they're such cute sisters

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are you a fan of bts?

ahahaha…. a fan? of bts?

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am i a fan?

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i totally didn’t initially watch hwarang because of han sung…

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i mean, i totally didn’t watch hwarang at first becaue of v and minho

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Back in Uni..

Nayuta: … Seems like one more person will go straight down to Hell…

Blackquill: Heh, I’ve already lived long enough in a prison… I’m already used to a place like “Hell”. 

Nayuta: But this won’t just end with Hell. Apart from carrying that karma, you’ll be reborn as a “panda”… which is also “black & white (on reverse)”. Then, you’ll spend your days as the freak show of the zoo and people will point their fingers at you.

Athena: That kind of threat it’s no use when it comes to Blackquill! Because… he’s already like a panda!

Blackquill: Who the hell is a panda?!

Athena: S-sorry!


I’ve noticed that when people with glasses don’t have them on, they look a little tired. I’ve heard it’s sometimes from the noses or that they’re just not that comfortable. I think they look adorable with them off. I imagine a tired looking hatchy without his glasses would be just a tiny bit unusual.