they're supposed to hate each other

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Imagine... meeting your new neighbors.... 2 tall giant men.... one is wearing a bright pink tshirt..... they look very fond of each other.... they're in their late 20s and still live together..... you learn that this is their 3rd flat together..... what assumptions are you supposed to make beside Gay™..................

their landlords probably thought they secretly hated each other

  • Jewish and Muslim kids: *Are mocked by Christian-normative peers for their beliefs, dietary restrictions, holiday observances, traditional garb, use of semitic languages, and general cultural differences*
  • Jewish and Muslim kids: *Bond over shared experiences of being mocked/othered and become friends*
  • Christian kids: WHOA WHOA WAIT A MINUTE aren't you guys supposed to hate each other????
  • Jewish and Muslim kids: *Stare into the camera like they're on the office*

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Sincerely three werewolf/vampire au where they're all different (human, vampire, and werewolf) but like they all freaking love each other anyway, after MANY difficulties with family and the whole "ummm arent we supposed to hate eachother?" and just live their slightly odd domestic lives together.

listen. i kno where u want me to go with this. i know ur all expecting jared/werewolf evan/human connor/vampire

but fuck the status quo

evan hansen has been living in self-isolation since he was a kid. when he was– when he was turned he was so ashamed, and so horribly terrified of hurting people that he just. shut himself in

his mom, part-time nurse and full-time worrier for her only son, did her best; searched far and wide for some cure, or at least something to lessen her son’s pain, but every full moon without fail he would turn into…that, and there was nothing she could do, other than let it pass and hope for the best.

but the isolation gets to him, and he develops anxiety at the thought of coming into contact with anyone other than his mom, and heidi decides that she needs to remedy this.

she sends him to high school.

(it goes about as well as you’d think)

his first day he has a panic attack in the bathroom, and the one person he tries to smile at flees the room scowling.

that person is resident vampire jared kleinman. 

he’d brag about being immortal if he could without getting himself killed (although he’s not a turned-vampire; he’s a vampire born to vampiric parents, and as such has only been on earth for less than two decades), but he can’t so he keeps mostly to himself. school is a chore, and he hates having to go, but usually slathering himself in spf 100 and spending his time playing video games and hacking inside does the trick.

and imagine his surprise when he walks into class on his first day of senior year and finds himself overcome with the scent of wet dog. he looks around for the offender, and locks eyes with a meek looking kid wearing a striped shirt, and he thinks this cant be the dog, but he takes another whiff and runs out of the room near gagging.

he intercepts him after their first class is over, pulls him into a supply closet, and deadpans: what the fuck.

evan spills immediately (mostly because he can tell immediately that this person isn’t human, and he doesnt have a chance of fending another supernatural creature off when the moon isnt out), and jared takes one look at this sad loser and decides to take him under his wing 

(not without making him invest in some cologne first, though)

and their friendship is…weird, but it works, for some reason. jared acts as a buffer between evan and the rest of the world when things get too much for him. evan comforts him in the dead of night when there’s blood on his shaking hands and he cant shake the word murderer from his head. jared perches himself on a lowhanging branch and talks to evan during those full moons, keeps him grounded and present. evan uses his temporarily stronger form to hunt woodland creatures for jared, so maybe the guilt will lessen, just for one night.

eventually, something changes, and soon neither of them can remember a time when they weren’t in love.

it’s one of these nights, as the sun is coming up and evan’s just turned back into a human, and jared’s draining one of evan’s catches, when connor murphy stumbles upon the two of them with a joint in his hand.

what the fuck, he says, and throws it as far away from himself as he can. 

they…kind of kidnap connor for the day, and keep him secure while his high wears off so they can explain to him whats going on, and hopefully convince him to keep his mouth shut.

(evan is shaking so badly he can hardly stand)

(jared isn’t much better)

and connor, still high as a kite, says: my fuckin luck that the boys i like turned out to be gay for each other and be a furry and a demon, huh

evan: boys i like,

jared: a furry and a demon???

suffice to say, they have a fuckin Chat.

when connor’s sober, he processes things…fairly well. takes it all in stride. evan turns into a dog during full moons? cool. jared dabbles in murder and has fangs? alright.

also, apparently you like us? jared asks, and thats when connor begins to panic

cue evan and jared having their own little chat (because this is a big decision to be made and communication is important, lads) and they decide..yknow…okay. we’re both open to trying this out, and seeing where it goes (because connor is kind of cute, and doesn’t seem to mind the whole not-entirely-human thing, so…)

so these three, a vampire, a werewolf, and a human, go on a date to jamba juice.

and from then on, it’s history.

the change is…not very drastic. they meld together surprisingly well? evan’s practically a space heater and his (human-temperatured and very cold) boyfriends love cuddling him at all times. jared is a Stronk Boy and likes to fly his bfs around. connor gets to take both boyfs home and watch his family squirm at the natural tension a werewolf and a vampire in the same room create.

they graduate together. get into the same state college, move into an apartment together. there’s still bad nights – evan still cant shake the anxiety towards meeting new people, jared still sometimes lies in bed, paralyzed with the thought of i’m a murderer, and connor’s mental health is still not optimal. but they get through day by day, and they love each other, and it’s okay.

