they're such dorks lol

EXO meeting BTOB
  • Kyungsoo: All my kids snacks are organic.
  • Hyunsik: Cool. My kids eat candy off the floor.

im fucking living rn watching the English voice actors for Kaiba and Joey taking questions on a panel because they’re like friends irl??? 

and i swear to fucking fuck getting to hear them talk about the english dub and go

Kaiba: Would we wanna re-write some things? Yeah, I would agree with you-

Joey: I thought it was perfect.

Kaiba: *looks at him* *hesitates* Except for Joey’s lines, I would re-write stuff.

just fucking fuels my pupship heart and I love it


I find the fact that Mikorin and Hori senpai literally had a penpal thingy except through dollhouse building incredibly amusing. Like look at these two dorks xD

And why the heck does Mikorin carry a miniature dollhouse teaset around?!


Yumeiro Cast’s seiyuus introductions… Things went kinda downhill after Hanae-san… xD

there are people working on the building next door and they’re on scaffolding so they’re pretty much only like 2 metres away and I wanna shut my window cause they’re noisy as heck but then they’d see me


30 days of volleyball: day 10 - best volleyball friendship: luca vettori and matteo piano