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What do you think about some space AUs? Or sci-fi? … Something with, maybe, emperor of a very technoligically developed civilization? OH where the emperors’ blood allows to communicate with tech (muahaha). …

“Your navigation system tells me you’re single.”

“Look, now’s not the best time to be discussing my relationship status with my tech!”

Bucky, space outlaw, finds out that his smuggled goods contain one (1) kidnapped alien prince. Not what he aimed for when he set his sights on the Ten Rings battlecruiser, but he doesn’t count it as an entire lost. The guy’s definitely not hard on the eyes. 

However, according to His Royal Highness, that isn’t the reason why he’d been kidnapped. Apparently he bleeds gold and the ability to communicate with technology…

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when people get genuinely hateful towards a fictional character to the point where they have to pettily announce how much they loathe them every time their name is brought up always makes me go???

you know they’re not real right? like this character isn’t out walking the streets or anything, they’re not hearing what you’re saying, you’re just putting all this effort into hating on a incorporeal figment that has no consciousness so chill lmao 

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New Guy (IronPanther)

Tony Stark had a reputation. He was the rich, heart-breaking genius that everyone wanted yet no one could have. Granted, no one actually wanted him for more than a night but details are irrelevant. The point is, he didn’t like it when people devalued that reputation with a patronizing smile. Like this newcomer.

T’Challa, prince of Wakanda, was new in the scene of New York Socialites. This charity gala was the first Tony had ever seen of him but he’s heard of him. Howard was dying to get his hands on that vibranium. That’s why, as soon as he and his father arrived, Howard was herding Tony and Maria to go meet them.

“King T’Chaka,” Howard bowed slightly, “It is wonderful to finally meet you. I’m Howard Stark.”

“Of Stark Industries,” the king finished, making Howard preen slightly. “And your beautiful family. I’ve looked forward to meeting you. This is my son, T’Challa, prince of Wakanda.”

“Yes, of course,” Howard turned attention to T’Challa. “I heard you recently turned twenty. Congratulations. I’m sure that with time, you’ll become as great of King as your father.”

T’Challa smiled politely, “Thank you, Mr. Stark.”

“In fact,” Howard continued, “I’m sure my son, Anthony, could learn a lot from you. Right, Anthony?”

Tony could barely keep himself snorting. “Sure, dad.” He added beneath his breath, “But he’d have to get creative.”

Howard went back to talking but Maria shot him a reprimanding glance, proving that she heard him, and T’Challa’s eyebrow quirked up, his mouth twitching into an amused smile.

“Anthony, was it?” T’Challa shifted his attention to him.

Tony saluted, “Tony, actually. And you’re Mr. T?”

“T’Challa,” He corrected with wry amusement.

“T-man,” Tony replied, just to be a little shit.

It didn’t seem to bother T’Challa nearly as much as he hoped it would. In fact, his smile only grew wider. “You are full of vibrant personality, I see. This gala must bore you.”

Tony frowned, eyeing him speculatively. He admitted reluctantly, “Well, yeah, painfully. You seem to fit right in though with the whole immaculate shit.” He jumped at a pinch from Maria and smiled sheepishly at her. He was somewhat startled when T’Challa laughed.

“It is honor to be thought immaculate by you,” T’Challa bowed slightly but the regal movement was also oozing sarcasm.

Tony frowned, though it appeared more like a pout, “Unfortunately, immaculacy is boring as shit.”

“It is true that someone with your exuberance is far more… appealing,” T’Challa punctuated the statement with a private smile.

Tony blinked dumbly, trying to figure out whether or not T’Challa had just made a pass at him. “Oh, uh, I guess?” He really didn’t have to bother trying to respond because T’Chaka laid a hand on his son’s shoulder, drawing his attention. From the sound of it, his and Howard’s conversation was coming to an end.

“It was nice to meet all of you,” T’Chaka said, guiding his son away. “I look forward to our next meeting.”

When the two were out of hearing distance, T’Chaka said sternly, “You are not to engage in a relationship with the underage son of a future business partner, T’Challa.”

“Underage?” T’Challa glanced back at the Starks, “Father, he must at least be eighteen. I read that he goes to MIT.”

“Seventeen and if you read further, you would have found that he is considered a genius,” T’Chaka gave his son a look of disapproval. “You must get out of the habit of skimming instead of reading.”

“Yes, sorry, father,” T’Challa sighed almost wistfully, “It really is a shame though.”


{I’m working on making this a full blown story but opinions so far?}

Update: Part 2 is up

The Star Wars Show did a poll on Twitter and YouTube to find out who is the most favored character of Star Wars Rebels, and what do you know?  Our murder-bot got the highest amount of votes!!

I guess even Grand Admiral Thrawn can’t beat Chopper’s followers and supporters. :D

Me: Oh yeah the fidget cube, that seems nice but it’s not really my thing, I have other ways of dealing with anxiety/needing to fidget/etc

Me, at 2AM, the day before an interview, thinking about tomorrow’s D&D session: God I need that fucking…… cube……….