they're trying lol

“JJ and Otabek look exactly the same.” 

A hyper simplified example to break down the major differences: 

Yup ya the same. And it would be like, way too much effort to check the artists tags instead of just guessing if you’re not sure. 

  • Solas: -travels with you as a trusted member of your inner circle for the better part of a year and then vanishes and shows up two years later to reveal his plan to literally destroy the world and oh yeah he's also immortal and a god and ALSO the conflict of the whole game was basically his fault-
  • Reyes: -hides that he's a crime boss for a few weeks/months so he can assassinate a tyrant-
  • Fandom: these are the same
The Traveler’s Test

Summary: Dan for some reason agreed to go on Phil’s deadly mission, and they now find themselves trying to prove their love to a stranger who wants to kill them. It might be a bit easier if they didn’t already hate each other.

Word Count: 1.5k

this exists bc an anon asked for another kind of fic where they hate each other but are forced to kiss

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@acebuckie i kind of… turned the song around… so we went from ‘Sleep on the Floor’ to Sleep on the Clouds… uh.. yap

me, every time a Cis speaks over actual trans people about what’s transphobic: hmm… cispicious