they're the only notebooks i use

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OK! So I'm asking before I do anything, first off, /love/ your art, it's beautiful and your comics are really funny. So, I like writing messages in my notebook that cheer me up, and I've been wanting to draw bangtan as if they're saying them, so I was wondering if I can use your drawings as a guide to draw them?? I'm not going to repost your art elsewhere or post it and claim it as my own, hate when people do that. So I'm asking for your permission, i swear, they're only for my notebooks.

WOW HERE U GO!! And ofc I’m 100% that you draw them in your notebook!! 

If you decide to post it somewhere just credit me and everything will be good! :^DD Have fun!!!!

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Kay, so, i realized, looking back to my mcl images that my candy used to be a Nath's girl, but turned into a Cas's girl. Could you make a drabble on Nathaniel's pov about how he feels about candy (who he likes) start ignoring him and gouing out with Castiel? And he feeling, like, super jealous and angry because they're not even friends anymore?

Hello dear! Hope you like it!

Nathaniel tried to block it out. He tried as hard as he could to focus only on the notebook in front of him as the teacher droned on. But it was getting harder and harder to take notes when the teacher’s voice faded out so all he could hear was a certain couple in the back of the room. He could hear Castiel’s muffled whispered voice and Candy’s feminine, slightly higher pitched giggle.

His grip tightened on his pencil, hard enough to nearly break it in half. It was hard for him to think that only a month or two ago, he was the one to make Candy laugh. He was the one to get her to smile. He was the one who was leading her through the halls, talking to her about this and that, spending time with her….

“Her hair’s so big because it’s full of secrets,” he heard Candy whisper to Castiel in reference to the new teacher.

Once upon a time, Candy would be giggling that comment to Nathaniel himself. But no, Nathaniel gritted his teeth, she’s back there. Talking to him. Dating him. Doing who knows what else with him. And she hasn’t even said a damn word to me in weeks.

Castiel’s faint snort of laughter was what snapped Nathaniel’s last nerve. The pencil broke sharply into two halves as his eyes began to burn with a red fury. His breathing hitched as his chest began to feel tight. He tried to calm down, but as he glanced briefly over his shoulder, he knew he wouldn’t be calming down anytime soon. Not when Castiel clearly had his hand snaked underneath the desk on her thigh.

He could tell the teacher. He could curse. He could call them out on it. If it was Castiel with any other girl, he wouldn’t even had hesitated. But no. Castiel was with Candy. Beautiful, smart, amazing, kind, Candy…. The girl with stars in her eyes, a brain brighter than any sun, and a heart as big as the world…. He told her that once. He could still remember how cute her blush was.

Nathaniel let out a slightly forced sigh.

Even if it killed him, she seemed happy (for now) and he just couldn’t ruin that. Besides, she was with Castiel…. It was bound to end at some point and when it did, he’d be there for her.

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what supplies do u use for ur notes? they're v v v pretty

Thank you so much! :’^)
Supplies I personally use are as follows:


-Officeworks X PP Spiral Notebook B5:

  • Pros:

-Transparent hardcover.
-80gsm paper: this means that pens/highlighters are less likely to bleed through.
-Dotted paper: able to assist you with your writing since it acts like a guide, it also really helps when you are drawing up diagrams.
-Plus 180 pages & only for $2? HECK YEA!

  • Cons:

-Paper has a glossy texture so left handed people/people who are impatient may find their ink becoming smudged, this is because of the glossy nature of the paper, so you may need to wait a little bit for things to dry.

Pens for writing:

-BIC Cristal Fine Point ballpoint pens (black, red): standard pen really, I mainly use this pen when I’m taking notes in lectures.

-Muji Gel ink pen 0.38 (black, red):  this pen is the one pictured in most of my studyblr pictures.

  • Pros: 

-You can write really fluidly/quickly using this pen.
-Writing is not ‘broken up’ in certain areas & opacity is consistent.
-Does not create that ‘scratchy’ feeling some thinner pens do when you write on paper.
-Using thinner pens tends to make your handwriting appear more neater/clean.

  • Cons:

-It may bleed through on thinner paper (70gsm & below).
-Subject to smudging (especially if you accidentally use a eraser on it, trust me, I know from experience) also slightly smudges if highlighters are used on top of it.
-It has a thin barrel & is rounded, so if you write for long periods of time while using it, it will start to feel uncomfortable/you will lose grip of it easier.
-The ink gets used up really quickly (this is why I use a separate pen for taking notes during my lectures)
-People have mentioned that it is expensive.

-Muji Smooth writing gel ink pen 0.5 (brown): I don’t have much opinion on this pen yet since I just used it for the first time.

Highlighters/coloured pens:

-Zebra Mildliner highlighters: WKT7-5C, WKT7-5C-RC & WKT7-5C-NC from ebay.

  • Pros:

-Double sided; one side is like a standard highlighter tip, which makes it easy to highlight lines of text, while the other side comes to a point, making it easier to use it for smaller scale things such as writing words, drawing diagrams.
-A huge variety of colours!!

  • Cons:

-May be subject to bleeding through on thinner paper (70gsm & below)
-I have seen people say that the highlighters smudge their pen underneath.
-The neon colours tend to come out patchy & uneven & the colour pay-off isn’t that great (maybe it’s just me).
-The colours are dull.
-People have mentioned that they are expensive.

-Stabilo Boss Original highlighters.

  • Pros:

-Amazing colour pay-off.
-Really bold colours.

  • Cons:

-Bleeds through badly on thinner paper.
-Only available in neon colours.
-Some of the colours aren’t very distinguishable; I have a blue & a teal highlighter that look exactly the same when swatched, same goes for my magenta & purple ones from this brand..
-May be expensive.

‘Sticky notes’:

-I don’t own sticky notes, I just use any coloured paper I can find & just glue it/tape it into my notebook.