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westallen + third time’s the charm


may the light forever shine upon us.


I just noticed that, in this scene, Bellamy is still crying as Clarke hugs him. You can see a tear fall from his eye in both gifs. Seeing that tear makes the hug so much more important to me. Clarke knows how upset Bellamy is over where his relationship with Octavia is at that point and that Clarke left him. Clarke knows how much her leaving affected Bellamy- how angry and upset it made him. She’s standing there with him as he’s telling her how he feels- something he doesn’t do often or with anyone else- and she understands him. She feels as he feels, and she embraces him for her own comfort as much as his. She knows that’s what Bellamy needs at that moment, and she needs it too. They stand there, holding each other, and we see both of their perspectives. Clarke has her eyes closed, soaking in the fact that Bellamy’s there; he’s real, and he needs her as she needs him. She’s comforted. Then we get Bellamy who, though he is Clarke’s equal, rests on her like a crutch in this moment. He’s a leader; he can be in control as much as Clarke can, but he’s only human. He hurts. He feels. He breaks down. He cries, and Clake is there now to hold him as he does.

Holy shit Korra and Asami are so fuckin gross in how they love each other. Like they go on little dates during a giant ass vacation (is that their first date? wow dates within a date) and they swim together and have picnics and ride majestic golden dragon birbs and rock climb and challenge each other and korra’s still a little competitive shit and asami knows and then they get thrown by a giant rock spirit and korra only worries about asami and saves them and my feelings are so great holy cowhorse i’m dying help me this is amazing korrasami in the comics are actually CANON !!!!

Let’s die anywhere else

“Well, I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go /
No one will know (oh oh oh)…”

part one ♡ of two obikin jedi wedding-themed commissions (feat. flower girl!ahsoka) drawn by the wonderful @octavigustus​! thank you so much!!

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part two ♡ (post-ceremony)

my biology teacher once told me that the brighter the color, the more deadly something was.

years later, I was looking into your green eyes and realized he was right.