they're such good friends that scott just knows that something is wrong


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Seven)

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s interview with David Tennant in DWM 378

BC: Hello, David.  Are you scared of spiders?

DT: I don’t mind spiders, actually. I don’t love a lot of things like that, but spiders, for some reason, I feel quite comfortable around. Moths are the ones that freak me out. It’s something to do with the way that, if they get squished, they turn to dust. There’s something very wrong about that. It all feels a bit Gothic.

BC: What about weddings?

DT: I’m scared of weddings, obviously, yeah. [Laughs] Actually, I’ve always had a good time at weddings. I’ve missed a few friends’ weddings over the years, which is always disappointing, ‘cos this job isn’t one where you can say, ‘Ooh, I need Saturday off to go to a wedding.’ But ones that I’ve been to - in recent years, anyway - I’ve had a great time at. They’re happening less frequently, though, aren’t they? People don’t really feel the need to get married so much.

BC: Now that you’re famous, do you get invited to celebrity weddings of people that you barely know?

DT: I’ve never had that. Why haven’t I had that? Now that you mention it, I’m a bit annoyed about that. What’s coming up? Somebody from Hollyoaks must be getting married or something…

BC: According to this week’s Heat magazine, Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott-Lee are tying the knot. It is - I quote - ‘the pop wedding of the week.’

DT: Why haven’t I been invited? I’m not happy

BC: Sod ‘em. Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes is more up your street, isn’t it?

DT: But I wasn’t invited to that one either. They didn’t get in touch. My invitation probably just got lost in the post. 

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I love alternate meets canon stories to! Can you do something else with this maybe? one of them switching to a world where they're in love and the other one thinking it's their boyfriend and being all confused about it? (Sterek of course)

OHGOD anon you shouldn’t have done that. You’ve given me the excuse to write something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.


“Oh, thank God” is the first thing Derek hears when he steps into the Stilinski house.

Scott’s trying to catch his eye – the only information Derek had gotten in his text was approximately “something wrong with Stiles. Go with it ‘til we know more” – but whatever he’s trying to communicate with his wildly arching eyebrows isn’t enough. Derek’s completely unprepared for the way Stiles pushes past Scott and Lydia, sets a hand on Derek’s hip, and leans in like he’s going to kiss him.

Which… what?

Derek jerks back, huffing sharply, expecting to be confronted with a smirk, a joke. Even if this doesn’t carry the flavor of Stiles’ usual humor, it would make far more sense than any alternative.

Because something wrong with Stiles doesn’t nearly cover the concept of Stiles suddenly deciding it’s a good idea to stick his tongue down Derek’s throat.

But Stiles doesn’t smirk, doesn’t tease. No, Stiles pauses, still too close in Derek’s space, and winces like the reaction stings. But then he glances over at the others, grimacing and nodding.

“I know, I don’t know what they’re doing here. At first I thought it was a little Argent emissary thing, but he just keeps asking if I’m ok.” He turns, rolling his eyes, arm sliding to loop around Derek’s waist. It’s all Derek can do not to jump again or swat the hand away. Go with it ‘til we know more. “Like I haven’t told him a thousand times that I’m beyond good here with you.”

Scott’s searching Derek’s face like he’s trying to find an answer there, but Derek’s just as lost as Scott seems to be. Stiles goes on, oblivious, while they frown at each other across the room.

“And now that you can see, yet again, that I’m fine, how about you get the hell out? It still kind of sucks to look at you.”

Scott looks wounded and Stiles just looks down, face carefully blank.

Derek’s head is spinning, his skin tingling where Stiles’ arm grips him. The heat of a warm body radiating against his side is a foreign presence, strange and soothing and decidedly uncomfortable.

Any number of things could be causing Stiles to act like this – from an average concussion to a curse – but whatever the cause, Scott was right in his text. Upsetting Stiles before they know what they’re dealing with would be a bad idea.

The silence has gone on too long. Stiles is shifting against, him, snapping: “I’m serious, Scott. Spit out whatever platitudes Argent sent you to say and get out.”

Argent again.

