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In the heights headcanons for chubby reader. Basically the same as the one I just sent. Like how do they prove they like the reader despite the fact they're chubby.

I made this kind of an insecure reader instead of chubby ^^;; I hope that’s okay~ And I just did the main characters bc I don’t think I’d be able to do them all lol

Usnavi: He’s very confused as to why you would feel that way. He’s a pretty shy and insecure person, so he’d be the one to think that he does not deserve you at all. In his eyes you are practically the sun and the moon, and he pretty much puts you on a pedestal bc he loves you so freaking much. Of course, if you’re uncomfortable with that you’ll tell him bc it puts too much pressure on you, and together as a team, you guys would build each other’s confidence. 

Benny: Bruh, he’d stop you halfway when you’re telling him about your insecurities. He doesn’t want to hear it bc it’s not true. He will tell you that you are perfect the way you are, and you don’t need to be insecure about your weight bc that’s not what he loves about you. He doesn’t care if you gain weight, or lose weight, he loves you

Sonny: He’d be so upset that you would feel this way bc he looks up so much to you, and is inspired by your energy. He’ll tell you that you never have to feel that way bc your looks are a small part about what he loves about you. He’s not the type to go all gushy, but he will if it’ll make you feel better. 

Nina: This precious baby will totally be able to empathize. After having to quit school she’s always felt insecure bc the one thing she was good at, she failed to do. So she can defs empathize, and honestly you guys will continue to motivate and inspire each other. Working as a team, you’ll know when the other is feeling crappy, and do your best to make them feel better. 

Vanessa: She won’t stand for it. She will tell you that you have no reason to be insecure. She will tell you that you are a strong, intelligent, beautiful person, and she will show you everyday, and empower you anyways she can. She’ll do her best to make sure you never feel insecure by standing in the mirror with you, and pointing out everything she loves about you- even the things you consider “flaws”. 

️Chapter 401 Summary
  • Natsu: jerk
  • Igneel: bitch
  • Katedots: What kind of home [do marinette and sabine stay in re: scary sabine au]? Probably a fancy place.
  • Katedots: because gabe still exists in this world, but his influence is maybe not as great with another designer around. Or maybe she even surpassed him?
  • Katedots: Or we can be like "eh he moved to London" or some shit since he doesn't have a son to take care of.
  • Katedots: So he and sabine work in the same field, but aren't in direct competition
  • Katedots: so maybe sabine does own THE mansion
  • Katedots: it would have a different style though. Active gardens. Very oriental on the inside
  • Katedots: So instead of the cold modern, it would have a very classic style, a mix of chinese and Parisian
  • Katedots: It could be the same "layout" but it would be almost unrecognizable without the same style. And the gates would largely be open. She has a security system, but she's more social than Gabe and hosts parties all the time for business and pleasure.
  • Katedots: So in contrast to Adrien's childhood which was largely cold and quiet and ignored, Marinette is constantly seeking out time for herself because if there aren't a bunch of strangers around, there are a bunch of mom's friends, or mom herself, or the hired help, or whatever else.
  • Katedots: Like the house is busy and lived in, but it's not FOR HER. like a lot of the rooms are off limits or the food is always set aside for a function or whatever. So she has to carve out little spaces for herself. Her room, which is of course lots of pink and her mom is always threatening to send the cleaning lady in. Or the cooler in the corner of the kitchen where she keeps her snacks hidden out of the way.
  • Katedots: And she always has to be on her best behavior around the guests. And getting alone time with mom? forget about it.
  • Katedots: yeah. adrien can't hang out with dad because he's always hidden away "doing work". Marinette feels like she can't hang out with mom because there's always something or someone more important.
  • littlered: i have trouble imagining what sabine would be like in this au though, in regards to other people
  • littlered: i think i can figure out the parent-child relationship but not sabine in a public/social situation ?
  • Katedots: Sabine is scary sabine. She's IMPORTANT and she's very social and outwardly pretty friendly but she's TERRIFYING and very intimidating.
  • littlered: i think caprette or someone mentioned somewhere that she was funny, in a way? haha i didnt fully understand that part though
  • Katedots: She's the kind of person who can look you dead in the eye and say something and YOU DON'T KNOW if they're joking or not so you kind of laugh awkwardly and pray
  • littlered: OH okay
  • Katedots: So yeah, the "people ask me how i got into this business and I always tell them the same thing... how dare you fucking talk to me"
  • Katedots: Because is she joking??? probably. Is it still terrifying??? absolutely.
  • littlered: oh god thats actually pretty hilarious to think about
  • Katedots: So interns and stuff are always seeking her approval because it's hard to come by. She's not super warm. But she isn't unfair.
  • littlered: i like this au more now
  • Katedots: But she can be hard to read, so like... you could laugh at something you think is a joke and then she like looks you dead in the eye and is like "do you think this is funny" and suddenly you're like FUCK no no not at all
  • littlered: yes thank you im getting it now \O/
  • Katedots: and the RUMORS like there are all kinds of rumors about crazy stuff she's said to designers and interns and stuff, but you never know if they're true or not! Like "once i heard that she ripped out someone's seam and told them to re-do it" "wait what?!" "no i heard she stared him down until he ripped it out himself!" "god she's so intense i can't even look her in the eye" "omg me toooo"