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please make a super fluffy harry x fem reader imagine where they're already dating and it's just super cute xx love your writing btw!

AN: Hey, hope this is okay!! thank you for requesting :)) xx

“For the umpteenth time, Harry, I can’t dedicate a fraction of my time to you, let alone kiss you right now. I’ve got to study. You know, open a book or two, and read the words of text on each line? It’s a hell of a strategy - maybe you or Ron could test it out sometime.”

For the last hour, you’d been sitting on your bed trying to focus, while Harry was spread out beside you, flicking the pages of your book with annoying incessancy. You wanted to slap him. You loved him, but you were beyond ready to slap him. Oh dear god, he deserved to be slapped.

“It must’ve been easy, right? Easiest decision you’ve ever made?” Harry continued to bug you, jabbing his index finger into your hip, wandering his way to your thigh, trying to coup a feel.

He wanted to throw you off your game so badly - sick of the Hermione games you were playing. It was nice that you were studying; he found it undeniably attractive when you bit your lower lip in concentration, and the like. But it was Christmas break - you had all the time in the world to study, except for Christmas break. That’s when he was supposed to get you, not the books.

“What?” You answered monotonously, before flicking his hand away without so much as a glance up at him. “Was what easy?”

“Saying yes to going out with me. Easy, huh, love?” He stretched his legs out to play footsie with you under the comforter, but given that you were waist-deep in your herbology textbook, it was rather one-sided for him.

You loved Harry -you swore, you loved Harry Potter more than life itself- but good Godric, he was such a little shit sometimes. “And just why do you assume it was so simple and easy?” Although, H and you both knew it was anything but easy.

Much like James had with Lily, Harry fell into a hopeless, desperate sort of love with you. Being a fellow Gryffindor, you had each and every class with him, and a few weeks into first year, you caught him making constant googly eyes at you. More than twice a class period, there was practical drool running from his mouth. You had to admit, he was cute, but you guys were eleven. What were you going to do - hug?

Over time, it didn’t get much better. With him veering off course to fight the Dark Side, girls started lining up to date him. Despite his woefully awkward ways, he was the talk of your year.

The chameleon green-orange eyes, the scar, the cheeky grin, and innocent complexion. He’d always been adorable, but the older he got, the more attractive he grew. It wasn’t just a cute face sort of thing anymore, it was everything about him. You were such a sucker for his half-mature, mostly-boyish humor in class, and whenever you worked on a project with him, you went weak at the knees.

But, of course, you would never admit that to him.

For the first four years at Hogwarts, he pined for you. Finally, when you returned for the fifth year, you approached him in the Gryffindor common room. Gathering all your moxie, you strutted toward the fireplace where he sat by himself, deep in the middle of the night, and told him in as serious a tone as possible, “You mustn’t tell these delusional lies about Cedric. It’s in your best interest to listen to Professor Umbridge - she’s such a wise woman.”

He sat there in silence for a solid ten seconds, surveying your lips and eyes and every last inch. Eventually, Harry blinked. “What the fuck rubbish did you jus-”

“I’m kidding, Potter. Apparently you’re choosing not to get jokes, Chosen One.”

“I only choose to get jokes that are actually funny, Y/L/N.” But he said it with such a wicked grin.

It had been history ever since.

Back in present day, he continued to fuss about studying. “Y/N, do you not love me anymore?”

You inhaled; counted to five. He was right - even if you didn’t want to admit it. You needed to stop studying. It was Christmas break, and knowing him, sometime during the second semester, he’d run off and do something ridiculously preposterous to fight the Death Eaters. Time with Harry (especially time where he wasn’t gabbing about Malfoy) was precious. It needed to be cherished while it lasted.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know, my Green-Eyed Dearest,” you sighed, tucked your quill inside your book to page mark it, then closed the cover. In one motion, you collected all your books and parchment, then set them to the floor. “You want to cuddle?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Harry erupted into his notorious fit of laughter, tugging at your shirt to pull you closer to his body. Now that he had you away from your studies, all he wanted was you you you. Your skin, your touch, your body. You. His. His. His. “C'mere, I just want you against me.”

Obliging, you allowed him to draw you as close as he wanted, but to tease him, you slipped his glasses down the bridge of his nose, then put them on yourself. “Lookie, I’m Harry Potter! The Chosen One! Dumbledore and McGonagall’s favorite!”

With all the sunshine in the world in each eye, Harry glimmered and gleamed and looked at you more lovingly than a boy had looked at a girl before - even more loving than the way James had looked at Lily. He laid in awe of you for a minute, chewing his lower lip, with deep imprints of where the nosepiece of his glasses usually sat.

“I am so in love with you, Y/N Y/L/N, it’s sickening.”

“And to think,” gently as possible, you returned the glasses to your boyfriend. “I didn’t even have to slip you amortentia.”

“Or so you say.” Harry bantered back.

And as the castle lights twinkled, the garland hung, and the halls ran quiet, you felt all the compassion a girl could feel, from the fluttering-heart and sugary-smiling love of your life snuggled beside you.


kimheenim: Kyak DBSK has made a comeback <Spellbound>. You will always feel good when listening to ‘spellbound’. Tom Cruise’s daughter is 'Suri Cruise’, our Hongki’s drama is 'Magic kid Masuri’ etc. It’s a beautiful phrase. Yurobbong, Dorobbong, Xrobbong..^-^ Yunho this kid who made me nicknames which cannot be mentioned on broadcasts I love you, Changmin who wore a strawberry mask backwards while playing with Kyuhyun I love you too. This photo is taken to commemorate an incident 12 years ago where Yunho’s crush mistaken me as his girlfriend and rejected him, causing him so much pain. Hey by the way was spicy chicken ramen always this spicy? Ah my tongueㅠㅠ Ah the temper is risingㅡㅡAh spicy (cr: heartheesubs)