they're such goobers

Wild African baby eles showing off to a vehicle of safari visitors


Go ahead and make an acrobatics check

Sweet (and sincere) Bruce/Dick thought:

You know I like my Bruce/Dick as complicated as possible, with the hesitation and the trepidation and the carefully guarded feelings and the tortured confessions and the fear and the guilt and the things …

But if I look at them interacting in canon, I’m actually pretty convinced that if they ever discovered they had mutual feelings for each other, they’d both be no-questions-asked all-in from the word go and ridiculously happy. Like, they’re both passionate, and really passionate about each other, they have been through all kinds of shit together, they can communicate without words, they already trust each other with their lives (and they get each other’s humor which is like, relationship essentials right there). Basically they’re already admiring each other 24/7 anyway. Imagine if they were a couple. They’d wake up next to the other thinking “this is the best” every time. I mean sure, they’d still have little annoyances and big blowouts, because they’re Dick and Bruce, but all in all, they’d be so deeply and disgustingly in love they’d annoy the shit out of everyone else XD