Derek’s at a loss, and Scott just gapes helplessly. It’s Lydia who finally speaks up, piecing together the perfect amount of vague and honest as she answers: “Stiles, it’s ok. We’re… we’re all working together on something right now.”

Stiles barely reacts, paying her less attention than Derek thought he was capable of. Lydia winces before straightening her shoulders, a small hurt vanishing behind a long-perfected mask. She shoots Derek a significant look. Apparently he’s the only one Stiles will listen to right now.

His head’s still spinning. He clears his throat.

“Right, we are,” is all he can manage, a little gruff in his too-tight throat. Stiles stiffens, looking startled and angry, but not doubtful.

“Seriously? You and them?”

“Yeah.” Derek wishes it had been Lydia that Stiles was cursed to listen to. He has no idea at all how to handle this. “We have a… common interest for the time being.” Stiles is still frowning, and Derek drags his gaze back to Scott. He can’t keep playing this game blind. “Actually, I need to talk to Scott alone for a minute.”

Stiles goes quiet, and when Derek looks over he finds amber eyes narrowed on him softly, searchingly.

“Ok,” Stiles finally breathes, in a way that’s far too intimate for such a small word, that carries layers of respect and trust and fondness that Derek wants to shy away from, that he doesn’t deserve, hasn’t earned. Derek has never known that a gaze could say so much, but Stiles’ eyes are expressing whole soliloquies of “I trust you, I know you’re doing this for a good reason, and I believe that you’ll tell me when I need to know.” It’s so far outside anything Stiles has ever shown him that Derek feels himself getting lost in the expression.

He’s pulled out of it when Stiles’ hand brushes his cheek, has barely enough time to brace himself before Stiles is kissing him, slow and soft. He fights the urge to pull away (don’t upset him, play along, don’t do anything that might damage him further) and there are feelings squirming inside him suddenly, urging Derek to shrink from the contact, to melt into it.

It’s a simple kiss, not at all like a first kiss, as if Stiles and he have been doing this every day for ages and will keep doing it every day for a long time yet.

When Stiles draws back, Derek’s feeling heavy-lidded, chest tight, strangely breathless. Stiles smiles and brushes a finger over Derek’s lip.

“Alright, Big Bad Wolf. Go have your secret summit. I’ll be waiting.”


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Hi do you know any fics where there's some dubious consent between stiles and derek when they're in an establish relationship. Maybe derek ignoring pleas to stop or holding stiles down?

I tried to weed out the ones that were more non con then dub con. So here you go! (all explicit. yay porn!) - Anastasia

Originally posted by christheislander

Just Beneath the Skin by XOXOBlockMania_21

(2/? I 2,170)

Stiles transitions in to a Werewolf on his fifteenth birthday,

right before he is transfered in to a boarding school his parents’ sudden deaths by his aunt,

where he meets his future mate, Derek Hale…

Gordian Knot (Of Sex) by tourdefierce

(1/1 I 5,859 )

Losing his virginity was hard enough when Lydia Martin was his sole focus. Now there are werewolves involved and this is way crazier. For one, there are a lot more dicks involved. (To be fair, in some of his fantasies, Lydia Martin had an impressive rubber cock.) Either way, Stiles doesn’t know why he thought getting rid of his pesky virginity was going to be easier with Derek involved—the guy is practically allergic to doing anything the easy way and that includes Stiles. Being done. Because he’s easy. What.

Festival of Red by hoars

(1/1 I 11,592)

“See? I need my daisy crown or I won’t get Chased.” Stiles frowned. “And then I’ll have to do it again next year. I really don’t want to do it twice.”

The good and the bad of getting Caught this year included not having to do it again and the bad was he’d have a werewolf mate for the rest of his life. Stiles is seventeen. He has a lot of life to live. Unless his wolfy mate has no sense of humor or a temper. Those with no sense of humor and tempers tended to hate Stiles the most and wouldn’t that suck? Being tied to someone for the rest of his life who hates him. That actually sounds like his type of luck.

“You’ll be fine.” Allison beams because she’s a sweet person and can obviously read Stiles like a picture book aimed at toddlers.

So Shed Your Skin and Lets Get Started by halfhardtorock

(2/2 I 21,801)

He’s sixteen and in the woods on the wrong side of the town-line and he’s so fucking fucked.

