they're too cute aren't they

Solangelo headcanon!

I have this headcanon that Nico gets vaguely uncomfortable about his age

And like it’s not a big deal at first but Will calls him old man (innocently, of course) but Nico takes it kind of hard and stews over it

because really, he IS supposed to be an old man by now and doesn’t that make him dating Will kind of creepy (his logic not mine!)

and he’s about to make a big deal and fucking soliloquy about it to the world and Will can tell and he’s just like

“dweeb you look and act like you’re twelve calm tf down”

and then Nico’s like “…..wait what the hell does that mean sOLACE-”

And he throws a hissy fit and Will is just smiling to himself because This. This is what he means.

suddenly i remember why i never do art


Sho’s not so Secret Getaway w/ Nagase Tomoya
                                                      ✨    Two old men in Disneyland   ✨