they're such dorks xd


I find the fact that Mikorin and Hori senpai literally had a penpal thingy except through dollhouse building incredibly amusing. Like look at these two dorks xD

And why the heck does Mikorin carry a miniature dollhouse teaset around?!


Leo busting some smooth moves until the evil maknaes swoop in

Vandead Carnival Kou Sub Scenario w/Yuma Translation

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-Scene: Backstreet/Alley- [Location on Map:  Mazeross Dark Street]

Kou: Rumor has it that a ghost of a vampire who died hundreds of years ago floats around here.

Yui: … …A vampire… …?

Kou: Yeah. The vampire’s a young guy who was born into a prestigious family… …

He’d pass by these streets everyday and he fell in love at first sight with a poor woman who peddled flowers.

But, the love between the two could never come true due to their different statuses. He couldn’t even greet her… …,

Then he was involved in a family heir dispute and lost his life as a result.

Yui: … … … …Uuh.

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Yumeiro Cast’s seiyuus introductions… Things went kinda downhill after Hanae-san… xD

boyfriends reading comics after defeating all the baddies~