He knows he’s not supposed to run, they teach that to you in preschool (don’t run from a Were, back away slowly and walk with care), but they never told you how it would feel, standing alone in the dark with your heart beating in your throat as those glowing eyes tracked you from the shadows.

I’m Not Immune by moodwriter

(12/12 I 24,287)

“Did they inject anything into you? You can hold me back. You can stop me. I can’t stop you.” Stiles is in full blown panic mode now.

The one where Stiles and Derek get kidnapped, and sex needs to happen for reasons.

Lap Magnet by Prairie_Grass

(1/1 I 30,771)

Wherein an ill-advised floral arrangement leads to a whole new definition of obliviousness, accidental mate-bonds, and far more sex and tropes than one fic really needs.


Five times Derek and Stiles didn’t notice how close they were (literally) and then a whole bunch of times when they did…Wherein an ill-advised floral arrangement leads to a whole new definition of obliviousness, accidental mate-bonds, and far more sex and tropes than one fic really needs.orFive times Derek and Stiles didn’t notice how close they were (literally) and then a whole bunch of times when they did…

Caged Humanity by Ember

(12/12 I 55,234)

The other factors sounded like complete bullshit. Like about Companions having certain dispositions for submission, and a personality built around wanting to please. Fuck that, Stiles was a strong independent man who didn’t need no wolf. Submitting was straight up taught in classes. Don’t talk back, try to reason not argue, never run away when your Mate was in heat. Mate? More like owner. There was a reason Companions were called pets. God Stiles hated it all, the hypocrisy. It was an honor? More like a life sentence.

An AU where werewolves are given humans as pets called Companions, and a very begrudging Stiles is taken in by Derek Hale, much to both their displeasure. And then pleasure. Very, very sexual pleasure.

His Only Defence by LunaCanisLupus_22

(!4/14 I 78,779)

Stiles had just accidentally challenged an alpha.

Oh God, and Scott had just stood by and let him do it. He was the worst best friend ever. Stiles was going to kill him. Except, oh right, the alpha was going to kill him first. Like beyond dead, ripped into tiny little pieces dead. So far dead that his dad would not be able to identify him, dead.

No Homo by RemainNameless

(11/11 I 84,064)

Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

Bruises and Bitemarks by oblivions172

(25/? I 103,456)

Biologically, Stiles is weak. When he presented as an omega, he knew that to be the truth but that never stopped him from running his mouth as a defense mechanism. However, it could only save him so many times before he ended up pissing off the wrong person. After he’s attacked in the parking lot outside of school, Stiles realizes he can no longer protect himself with just pure wit and sarcasm. When the attack lands him in the hospital, his dad forces him to pick between two options, report the alphas who attacked him or join a kickboxing gym run by omega rights activist and alpha, Derek Hale, a man Stiles has been in love with for many years.

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Your writing is so fab! Could I request a oneshot sort of thing (or whatever you want idk) with Isaac being really close with y/n, and they have a weird relationship where they're always messing with each other or trying to piss the other one off for entertainment, then Isaac figures out y/n likes him and gets mega cocky about it, she (unsuccessfully) pretends to not know what he's talking about when he brings it up. So Isaac decides to be a little shit and tries to do little things to...

-          Say you’ll never let me go, cause I’m lost without my ritual.

 Musical Inspiration: “Ritual” – marshmello ft. Wrabel

Word count: approx. 1.3k

Pack movie night finds you curled up next to Isaac on the floor of Derek’s loft. Kira and Scott are cuddled up on the couch behind you with Derek on the other end all by himself and the rest of the pack are sprawled on the floor around you.

“What are they doing?” You hear Kira whisper to Scott as you and Isaac continue to annoy each other. Isaac’s elbow presses into your ribs so you return the favor, tugging on the blanket that’s spread out over the both of you so that Isaac only has the edge of it. He tugs it back but you have a firm grip on it and he gives up after a second.

“Who knows anymore?” Scott answers, not even bothering to whisper.

