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Okay, because I'm a sucker for top ten lists and future Viktuuri sex, so thanks to your post on Chris' best man speech: where are the top 10 most memorable places that they've had sex? I totally HC that now that they're public, they're less reserved about more public locations!

The Top 10 Most Memorable Places That Yuuri and Viktor Have Had Sex:

10) In a limo – they had to go to some Big Important Event and Yuuri finally let Viktor buy a new suit for him after months of protesting that it was unnecessary which backfired on Viktor because Yuuri looked hot as fuck and Viktor couldn’t keep his hands off on the journey there. Everyone ended up sort of side-eyeing them once they arrived at the party because they were all like ‘Nikiforov and Katsuki are looking very stylish tonight but also kind of…dishevelled?’

9) On Yuuri’s kitchen counter in Detroit – theoretically they were supposed to be in his bedroom but they didn’t quite make it. Phichit took one look at them when he got back a few hours later and was like ‘seriously guys? I eat there! And Yuuri your bedroom is like thirty seconds from here you couldn’t keep it in your pants for that long?’ Yuuri couldn’t look him in the eye for like a week afterwards. Viktor had no regrets.

8) On the beach at Hasetsu – they were out on a morning run with Vicchan and Makkachin and Viktor convinced Yuuri it was a good idea and that the beach was deserted so no-one would know. He was wrong but the old couple who saw them were just like ‘ah yes it’s just our Yuuri and his attractive foreign boyfriend, better to walk away before they know we’re here’ and Yuuri and Viktor never knew they’d been seen which was a good thing for Yuuri’s blood pressure  

7) On a plane – they both joined the mile high club after Yuuri won gold at the Four Continents and Viktor convinced him that celebratory sex in the plane bathroom was a good idea. Which it was but the air hostess gave them very knowing looks when they both finally left the room five minutes apart with lovebites covering their necks and their clothes all skewed

6) At a club – Even though Viktor likes the fact that he’s Yuuri’s one and only he also feels a little guilty that he had his wild younger years in his early twenties and got a fair bit of experience while Yuuri never did and he doesn’t ever want Yuuri to end up resenting him for that. But Yuuri was like ‘I don’t care, you were the only person I wanted to sleep with anyway I was never interested in random hook-ups with anyone else’ so Viktor was like ‘why don’t you have a random hookup with me instead then?’ So they ended up doing that thing that some couples do when they pretend not to know each other and chat each other up in a club for fun except Yuuri got really nervous beforehand, took several shots to loosen up, got an unexpected rush of confidence that was partially alcohol  related and partially the anonymity of the club they were in letting him get properly into Eros mode and the night ended with him completely seducing a very willing Viktor, a lapdance and them both screwing in the back of the club because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

5) In a lift – They were both trapped in a lift in a hotel that broke down for a while and when they were finally rescued everyone was like ‘oh my god are you ok, it must have been so scary being stuck in there alone for like two hours’ and Viktor was like ‘oh. Yeah. Terrifying.’ *shifty eyes* while Yuuri went bright red. Then after when they thought they’d gotten away with it Yuuri was suddenly like ‘Viktor…lifts have cameras in them don’t they?’ and that was the moment they realised they both fucked up. (It was fine though because no footage could ever be released because of the hotel privacy policy. But one security guard certainly got a show)

4) At a restaurant – Viktor did that thing at a fancy restaurant they were at for Yuuri’s birthday where he’s like ‘oh no I dropped my fork *disappears under the table for fifteen minutes*’ and Yuuri nearly bit through his lip trying to keep a straight face and not let on to anyone around them what was happening  

3) In the showers at Viktor’s home rink in St Petersburg – Yuuri decided to surprise Viktor after practice and it all went downhill from there. Yurio once overheard Viktor mentioning it while flirting with Yuuri at the rinkside and has never used any of the showers at the rink again

2) In a cabin in the woods – About a year into their relationship Yuuri started to get really self-conscious and anxious about all the media attention and the obsessed fans and how there was always paparazzi hanging around them and so Viktor rented out a completely secluded cabin in the woods as far away from civilisation as he could find on an impulse to try and give Yuuri a relaxing break. Since neither of them knew literally anything about outdoor survival they just stockpiled it with food and wood for the fire and disappeared for a week. They spent most of that week hiking (mainly consisting of them both getting lost and Viktor nearly dying multiple times), cuddling up together to watch the sunrise and sunset and having sex marathons on the fur rug in front of the fire a la every romance film ever. Viktor still considers it one of the best decisions he’s ever made and now has a yearly reservation.

