they're such lovely hands


Grif is struggling but so is Locus.

Just help him out, dude.

@telekinetic-pony had this wonderful idea and I couldn’t help but to draw it.


Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Ah… this guy’s a crafty one…”

Please do not repost gifs

How to Draw Tundras 101

Step 1:
Draw a Lion

Step 2:
Draw a better Lion

Step 3:
Realize for some reason you need to make this Lion a Giant Lizard instead
(embiggen him)

Step 4:
Lighten, because no way in hell do you want to redraw that from scratch

Step 5:
?????? Tundra on top???

Step 6:

Now go forth, and draw needlessly large and floofy Paw-Hand Lizards


Nayeon going over to Jihyo for comfort because she’s nervous

hp edits ↯:

a hook-nosed man was shouting at a cowering woman, while a small dark-haired boy cried in a corner…

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Drarry prompt: a scene from another Mischief Managers video. Thank you! ❤

Okay so this isn’t really from one of their scripted videos but I wanted to do it anyway just because Mattias was naturally in character for Draco haha

I also chose to draw Mattias in cosplay, rather than my character design of Draco just bc I wanted to. No real reason lol

(bonus sparkles added in)

click here for the video!


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@avikat THE STICKERS ARRIVED AND THEY LOOK AMAZING!! I really love the Matt and Tord stickers, but all of them are adorable!! Thank you so much for these awesome designs. Also, everyone please go check out Avi’s Redbubble page (that’s where I got these bad boys)!