they're the most boring ones

I think one of the most interesting & important things about Alex & Piper is their introspective deconstruction & subsequent inversion. like Hannah’s been pointing out a lot lately that Alex has always been presented as the Femme Fatale™ but this season kind of completely obliterated that with the constant stream of “you are not cut out for murder” from almost every character around her. but I think that’s still only like a small sliver of it tbh. when the show started the Alex we were presented with was so in control & cool & just… devastating. & the Piper we were presented with was meek & scared &… the total opposite. & then the season progressed & ended with Piper nearly beating another inmate to death with her bare hands & it became clear that she’s so much more than the wispy blonde lady the world sees her as. I just think it’s so interesting that this show presented us with these two ideas & then completely deconstructed them; wispy blonde woman has mad anger issues & depth, & cool controlled badass is TERRIFIED & has no idea what she’s doing. but like… the thing that makes it even cooler is that after they took that deconstruction they then INVERTED the ideas completely. & PIPER became everything we initially thought Alex was (but it was a warped twisted version because it’s never what Alex ACTUALLY WAS, it was just a mimic of the false projection we were all initially fooled by) as Alex became the one who needed protecting, she became the OPPOSITE of femme fatale which is essentially a clearer version of the false Piper idea we were initially presented with. like. Piper & Alex are so goddamn interesting as individual characters but when you look at their development as a couple too it’s crazy intriguing. like how in the world do people think they’re boring???