1) In a bathroom at the European Championships – Yuuri promised to give Viktor a ‘reward’ if he won the Euros which lead to them having sex in the skater’s bathroom after the medal ceremony. Chris happened to walk in on them halfway and because Chris is Chris when they noticed him he was just like ‘don’t let me stop you’ and smirked. Viktor was 100% ready to ignore him and continue but Yuuri, unfortunately, was not. Viktor ended up getting his reward that night in the hotel room instead.

  • Inojin: Sarada?
  • Sarada: Yeah?
  • Inojin: Do you think the Uchihas have fire as their speciality... because they're so hot?
  • Sarada: (blushing) Shut up!
  • Inojin: Heh. (proud he made her lose her cool)
  • Sarada: (recovers) Wait... (smirks) you think my dad is hot?
  • Inojin: ...I've walked right into that one.

lol some random doodles from twitter again… [my original tweets]

i love pisuke & usagi….. because they are totally kookmin xDDD so first one is based off one of the stickers, with jimin/pisuke wanting kookie/usagi’s love. and then… we have lettuce crop top jimin (hahahhaahahahah idk either) and bagel jiminnn, both requested by friend on twitter xD

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How would Erwin, Hanji (and Levi, if you are getting too tired of writing stuff about him, don't do him, don't feel forced) react to their friend/lover being hot-headed (like most of the time they're calm and in control but if pushed enough they can totally lose it) I hope it's clear enough 😅

Erwin would find it amusing, and he would sit there quietly and watch his s/o as they exploded and ranted and raved. He would listen to what they had to say about whatever it was bothering them but then he would use those oh-so-charming people skills of his to calm them down and convince them it wasn’t worth it to get so worked up over. He would more than likely place his large hands on their upper arms to help ground them and give them a gentle smile before squeezing gently and pressing a kiss to their forehead.

Hanji would also find it highly amusing, but in a more laugh-out-loud type of way, and they would tell their s/o just how adorable they found them when they got all hot n’ heated. Hanji would enjoy the angry blush that would rise to their face and they’d take the moment to kiss each cheek with a snicker before tugging them to their side with one arm to give them a noogie. Hanji would then take only a brief moment to out-logic them as to why they shouldn’t be so upset and why being something else was much more beneficial~.

Levi would think it was ridiculous that they were getting so upset because Levi never really gets upset at much, but he’d sit through the angry tirade with his arms crossed waiting for the tide to calm. When they were finished, Levi would ask them if they were done and ready to move on with the day because he’s a no-nonsense type of dude and they definitely don’t have time for this in the world they belong to (plus he’s bad with words and doesn’t really know what to say anyway). As they were walking away or out of the room, Levi would take a moment to try and explain why they shouldn’t be so angry, and although it’s under his breath and he seems completely disinterested, in reality he’s trying his hardest to make them feel calm again because he cares that they were upset.

