they're so yum

Today I baked cookies and I thought of you.

Why? I told you I was over it, and I am, I think. It doesn’t hurt too much to think about you and I don’t wake up with your name engraved in my mind.

But when I think of cookies, or a fire, or home, I remember that cold January night when you told me you loved me. It was the coldest night that winter but I don’t think I felt a thing.

—  you were my home // lily rose.

im laughing so hard at the thought of frank zhang being this quiet socially anxious introvert most of the time EXCEPT when he’s in chinese restaurants where he can Yell With a Vengeance

Study tip: start your day off right! Being productive first thing in the morning gets you into a really focused mindset so you’re more likely to keep being productive for the rest of the day
Note - smoothie bowls help 📖🍌🍓