Everyone knows about your weird friendship with Isaac. You’re really close, but you have this habit of trying to annoy the shit out of each other when you’re together. It used to get on everyone else’s nerved but they’ve mostly gotten used to it by now. It’s gotten worse lately though. You don’t know if you’re to blame or Isaac is for the increase in pranks and little irritations but you’re having fun so you don’t even think about it most of the time.

“Looks like a mating ritual to me,” Malia murmurs from her spot in Stiles’ lap, causing her boyfriend to snort into his hand.

Isaac tenses beside you for a second and when you turn to check on him, he’s already looking at you like he’s just realized something. A slow smirk grows on his face and you don’t like the look of that. Oh god, he can’t know that you like him like that. Can he? Your thoughts must show on your face because he arches a brow, smirk only growing more prominent as he stares at you. You quickly excuse yourself to the bathroom.

You lean back against the door once it’s closed behind you, closing your eyes and wishing Malia wasn’t quite so observant or quick to announce her observations.  You stay there until you think your heartbeat’s settled so that you can go back and pretend to not be completely in love with your best friend.

When you return, Isaac’s the only one that pays you any attention, holding up the blanket in an invitation for you to sit back down. He throws it over your lap, as you settle next to him, scooting closer so that it’s easier to share. And then, he just goes back to watching the movie.

You’re highly suspicious of his behavior and a little worried that something’s changed since Malia’s comment. Isaac never just sits still when you’re right there for him to annoy. You try to ignore the squirmy, wrong feeling in your stomach and watch the movie.

A few minutes later, Isaac jostles you as he leans closer to whisper in your ear. “I’m kind of thirsty, you want anything?”

His lips graze your ear as he speaks and send a shiver down your spine.

“I’m good,” you say staring at the screen, ignoring the feel of his hot breath against your skin. He doesn’t get up.

“You don’t want anything?” He asks again, his voice taking on a flirtatious tone.

You turn to look at his face and find him biting down on a grin. Well, he’s obviously figured out that you like him, but Isaac teasing you about it makes you feel a bit better about the situation. Teasing you’re used to, that’s just how you and Isaac are. You glare. “Maybe a best friend who’s not an asshole. Think you can find one of those for me?”

He laughs. “I’ll see what I can do.”

You watch him as he rises from his seat next to you and heads to the kitchen, shaking your head. What has Malia gotten you into? Isaac looks over his shoulder to find you staring somewhere in the vicinity of his ass, which… really wasn’t your intention but… it’s a nice one, so. Unfortunately, Isaac now knows you think so. When he comes back and settles down next to you again, he leans back into your space.

“See anything you like?” He whispers, right up against your ear again.

“Yep, this movie is great,” you answer, purposefully ignoring his meaning as you steal his drink from his hands and keep it for yourself. He doesn’t even protest, just laughing at you instead.

Throughout the rest of the movie, Isaac continues to drive you crazy. His fingers graze your arm, giving you goosebumps and he pretends to be surprised when he sees them.

“Oh, are you cold?” He asks mischievously, throwing an arm over your shoulders with another smirk. Then he leans in to whisper, “If you wanted my arm around you, you could have just asked.”

You dig your fingers into his armpit, tickling him until he takes his arm back.

Derek sighs in relief when the movie ends. “Thank god it’s over,” he says, eyes shifting from the televisions to look directly at you and Isaac. “Get out.”

“Harsh,” Isaac mutters, gathering up the blanket the two of you had been using.

“Yeah, Der,” You agree, pulling on your jacket. “Way to encourage pack bonding.”

Derek snorts. “If I have to see you two bonding any more tonight, I’m going to rip out my own eyes.”

Stiles snickers. “Let me guess, with your teeth?”

Isaac high fives him because you’ve all heard Derek threaten to use his teeth on you far too often to be intimidated by it anymore.

Derek sighs again, obviously wondering how this became his life. “Please leave.”

The group as a whole gathers up their things and makes their way out of Derek’s loft, leaving in groups of two or three until it’s just you and Isaac outside the building. Isaac always walks you home and tonight is no different.

“So,” he starts as you walk, and you can already tell he’s about to start in again with the teasing. “Anything you want to tell me, (Y/n)?”

“Hmmm,” you hum, pretending to think about it. “Nope.”

