they're the same dog

I was volunteering at this community yard sale thing this morning and there was a lady with a shiba inu and she let me pet it and I’ve never been so blessed in all my life

The chalk had been put back over her, and Granny Aching, who always said that the hills were in her bones, now had her bones in the hills.

Then they burned the hut.  That wasn’t usual, but her father had said that there wasn’t a shepherd anywhere on the Chalk who’d use it now.

Thunder and Lightning wouldn’t come when he called, and he knew better than to be angry, so they were left sitting quite contentedly by the glowing embers of the hut.

Next day, when the ashes were cold and blowing across the raw chalk, everyone went up onto the downs and with very great care put the turf back, so all that was left to see were the iron wheels on their axles, and the pot-bellied stove.

At which point–so everyone said–the two sheepdogs had looked up, their ears pricking, and had trotted away over the turf and were never seen again.
—  Terry Pratchett, “The Wee Free Men”

Dog!AU Dipper & Mabel!

Mabel is an Icelandic sheepdog and Dipper is an Australian shepherd.

I’m not the best at dogs but hahaha I really like this idea so I TRIED.

( shout out to @theblindtorpedo and @cheeziswin for breed suggestions! )