they're such idiots i cant

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oh gosh i know!! there must be so much pain behind i just- ugh... let's cry together

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuhhhh don’t cry anon think happy thoughts at least they’re back together now!!!!!!!! 

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(First time asking anything from this blog so here it goes. I hope that this is an okay ask.) How would the Sakamaki and Mukami's react to their S/O telling them that they got a call from the S/O's doctor, and the doctor told the S/O that they can't have children?

correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think the Mukamis are able to bear children either.

Shu: The vampire didn’t really care about children anyways. “Heh, why would you want kids anyways? All what they are is a pain. I like it when it’s just you and me.”

Reiji: “So that’s how it is. You really are a troublesome woman.” Despite his harsh words, he looks at you with soft eyes. “Good gracious, don’t get so broken up over this, we will work it out okay?”

Laito: “Bitch-chaaan, this isn’t so bad, ne? It just means more fun for us~” He kisses your forehead and looks into your eyes lovingly. “If you really want children that badly, there’s plenty out there who would love a mother like you, you know?”

Kanato: “What?! Why would you want such an impudent thing like that anyways?! You have me, there’s nothing else you need.” Kanato’s eyes were scary, but when he saw that you were upset, he calmed down. “Hey ___-san, it’s going to be alright, come here, I want to hold you.”

Ayato: He looks at you with wide confused eyes. “Say what now Chichinashi? You mean you can’t give me children??” He is really upset at first that he won’t be able to have any children with you but after a few seconds he accepts it. “That doesn’t matter really, we don’t have to have sex to get children ya know? We can just adopt er something.”

Subaru: When you told him what the doctor said, his body tensed. “Are you alright? It’s probably better this way, I wouldn’t be a good father anyways.” You told him how badly you wanted to raise a child of your own and he abruptly kissed you. “Fuck! If it means that much to you we can adopt, stupid!”

Ruki: He took a few minutes to process your words until he finally spoke. “I’m unable to bear children since I was originally human, so it doesn’t matter if you’re infertile.” Ruki’s expression softened at your crestfallen look and he leaned his face into yours, cupping your cheek. “Livestock, it’s not the end of the world. This doesn’t change anything, if you want to raise a child there are other options.”

Kou: “M Neko chan, you’re so silly. I can’t have children either, I thought that was obvious? I’m not a pureblood like those Sakamakis,” The way Kou said that so nonchalantly made you confused. Couldn’t he see how much this meant to you? Kou looked at you through doleful eyes. “Cheer up okay? We can look into adopting, if that makes you happy.”

Yuma: “Sow, stop you’re sulking already. There’s no way you would be able to get any children with me anyways.” Yuma didn’t want couldn’t bear to watch you be so sad, so he threw you over his shoulder and roughly made his way down the hallway. “Let’s go do something fun, okay? We can go anywhere you want, I just want you to see you happy.”

Azusa: As you started to explain to Azusa what the doctor said, he stopped you. “____-san… …I’m infertile too… …I can’t give you that either… “ As you heard this, you couldn’t help but be sad. Azusa flinched in shock at seeing you in this state. His head moved in to kiss up all the little tears rolling down your face. “Hey… don’t be so sad ___-san, it makes my heart hurt to see you like this.”