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ronan and gansey lose a bet to henry and have to dress like each other for a day. gansey’s bright polos are all way too tight on ronan and ronan’s ripped jeans cling to gansey’s thighs but bunch at the ankles because they’re too long and it’s absolutely hilarious. blue and noah can’t stop laughing and adam takes a photo to commemorate, which quickly makes its way around to the whole gangsey and becomes pretty much everyone’s phone lockscreen for the foreseeable future

Can we please talk about how surprised Mon-El seemed that just being there and holding Kara was enough?

I felt like when he was talking with Winn and he said “what’s left for me?” what he meant was “what’s left for me to do for her?” as in she’s Supergirl - what could she need from him? I think he was kind of afraid to ask and have her realize that she didn’t actually need him for anything.

I think he realized in their last scene that being there, supporting her in the simplest ways, was enough for her and it kinda blew him away. I think he was struggling to see what he could give to someone so incredible and strong and I think those little expressions - the smiles and the soft looks on his face - were showing us that he understands that yes she’s amazing beyond words but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want someone to be there for her at the end of a terrible day. 

He asked what she needed from him and he probably wasn’t prepared to hear that just being there was enough. From what we know about his past there probably hasn’t been a time in his life when just being Mon-El was enough for someone. Especially someone he cared about and that he wanted to comfort and support. He is so new to all of this and I can’t imagine what it meant to him for her to tell him that all she wanted from him… was him.

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Same like he Big Bang one but EXO reaction to their crush acting and looking very serious at first but during a group outing or something they find out that they're actually a huge goofball.


He’d always find you so intimidating. He would figure it was just your resting face that made you look so serious all the time, and when he finally got the guts to ask you to come to a small dinner party he was having with the others he was glad he was right. It would be a good transition into him flirting with you. The more he hung out with you he’d use it as an excuse to flatter you. ‘You’re so much prettier when you smile.’

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You being stand-offish would make him feel better, especially since when ever he heard other men talking about you, it was always to say you looked unapproachable. He’d only want to see your goofy side when it was just you and he, and even though you two weren’t dating (yet) he’d let you know that only he was allowed to see that side. Still, if the two of you were in a comfortable setting and you were falling back into your serious side he’d poke and flirt until you started to giggle and act goofy again. 

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You would be so intimidating that at first he wouldn’t even be sure if you liked him as a new friend. One of the other members who knew of his crush would be the one to push you forward to actually talk to Yixing. He would be embarrassed by his lack of balls to come to you first, but he’d still be thankful that he was talking to none the less since you were actually the nicest person he had ever met. 

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Teasing you about being so serious would be the only way he knew how to cope with his feelings for you. What he didnt expect was you to start teasing him back. It would start this war between the two of you of who could make the other blush more. Every time he saw you slipping back into your set face ways he’d pinch a cheek or poke your side until you smiled and started to be goofy again. 

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He thought you were sexy because of your hard exterior. It made you look so mature and so unapproachable, making him liking you a fun challenge for himself. But when he discovered you broke down into this goofball his heart would melt, and it would continue to do so every time you would smile at him in the way that usually indicate you were about to do something cute. 

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The fact that he liked you so much would drive him nuts, especially since you came across as not wanting to have anything to do with you. When he invited you to do something with him and some friends he was first surprised that you said yes, but was even more surprised at how you seemed to completely transform. The time you two spent from then on was absolutely amazing and he’d find himself looking smug. He knew a side of you most people didnt get the chance to and that made him fall even harder for you. 

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Being the same way, he was more excited to find someone who could goof with him in privet while still being able to intimidate the other boys. The two of you would get close with this game, say and doing things that made the others gulp, only to turn the corner and giggle about it. He’d find himself falling for you more though when you were your goofy side, there was something about that side of you he could protect and he loved that feeling. 

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He’d find himself trying to match his intensity to yours and failing miserably. That would actually be how he found out about your sweeter side, and he’d like that side a lot better. He’d want to keep you all to himself as much as possible just so he could get to know your sweeter side better. 