“No secrets you want to share with your best friend?” He asks, walking closer to your side so that his hand brushes yours.

“I don’t really know if he’s mature enough to handle my secrets,” you tease back.

“Well, if he’s mature enough for you to stare at his ass, I think he’s probably mature enough to keep your secrets,” He says, catching your hand in his and causing your heart to falter in its beating.

You stop walking and so does Isaac. You and Isaac don’t hold hands. You’re not sure what’s going on but you think it might be a good thing. You think.

Isaac moves to stand in front of you, his eyes on the left side of your chest. “Your heartbeat’s giving all your secrets away,” he says quietly, raising his gaze to your face.

“Isaac?” Your voice trembles. Things have suddenly gotten very serious.

“I promise, I’m a great secret keeper,” he says, leaning in until his lips brush yours. “I won’t tell anyone you’re absolutely crazy about me.”

You pull him in with a hand on the back of his neck, kissing him hard. You’ve wanted this for so long. And by the way Isaac’s kissing you, it seems he has too. You break away from the kiss, a smile on your face.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you lie.

Isaac scoffs and kisses you again like that’s all the proof he needs.

You nip his lip in retaliation.

He tugs on your hair.

You grin into the kiss. He’s still the best friend you know and love and it seems, despite things taking a turn for the romantic, that isn’t ever going to change.

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Are you able to update the Magic!Stiles tag? I've practically devoured everything in the tag and I've been hanging for some magic!Stiles that I haven't already read multiple times over! I love your recommendations by the way, they're all so perfect and I get such a good reading experience from using this blog!

ah shucks. i’m just happy people use this blog. i’m just a chick in love with two idiots who fuck each other senseless. oh i mean having a beautiful relationship *cough

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDollRahciach (3/3 | 76,956 | NC-17)

“Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm (4/4 | 118,749 | NC-17)

There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

flint & tinder by grimm (9/9 | 43,593 | NC-17)

Casting spells, chasing monsters, wooing your coworkers and fucking them in their offices - it’s all in a day’s work for Stiles Stilinski.

Vampires, man. Not to be trusted by kellifer_fic (1/1 | 9,670 | PG-13)

Stiles appreciates Derek worrying about him being overwhelmed but he really could have used a few overenthusiastic werewolves and impatient humans for his homecoming. He’s felt disconnected because of his forced isolation and would have at least liked to have had Scott on his doorstep when he got there.

The Walls Are Breathing In by secondstar (7/7 | 41,879 | NC-17)

Nothing could go wrong. It was just supposed to be a safe trip to the Nemeton. But this is Beacon Hills and things are rarely that simple. Welcome to the life of Stiles Stilinski.

Or, that time that Stiles accidentally became a sorcerer against his will.

The Color of Magic by vampireisthenewblack (1/1 | 3,209 | NC-17)

Prompt: Stiles has to perform some kind of protection spell/ritual to stop the latest threat to BH, but according to Deaton and his terrible, terrible magic books, it requires that he willingly take the ‘life essence’ of an alpha within him so he can power the spell. Yep, semen, because druids were giant pervs back in the day. And apparently that shit is like a magical battery.

In The Upper Story by toraten (2/2 | 15,383 | PG-13)

Stiles accompanies Scott to a werewolf tattoo parlor where Stiles finds an old friend.


The guy almost died in his arms that one time and Stiles saved him by using forbidden ancient Russian rune magic. That sort of makes them friends, right?

Fate and Other Clichéd Terms by day (1/1 | 5,645 | NR)

He doesn’t know what he’s expecting, really. An old gypsy lady in a turban wearing too many rings that smells like herbs and old cheese, maybe. He’s not expecting a boy with pouted pink lips, a dotting of moles, and a captivating scent.

“Uh, I need your hand.” Stiles wiggles his fingers. “As handsome as you are, I can’t do the reading by just looking at your face.”

Laura chokes on a laugh and Derek glares. “You’re the psychic? Aren’t you a little young?”