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mafia au where jimin's dad is rivals with JK's dad and they're supposed to hate each other but they end up falling in love <33

+ Jimin lays in Jungkook’s bed as he stares at the younger boy laying beside him. Jungkook is breathing softly as his arm is drape over Jimin’s stomach.

+ Jimin smiles softly as his hand comes up to wipe Jungkook’s cheek. Jimin sighs softly as he shifts to wrap his arms around Jungkook who snuggles closer to him. Jimin closes his eyes as his hands travels down Jungkook’s back to the younger boys hip that has a imprint of Jimin’s hand on it from last night.

+ Jimin stiffens when he hears the phone beside him ring. Jimin knows it’s his father calling, probably setting up a drug trade and wanted Jimin to lead it. Jimin frowns before kissing Jungkook’s head and scoots away to grab his phone.

+ “Dad?” Jimin asks as he reaches for his boxers on the ground. “Jimin get here now.” His father said “we need to move now before the Jeons hit this market. Come.” Jimin sighs when the phone calls ends and Jimin turns to look at Jungkook nuzzling into Jimin’s pillow.

+ Jeon and Park have a rivalry dating back even to their great great grandfather’s. Jimin and Jungkook on the other hand, seem to have fallen in love instead. Even worst for Jimin cause he is the next in line to take over and if if his father knew his feelings for the youngest Jeon, he would be killed.

+ Jungkook moans softly when Jimin leans over to kiss down his nose then kissing his mouth. Jimin leans his head on Jungkook before kissing him again. “I have to go, love you.”

+ Jungkook doesn’t stir, Jimin smiles softly before pulling away to get dressed and leave to meet his father.

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Um any scenarios you can think of about a person with a clone and they're supposed to hate each other but ended up slowly caring about each other??


• They are experiments in a lab, and they rely on each other to stay sane and potentially escape even though test subjects aren’t supposed to communicate with each other.

• The original was meant to do a certain task. Someone makes an improved clone because they think the original can’t do it. The original is angry that they were replaced, but they team up with the clone to do the mission.

• The character’s mother payed to have a clone of their child because their real twin died (who was her favorite). The character hates that their mom liked their twin so much that she’s trying to make another one. The clone ends up being a lot like the dead twin. The character and their twin were best friends, so they can’t help but care about the clone.

• In a futuristic world where people wage gladiator-like slaves against each other, the best, truly fair fights are the ones between clones. Then, spectators can really see who trained theirs best rather than who won the gentic lottery. Clones meant to fight each other see and take a chance to escape. Their only hope of surviving is sticking together.

@Louis & Harry you’re the reason that we don’t get nice things. You’re supposed to pretend you’ve hated each other since 2012.

However you sit next to each other in interviews for the first time in 84 years and this is what you do


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(1/3) Adam and Ronan both hate having their picture taken but they both want pictures of the other for when they're apart so they're both always trying to sneak pictures of each other (while Ronan is working on the farm or cooking; while Adam is studying or working on the shitbox (bc it keeps breaking down). Sleeping is the best for both of them, though).

(2/3) Adam decides to get a professional photographer to the Barns for engagement pictures which Ronan is Not happy about and the photographer wants them in all these poses that are supposed to look candid and it makes Adam awkward so the whole thing is a disaster so they resolve to just never have a picture together

(3/3) but one night when the Gangsey is having a bonfire at the Barns, Blue ends up taking a bunch of actual candid pictures (Adam sitting between Ronan’s legs at the bonfire, both of them smiling; Ronan kissing Adam on the cheek, Adam /beaming/; Adam kissing Ronan on the cheek, Ronan looking annoyed; both of them looking at fireflies with Opal) and doesn’t tell them she took them, she just frames them and gives them to them as a wedding gift.

Bless this and you and your everything

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If you have to undermine a friendship or a bond between to people for the canon ships to shine there is a problem. If Ih and rr where the amazing intended prefect ships they're supposed to be ichiruki should be able to be best friends with no problem. They should be able to be there for each other. The ichiruki bond shouldn't have to suffer at all for the canon ships. Their isn't a problem with ichiruki the problem is kubos writing and his canon ships.

The problem is that ir precludes every other romantic bond that Ichigo and Rukia could’ve had bc THEY’RE LITERALLY FATED, LITERALLY DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER god I hate IH/RR so much Kanae Katagiri didn’t die and save the universe so that the ebtr “”“parallel”“”‘could discount her completely

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Sterek, they're really annoying/freaking out the pack because they keep finishing each other's sentences and then acting like that's normal behavior for two supposed enemies (5+1 thingy too please)

“Are you kidding me?” Derek asks flatly, giving Scott the most unimpressed look.