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He would have seen a glimpse of your sweet side causing the crush, but the times seeing you after that were all of you being very stern. He was so intimidated by you and everyone, to include you, knew it, still the way you were so off-putting made him fall for you even more, something he couldn’t explain. When one of the others quietly let it slip to you about his crush you’d kill your game of being stern with him, and you could see the change in his eye as you started to be goofier with him. 

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So many people clearly have not gotten into close quarters with Capricorns. Yes they're work oriented and reliable as heck, but they're also giant goofballs under it all! I feel like Cap is the definition of work hard, play hard. They have a good balance I think!

i agree! capricorns are one of the most quirky interesting signs imo, right after aquarius :)

Summary of each sign based off people we know
  • Aries: hilarious, out-going, not afraid to speak their minds, amazing conversationalists, can always make you laugh, and will never give up on a person or idea. Their independent personality makes you want to be friends with them and they enjoy being around people.
  • Taurus: seem down to earth and serious at first, but once you get to know them they're such fun-loving goofballs. They have such a calming presence but it's also domineering at the same time so you always know when they're in the room. Extremely loyal. Extremely hilarious. Amazing friends.
  • Gemini: a mix between extrovert and introvert, extremely funny but only around people they're comfortable with or trying to impress, a bit awkward around crushes but enjoy the company, clever with words, have the ability to be very smart but tend to be lazy about it. They're always there for a good laugh or a good time. They love to be liked and tend to have more people that know them than close friends.
  • Cancer: caring, emotional, sympathetic, empathetic, someone who will always be there for you. Not a cry baby, they're actually very strong and know how to handle themselves and others. They'll always help you or be there for you when you need it most. Introverted and shy. The perfect shoulder to cry on. Amazing cuddlers.
  • Leo: super loyal friend/sibling/lover. They may come off as cocky or proud, but they're just very charismatic people. They may seem very comfortable in their own skin, but some are super insecure. They're fun people to be around and always seem to know what to say. Extroverts.
  • Virgo: nice to a fault. So friendly and bighearted. Can be overly dramatic at times, but nonetheless they're lovable dorks. Can be mean when they need to be so watch out. They're determination and passion about the things they love is honestly inspiring.
  • Libra: really friendly and outgoing, also pretty intimidating when they want to be. If you become friends with them they will do anything for you and are the biggest sweethearts, but do something wrong to them or their friends and a libra will destroy you.
  • Scorpio: come off as quiet and serious, but once you break their shell, they'll be the most passionate and amazing person you'll ever meet. They love sarcasm and jokes but they can also be very serious at times. So passionate about what and who they love so don't ever try to cross them because they can turn crazy scary in two seconds.
  • Sagittarius: super nice and caring, the greatest friends to have because they know all the right things to say and do to make you feel better. Can seem carefree and crazy, but they just like having fun. No matter how graceful they seem, they can also be quite awkward (but that only makes them cuter and more loveable)
  • Capricorn: shy and serious at first, but once you get to know them they are the funniest and most dependable people in the world. They work hard to impress because they hate failure or feeling stressed. They may act cold and uncaring, but that's only because they have trouble expressing their feelings. They're also secretly children at heart.
  • Aquarius: pretty weird and very imaginative. When you become friends with them and get close they come out of their shell and show how quirky they are. Very trusting but only when you are close to them. Can see right through you and know exactly when you're lying. They pick up on things you would never in a million years guess they would pick up on. They also don't tolerate any bullshit so watch out.
  • Pisces: really artsy and musical, and because of this they have a very vivid imagination. They can be pretty introverted but love hanging out with close friends, and have the biggest heart. Despite being one of the most 'romantic' signs they are very awkward. Like to escape with music and dreams. Sarcastic as hell but also lovable as hell.
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I made gifs from all the TFW stuff in thehillywoodshow‘s Supernatural Parody Gag Reel. Do what you will with them. (Except you mamapeterson. You can’t touch them because of reasons.)



(Stop trying to look not cute, Jensen. It’s not working.)