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ok, i feel the need to post this because it was so adorable. there are these two boys in my science class and i ship them SO MUCH. they flirt with and stare at each other all class. one of them has longer hair, and the other one plays with it and they are just perfect for each other. a few days ago, we were working in groups at lab tables and they were HOLDING HANDS UNDER THE TABLE. i almost cried. they were sitting on one side of the table and the girl they were working with was on the other, and she had no clue. she (from what i’ve seen) has a huge crush on one of them, and i felt bad because she had no idea that they were doing that, and they were making little inside jokes and references that she didn’t understand. anyway, my school doesn’t really “allow” gay anything, so im just proud of these boys for being together. sorry i made you read this, it’s not johnlock, but me and my friend were fangirling over them all day.

Everytime we get Kara x Mon-el being cute and coupley in Kara’s apartment, I feel like we’re actually seeing Mel x Chris being cute and coupley. They’re all smiley and silly, and they’re both just such good and genuine people. Their chemistry is incredible, and you can plainly see how much they enjoy working together. You couldn’t ask for two better people to exist, and it’s so wonderful that they’ve become friends. I love them.

  • Me in 2012: Why headcanon Dave as trans? I mean, it would set the balance of gender in Homestuck off and it makes no sense. At least headcanon Rose as trans too
  • Me now: Every homestuck character is trans. No exceptions. Fight me.

this is my favorite video on the whole entire internet

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This AU has devoured my soul and made my usually gross old man art muse spew out uncontrollable levels of Disney-esque adorableness. Send help. 

By which I mean: keep sending asks to continue to fuel this adorable madness.


I was promised gay and the show delivered.