“That plan is the most,” Stiles pauses like he’s so annoyed that he can’t get the words out.

“Idiotic thing you’ve ever come up with,” Derek finishes for him.

Scott frowns, staring at the two of them because what. Stiles hates the guy. How are they even agreeing? And wait a second. “You’re my best friend,” he says turning on Stiles. “You’re supposed to agree with me. And you," he turns to Derek, "are my beta. You’re supposed to agree with me because I’m the alpha.”

“Not when you’re being stupid,” they say at the same time.

Scott doesn’t know what to say after that.

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Have you ever read a fic where Stiles and Derek are in opposing frats? And they're supposed to hate each other but they really don't and they play pranks on each other a lot. The author made two versions, one in Stiles's point of view and one in Derek's, it's on of the best I've ever read! But I can't remember it's name, do you happen to know what I'm talking about?

it’s a series called the noble ties that bind, two parts, the first named there is a brotherhood and the second (one of my fave fics ever ever) is your lifelong membership is free

Maximoff twins in AOU [Spoilers]
  • I really loved Marvel's Quicksilver (though I was one of the few people who defended Evan Peters' Quicksilver before DOFP). I adored the dynamic between him and Clint, like they're kinda hating on each other and making fun of each other but in the end...The scenes they shared didn't fail to make me smile.
  • Now, Wanda.I felt like there weren't enough scenes that gave us a bigger insight on their relationship.
  • We find out about the twins' past:
  • Their parents were killed (well, if their dad is who he is supposed to be I highly doubt that, but anyway) by one of Stark's weapons and Pietro managed to save Wanda last minute. That's why the two of them hate on Stark and volunteered for Strucker's program.
  • During the movie we have Pietro always looking out for his little sister (which is adorable).
  • Wanda. Well, I love this character so much,I guess that's why I felt like we could have seen a little more of her. Again, there are a couple of amazing scenes with her and Barton towards the end of the film (I guess every scene with Barton in this movie was amazing).
  • And she also had a few moments with Vision which make me hope that we probably are going to get a Young Avengers movie. 10-20 years 😅
  • Though she is younger she is more serious, while her brother jokes every now and then.
  • Now [MAJOR SPOILER]: Pietro's death scene had me crying. Firstly, cause I waited to see this chatacter for so long and you just go and kill him. Secondly, it reminded me of the death of a certain speedster in the DC's Young Justice. The way he died sacrificing himself...And finally, because of Wanda. The way the movie showed us their bond, that special connection that only twins have. It was as if both of them died.
  • And when she faced Ultron for the last time...Wanda looked so badass. Could have gone all House of M right there.
  • I believe that we got a good version of the Maximoff twins in the MCU.
  • Could have been better, but could have been so much worse.
  • Now I'm really looking forward to the DVD with all the deleted scenes and stuff.

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i think that even though there are some fans who hate steve/sharon because they're too deep in hoping marvel would make a gay pair canon, a lot dislikes this pairing because it was poorly executed in the movies. i personally feel like even the russos weren't up for it - after all, TFA shows how important peggy was to steve and suddenly we're supposed to believe he's in love with a woman he barely knows? we've seen them speak once, right before sharon told steve she was actually spying on him.

Kissing doesn’t equate love. It was ONE kiss. The same amount of kisses Peggy gave Steve. They like each other. People who like each other have been known to kiss in the past. Shocking…I know.

I love Peggy Carter with all my heart and soul, so I don’t want to diminish her role in anything because she’s so important. However, Sharon isn’t Peggy. And the mere fact that I’ve had to defend Sharon from the get-go, before Civil War came out, is really disheartening. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised because how dare we have more than one capable woman in anything…ever.

The Winter Soldier already set up the attraction between the two. I mean, maybe you weren’t watching OR listening. I don’t know. Not my problem there, but it was set up rather cutely. They had a moment in Civil War before shit hit the fan. Steve realized that the qualities he loved about Peggy, Sharon also inherited. This woman was willing to put so much on the line, much like Peggy, much like himself. Why wouldn’t he be interested in her? And who’s to say that they both made it out alive once things started rolling? I saw the kiss as a “I’ve already wasted one life, I don’t want to do it again” sort of thing.

You, and so many others, have reduced Sharon Carter to nothing more than a love interest, when in fact, Cap wouldn’t have gotten his rebellion off the ground if it wasn’t for this woman. Bucky and Sam also owe her. 

But, yeah, keep sweating one fucking kiss.

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if management doesn't let them show any kind of affection towards each other and they're supposed to hate each other how can they be so obvious about these tattoos? it's like how can anybody doubt it? you can't think that harry went and got an anchor tattoo on his wrist and didn't think about louis' rope tattoo also on his wrist. they're smart they know exactly what they're doing.