More of that fic idea where the Duke and Chuck both get captured and have to work together to escape, perhaps?

I was going to illustrate more of the actual happenings in the fic but it’s mostly Chuck and the Duke sitting in a cell tied up and sniping at each other SO

“Hwell fine.” The Duke rolls his eyes again and recites, almost sing-song, “—no parents, lived in a dump, ran drugs for a gang, stabbed a cop on my eighth birthday.  Are we good?”

“What happened to your parents?”

The Duke looks frankly taken aback, like the question that haunted most of Chuck’s early life never even occurred to him.  “Hell if I know,” he says, and then blinks and frowns.  “—and none of your business.”

“What kind of drugs?”

“Nothing you’ve heard of.”

“Which gang?”

“The Stars.”

Chuck has never heard of The Stars.  For a second he tries to reach out to the network and look them up, but the dampers are still in place and he can’t reach.  "And….?”

“Did whatever for whoever,” says the Duke, who has apparently decided the best way to get through the onerous process of actually genuinely talking about himself is to make every sentence as brief as possible. “Climbed the ladder until I was running errands for Germanotta, got her to make me second in command, got dirt on everybody, killed her and stepped in.”

He says it so matter-of-factly, it almost doesn’t register for a second.  Chuck stares at him, mouth hanging open, and then manages, “—wh—how?”

“Overdose.”  The Duke grins.  “Woulda gone that way anyway, eventually.  I just helped her along.”

“No, but—” Chuck is perfectly aware that people get murdered.  It’s not a hard concept, people die in Motorcity every day, but— “—how…old were you?”