“I’m 24.” Stiles frowns and Derek is genuinely shocked. “If you like, I can go steal a turban from the old lady in the tent across from me. Maybe throw on some dangling necklaces and not shower for a few days. News flash, none of that makes the reading any more authentic.”

or the one where stiles is a seer and he reads derek’s future and drama and stuff happen

No spell quite like your smile by charimiel (3/3 | 28,777 | PG-13)

“I’m Stiles by the way. I’d shake your hand, but the stuff on my hands isn’t actually ink and I don’t want to subject anyone else to that.”
Derek’s really just exuding an aura of ‘what the fuck is wrong with this guy’. Stiles gets that a lot actually.


The one where Stiles owns a magic shop and Derek probably regrets coming back to Beacon Hills right about now.

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the ‘we have to sing a duet together but i hate you’ au !!!!!

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease,” Scott whines, giving Stiles the biggest, most hopeful puppy eyes in the world, and how the fuck is Stiles supposed to say no to that? Spoiler alert: he can’t.

“But why Derek?” Stiles complains, sending a glare over at the man who is already glaring back at him. “You know I hate the guy. What about Boyd?”

Scott huffs like this is the most ridiculous thing Stiles has ever said, which hey, unfair. Stiles has said some really ridiculous things. But drunk Scott is like five year old Scott and five year old Scott doesn’t know how many ridiculous things Stiles has said in the last seventeen years.

“Boyd already sang with Erica,” Scott points out.

“I realize this, but you know they’re a couple, right?” Stiles says carefully. “Them karaoke-ing a love song isn’t so weird. Me and Derek singing Total Eclipse of the Heart is pretty weird, dude.”

“But, Stiles,” Scott slurs, wrapping an arm around Stiles’ shoulders and leaning closer, “iss’ my birthday. You have to do what I say.”

Stiles sighs because it’s a rule they made when they were twelve and it’s the stupidest rule, but they’ve held to it until now, and Stiles isn’t going to be the one to break it, so. “Hey, grumpy face. Come sing this shit with me.”

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Hello do you really think louis is going to be a father ? I'm freaking out , and I know it's dumb and it's none if my business , But They're literally my only happiness and I worry about them

I don’t know. The story is too widespread and too close to being confirmed for me to entirely discount the idea that it’s true. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense for an unplanned pregnancy to be announced like this. 

1DHQ wanted widespread dissemination of the Briana is pregnant story. People played along, all of the secondary sources are using People as their sole source of the information. If this turns out to be wrong, it’s entirely on People. Literally every other news outlet that reported it can say “People got the wrong info.” and walk away relatively scott free.

People doesn’t make dumb decisions. This story is either true, or People had good reason to play along and take the backlash that will come with any denial.

If Briana is pregnant, I think that People or a different tabloid found out about the pregnancy. Instead of hush money, 1DHQ let them run it (Or went to People with it to devalue the other magazine). The agreement was that they add in a tiny ounce of ambiguity to give 1DHQ a few more hours/days to sort out their official statement. We’ll get some low-key things in the next few weeks, and then we’ll get a second announcement (maybe with the gender or something), and a line saying “We’re so sorry we didn’t talk about this earlier, we actually just weren’t ready to tell people as it was so early in the pregnancy. Now we’re ready to talk and have this be public” and whatever they want the official narrative to be: trying to make it work, friends, acquaintances, possibly surrogate, but I don’t really think that’s likely unless this was a real leak, in which case, fuck whoever gave away the info. 

I don’t think 1DHQ would have greenlit the press about this pregnancy without good reason, and I don’t think People would have lead this crusade to be proven wrong. And if 1DHQ lied to People about the validity, well, they don’t have a very bright media future. 

If Briana is not pregnant, I would expect a denial shortly before the concert tomorrow, and in the next few days another big announcement that might give People enough motivation to run a false story at risk of losing their legitimacy.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I love all your fics! Thanks a lot for writing it. I don't want to bother you or anything but do you think you could write a fic where Lydia spends more and more time with Parrish and Stiles thinks they're dating and gets jealous so he gives Lydia and Parrish a whole speech about how wrong and illegal it would be for them to be dating and they're both like ' what the hell he's even talking about' since they're only friends. Would be great thanks :D

Thank you for reading and no problem, I love writing them!

And not a bother at all. I can write that :) 

Everyone loves jealous Stiles…

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