they're too adorable for their own good

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who are your favorite minor pro heros in bnha?

I feel like this was incredibly predictable haha if you mean even more minor then Kamui Woods and Edgeshot are definitely faves of mine, I wish I could see more of them !!!

Things I Associate with the Signs (based on people I know)
  • Aries: blunt/harsh, not fitting in super well, doing really well in school (kissing up to teachers)
  • Taurus: superiority complex, never letting people in, defensive but passive
  • Gemini: thinking a lot, rich inner dialogue, being kind of out there in the most adorable way
  • Cancer: a little goofy (blonde moments), hidden inner life, can be really clingy in a relationship
  • Leo: charisma, healthy lifestyle (usually muscular), really funny until they try too hard to be
  • Virgo: being too nice for their own good, self-deprecating/goofy humor, more sexual than most people think
  • Libra: being a golden child, accidentally letting sass slip out, a light/airy way of walking (remind me of faeries tbh)
  • Scorpio: thinking they're more evil than they are, glimmering eyes, cares more about animals than humans (especially dogs)
  • Sagittarius: Covering up emotions, sad eyes, feeling closer to acquaintances than friends
  • Capricorn: apathy, carefree laughter, always saying yes
  • Aquarius: hilarious sass, individualism, covering up emotions with jokes
  • Pisces: not fitting in, innocent laughter, false self-image

30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie: day sixteen ~ a scene that made you laugh/smile

Daisy plays too nice with me and asks Lily, “What’s your biggest pet peeve about Lo?

Lil tilts her chind up at me, and I stare down at her. “When you won’t let me hold the comic book because you think i’ll crease the pages.

I almost laugh. “That’s your biggest issue with me, love?

She says, “It’s much more annoying than you realize.” She nods adamantly about this.

I’m possessive over my comics– that hasn’t changed since forever. “I won’t even let anyone else but you borrow seventy-five percent of them.”

“I appreciate that,” she says. “But some of them are mine.”

“This is also true.” I realize i’m possessive over all comics then.

Teasing or arguing with the signs (and other things)
  • Aries: teasing you for something that's become a running joke as you begin to leave for your next class, arguing at you and you arguing back, but smiling warmly at your back when you go
  • Taurus: trying to argue against something, but they're more just complaining and whining about what you're saying than actually trying to give valid points against it
  • Gemini: telling you to look for something in a certain place a billion times, and even though you did and couldn't find it, when they look for it it's right there
  • Cancer: not understanding what in the world is going on, but not really caring enough and being too ashamed to be the one to finally go and ask
  • Leo: even if you try to tease them, they will most definitely have a good counter attack ready. and then they'd just sit there and smile gleefully. so just don't
  • Virgo: knowing something for certain, and telling you that when you try to argue, and they don't even really care because both of you know that they're right
  • Libra: refusing to accept the idea you're posing against their own, or genuinely arguing against your teasing, even though they know you're right and they're wrong, and grinning adorably sheepishly
  • Scorpio: knowing that you're better than them, but stopping at nothing to do whatever they can to be better than you, even if you're their friend, and even when they're smiling and trying not to because they know everyone knows what's going on
  • Sagittarius: trying to prove a point, and just continuing to mess up and say wrong things but still making up things to try and prove the points that they're making up, and laughing and grinning as they realize that it's completely futile
  • Capricorn: being teased and argued at a lot but just letting it all roll off their back. It's all futile. They don't care. They're too busy worrying about the big questions, with stars in their eyes and far away smiles
  • Aquarius: stubbornly refusing to admit to doing anything, even when all the evidence is laid out in front of them, or even if someone literally saw them do it
  • Pisces: the more you argue against them, no matter how right you are or wrong they may be, the more they keep finding ways to just ignore what you're saying and say that you're wrong.

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Honestly, Naruto and Hinata are the epitome of a perfect ship. They bring each other up when they're at their lowest, they look through all the layers of faults they have and pick out the good and work up from there AND they just look too damn nice together for their own good. Not mention its a really flexible ship in general; they can go from being two adorable quirky dorks to being hot and sensual to angsty and heart wrenching to just plain funny. How can you not love these two?