they're there for each other no matter what

How the signs feel about communication with other people
  • Aries: let's show these bitches who's the cutest hoe. if anyone tries to insult me i'm gonna fucking crush their head
  • Taurus: it's okay as long as they bring me food and tell me interesting stories while i'm falling asleep
  • Gemini: YASSSSSSSSSS i love ppl and i hate them all at the same time because they're so fun and so dumb smh
  • Cancer: people 😍 are 😍 fun 😍 but 😍 i 😍 will 😍 cut 😍 them 😍 in 😍 half 😍 if 😍 they 😍 betray 😍 me
  • Leo: i'm the queen and I SHOULD BE APPRECIATED BY EVERYONE NO MATTER HOW MUCH I HATE THEM, THEY SHOULD STILL LOVE ME JASDFJASJDF *cries at a minor inconvenience such as somebody not giving them a compliment or not getting likes on their selfie*
  • Virgo: people are people. as much as they're organized, civil and responsible, i have nothing against them.
  • Libra: EVERYBODYYYY SHOULD BE HELPED no matter what omg i love ppl. why doesn't everybody love each other i swear if you all don't love each other i'm gonna burn you all to the ground
  • Scorpio: pe...ople..???! what's that is that a new pc game???? 😍 oh wait i googled what "people" means, it means some kind of sex toys damn i'm in love
  • Sagittarius: i only hang out with high-class hoes, get out of my way losers. *only considers THEMSELVES a high-class hoe and therefore, hangs out alone and spends millions every day*
  • Capricorn: these things are all my minions tbh and they are created to make money for me
  • Aquarius: yeah i've gotten drunk with every person on earth and now i wanna meet the AlIeNSSssSSS
  • Pisces: ppl are all fucking backstabbers DO. NOT. TRUST. ANYONE. i will fucking kill them all and create a world where cats and dogs will rule

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It’ll always be you 

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I don't understand why Brian has to have an open relationship why can't he just commit to Justin ??



  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Andrew and Neil have each other. They pretend they don't but they do and what they have means so much. Neil doesn't have to run anymore, he's a real person and Andrew is safe with Neil. They've dealt with more than most people would have to deal with in multiple lifetimes and yet they're alive?? And support each other?? And that's all that matters??
Advice From a Scorpio to Other Scorpios: Relationships with the Signs (Platonic and Romantic)
  • All Based On Personal Experience
  • Aries: support each other no matter what.
  • Taurus: just because they're your soulmate, doesn't mean you'll stick together
  • Gemini: For some reason, the universe doesn't want you to be together. Tell the universe to suck it.
  • Cancer: Your best friend for a lifetime. Don't let them go.
  • Leo: No matter how much you love them, it's unlikely your feelings will be returned.
  • Virgo: Most likely you share a close platonic bond, like your twin.
  • Libra: They're more messed up than you can understand, and sometimes you won't know what to say, but let them know you care.
  • Scorpio: You two are too alike for your own good.
  • Sagittarius: They're immature, but that's why you love them. They're like your little sibling.
  • Capricorn: Their life is so mysterious, and you want in. Let them know how talented they are.
  • Aquarius: Either too alike or too different for things to work, especially romantically.
  • Pisces: Hold them close, because if you don't, they'll drift away. But not too close, because it frightens them.

relationship posters ->> kala dadenkar & wolfgang bogdanow

“Enough. I’ve listened to you talk in circles about what’s right or proper, why you have to do this, or shouldn’t do that. I don’t give a shit about any of it. I don’t care about rules, what’s right or wrong. What matters to me is this, us, right now… and I know you feel the same.”
“I do.”

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you're the pickiest shipper in the world jfc why does it matter whether or not they're saying 'bat/cat' 'bruce/selina' its ooc anyway for them to be that open and honest and just as well they just had sex and are admitting love like... smh yall are never satisfied

Yeah, I’m such a dick for knowing what I like and not being satisfied with awful dialogues and mediocre bullshit.

And BatCat being open with each other? Yeah, TOTALLY out of character.

Nope, they’ve certainly never ever been emotional and vulnerable with each other.

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they're cutting because they love Jack and Finn. they're in pain I can't make you see that. something obviosuly happened lately between them and thats whats tearing them apart thats why Jack wrote that comment. We love them together and we just want to see them happy and when they're sad[ we're sad and we just want them to know we support their love no matter what happens we're ther for them

You love them and you want to see them happy? You care about them when they’re sad? You “support their love” what love? The platonic love they have for each other??? No. No no see there’s a difference between truly caring about an actor and respecting them and being obsessed and only caring about whatever fantasies you’ve conjured up. This is not right. They have said multiple times please don’t do this or say this because I do not like it it makes us uncomfortable. You refuse to stop and you get upset when people tell you that it’s wrong. News flash: YOU DON’T TRULY CARE ABOUT THEM. I’ll repeat myself: you only care about the fantasies that you’ve conjured up about these two. You say that these girls are hurting because Jack has said that he’s not gay and that being shipped with one of his best friends makes him uncomfortable? How do you think Jack and Finn will feel when they find out what their “fans” are doing??? Do you know how this is going to emotionally fuck with them??? And how much this is gonna fuck up their friendship????? Fuck off with that bullshit


imaginary hypothetical situation where the tony stark of this universe actually gets to tell steve rogers that the thought of him dying is the one thing he’d never be able to live with

ereri and jearmin + if it's your husband we live, if it's mine we're dead
  • <p> <b>jean and eren:</b> *wrecking shit up and beating the hell outta each other until they're unable to get up*<p/><b>jean:</b> oohh shit<p/><b>eren:</b> what?<p/><b>jean:</b> *trying to point with a broken finger* i see a husband<p/><b>eren:</b> yours or mine?<p/><b>jean:</b> does it fucking matter?<p/><b>eren:</b> *scoffing* if it's yours we live, if it's mine we're dead<p/></p>

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Do you think Yoonmin ever has fights/get mad at one another/etc? They're so cute and happy all the time, it just makes me wonder what it looks like when they're like that 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I dont think they fight a lot but when they do I bet its a lot of eye rolling, impatient sighs, jimin keeping his distance, one of them might even start to raise their voice but stop themselves right away because they refuse to yell at each other no matter how mad they get. after the actual fight I bet its a lot of avoiding each other, not making eye contact, yoongi sleeping in his own bed for the first night in months, complete silence between them. until 6 AM the next morning when jimin walks out of his room (he didn’t get much sleep anyway) and sees yoongi sitting at the kitchen table, looking as tired as jimin feels. and they just stare at each other for a few moments until yoongi stands up and walks towards him, until jimin is eventually meeting him in the middle, yoongi setting his arms around jimins waist and holding him close, jimin pressing his lips to the curve of yoongis shoulder as he hugs him back, both of them mumbling ‘I’m sorrys’ and ‘love yous’

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from a 17-year-old working her first retail job: how the f u c k do i survive standing for 5 hours straight. what shoes should i get. how can i stop my thighs from eroding each other until they're raw. please help im dying its only been 4 days

The type of shoes might be dictated by the job. But well fitting comfortable shoes. Your feet will hurt until you get used to it no matter what shoes but the better the shoe the faster you will get used to it.

The time will go by faster and you won’t dwell on the standing if you keep busy. If you don’t have a customer maybe straighten shelves or clean your work area. (I know the manager in me but it does make the day go faster.)

As for the thighs if they are not covered by fabric (i.e. Wearing a skirt etc.) deodorant works wonders to keep your thighs from getting sore from rubbing.