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This Is Ravus Masterpost

I felt like making a proper list of the order of the This Is Ravus series. Because there’s some sets that seem odd and out of place that I do, but are really a continuation of certain parts of it – especially in regards to the thing. Not to mention that I realized just how many of them there are, so instead of a bazillion X’s at the bottom of each post, I can just think back to the post here and update it accordingly. :D Good stuff!

So here you go, and enjoy the wonder that is Ravus Nox Fleuret.

This is Ravus. He doesn’t talk much. (x

This is Ravus. He doesn’t like Ardyn very much. (x

It’s probably nothing… (x)

This is Ravus. He’s not very good with words. (x

This is Ravus.  He’s a little sensitive around people. (x

This is Ravus. His sister worried about him alot. (x

This is Ravus. He doesn’t like it when people look at him. (x

This is Ravus. He doesn’t play nice with others. (x

Yeah. Probably. (x)

This is Ravus. He likes to feel tall. (x)

This is Ravus. Don’t tell him how to live his life. (x)

This is Ravus. He gets lost in his own thoughts alot. (x)

This is Ravus. He likes reading stories with his sister. (x)

This is Ravus. He can’t really take a joke. (x)

This is Ravus. He’s having romantic troubles. (x)

This is Ravus. Don’t get him started on the empire. (x)

No take-backsies. (x)

This is Ravus. He and Noctis have some issues they need to work out. (x)

Motivating yourself to do work be like… (x)

This is Ravus. He puts alot of effort into looking this good. (x)

when it comes down to it, I feel like the difference between Lup and Taako is essentially the difference between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral

@marvelkirastain asked:

What do you think about some space AUs? Or sci-fi? … Something with, maybe, emperor of a very technoligically developed civilization? OH where the emperors’ blood allows to communicate with tech (muahaha). …

“Your navigation system tells me you’re single.”

“Look, now’s not the best time to be discussing my relationship status with my tech!”

Bucky, space outlaw, finds out that his smuggled goods contain one (1) kidnapped alien prince. Not what he aimed for when he set his sights on the Ten Rings battlecruiser, but he doesn’t count it as an entire lost. The guy’s definitely not hard on the eyes. 

However, according to His Royal Highness, that isn’t the reason why he’d been kidnapped. Apparently he bleeds gold and the ability to communicate with technology…

[ my october prompts: (6/31) ]

it is your thirteenth birthday and the day you finally meet your best friends

a slightly different style than usual and extremely late for day 4 of @johnweek. i’ll hopefully finish the rest of the week but no promises because i’m busy. 

please pretend his hand is that large because of foreshortening and not because of bad planning

Raffle prize for @bookwyrm00

“I’m sorry, Dylan. I’m so sorry. For everything. For how you were born, for how I handled it, how I shut you out. It was horrible of me, and I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing, but as horrible as it was, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, because… you’re here now, and you’re beautiful, and it’s a miracle that someone like you could come out of all that. And I wouldn’t give you up for anything.” independent norma louise bates & dylan john massett of a&e’s chilling series ‘bates motel.’