the signs as i know them (part II)
  • aries: they love so much. sometimes they find themselves in inner conflicts. they can rage like a storm and then be calm like the sea on a day in april. but in april the weather changes so fast and so do they. leave them alone when they're angry. when they show you they want to talk about it, be there for them. they need a lot of space for themselves but that doesn't mean you get the same space for yourself. they can be jealous if you flirt with someone else. they're a little possesive. if they love you, they would conquer the world and make it yours. they decide. if they want you, they want you right now. some aries are not as flirty as others. but they will let you know what they feel for you, open your eyes.
  • taurus: faithful until the very end. they like to spoil you but they know they can't buy your love and they're not even trying. if they buy you a dress/shirt/whatever it's because they think you look amazing in it and they will enjoy watching you take it off. they love the dolce vita. good food, good drinks, beautiful (wo)men. when you're sad or something they will hold you and listen if you want to talk. if not they will hold you until they're sure you're okay. jealousy is a problem. they get jealous very fast. it takes some time to upset them but when they're upset you better watch out. they would do anything for the people they love. if they love you they won't give up on you.
  • gemini: they love the game. they are fascinated by the beauty of so many people. but they are no players. it's easier to break their heart than to have your heart broken by them. never forget that they're dreamers. they love adventures and they want to experience their dreams with someone they love. it's true that their mood changes like the weather. but it's not bad. give them time for themselves, do not try to keep them close 24/7. they love very intense but they always need their personal freedom. let them know how you feel and they'll do the same.
  • cancer: they are romantics. they dream of romantic evenings, candle light and cuddling. but only with their chosen one. they fall in love with souls, minds. they want someone they'll still love when they're 90. a short romance, one night stands, temporary people are nothing for them. they are strong people with a kind heart. some of them like to write poems about the people/things they love. they are creative and will always find a way to show you their love for you.
  • leo: a leo's fire is burning bright. their love can be compared to their fire. they like the heat, whether it be in bed or simply the way they kiss. and they fight. they fight for your love, they want to conquer you. sometimes they rage and what they need is someone who'll be both; the water and the one who they can talk to, trust. trust is so important for them. nothing will work if they don't trust you. sometimes they may hurt you but when they do they are very sorry and will let you know that. do not doubt them, support them. they will support you, too. they'll love you as much as they can, they are passionate lovers.
  • virgo: they are vulnerable. they don't let many people in but if they let you in, if they love you, you are a lucky one. their hearts are pure. they are understanding and encouraging. they know what you want and what you need. they won't leave you alone when you need them, even if you tell them to. they may not be as passionate as others but their love can heal every broken heart, every broken soul. they love so deeply.
  • libra: they have a heart for beauty. they'll see art in you where you've always seen nothing special. their heart beats for beauty and they can hear the melody of your voice like no one else. they make you feel like you're the most beautiful person in the world. they can give you confidence. they love you so much that they can teach you how to love yourself and above all what to love about yourself.
  • scorpio: they are in love with every part of your body, every inch of your soul. they want to kiss every inch of your skin, feel you, taste you. they want to know you better than anyone else. the most passionate water sign. do not play with their feelings. never. trust means everything. if they trust you, you can trust them. they want you to be bad just for them, whenever/wherever they want you to be. they love to look at you because to them you're a masterpiece. their eyes cut like knives but it's a beautiful pain. they can see into your soul and they can calm the storm inside you. sometimes they just feel incredibly sad/desperate/numb. listen to what they have to say. they'll feel better when they know you're not scared of their inner depths.
  • saggittarius: their love is so colourful. like spring. everything inside them is coming alive. they are passionate. it's important to know when they're serious. if they love you they see potential in you. sometimes they only want to play but in that case they'll tell you so. they sometimes can't handle the world and that is when they need you the most. they won't try to make you think like they think but they care a lot about your views, ideals, goals. their love is hot just like their character so don't mess around with it.
  • capricorn: they don't fall in love so fast but when they do they're totally into you. they'll do a lot of things for you and expect you to cherish that. their love knows limits. they won't let you break their heart. they won't let you try to change them. their love is precious and you have to do a lot to deserve it. they are honest and don't want to play with you. talk to them, they have got a busy head but they're intelligent people.
  • aquarius: love is like a game to them, but it's a serious game. they are affectionate and caring but also like to be childish and need a lot of time for themselves. friendship is as important as love to them. don't be jealous. if they love you they have a reason to do so, don't question it. they sometimes need someone to help them through tough times, busy days, days when they're just sad. they need a little help sometimes. be their lover and their best friend.
  • pisces: they are very passionate. although they're a water sign they have a fire burning inside them. if they love you then they truly adore you. they would do anything for you but will not let you do anything to them. as much as they may love you - when they see you're not being honest, fair or kind they will set you on fire and leave. it's hard to get their love but it's even harder to get their trust. but once they trust you and love you you're a very lucky person. they are caring, understanding and know what you need. losing them is a loss but loving them is as easy as breathing.

look,,,,,,i’m not happy about dean hooking up with that server for many totally justified reasons,,,,,but also,,,,,the dean/me ship really needs a gif of dean all disheveled saying “i’ll talk to you later” for my own personal spank bank

Poly Kataang?

(Yup this ot3 thing is getting out of hand, I can’t help myself)

I think people just don’t see Aang and Katara as the sort of people who do polyamory (/threesomes). And it’s not that they need to have sex with other people (not at all), but I feel that they actually kinda fit the profile? It’s something they might have liked to try?

(I mean it’s well within the boundaries of what’s suggested by canon, without being canon. Just like Aang could be straight, demi, bi: neither option is out of character.)

Katara and Aang have this relationship where something was kinda there from the start, and it was built upon during the show until they finally got together. But what’s relevant here is that while they were building this relationship, they were also kinda engaging different people (that’s who they are?).

So while he’s absolutely focused on Katara as his SO forever, Aang loves performing for other girls (even boys). In two of the episodes where he’s being the most forward with her, he’s also very much enjoying some attention? By The Headband, he’s already known for some time that he loves her, but he’s still having a fun time with the Fire Nation girls - dancing with them, making them giggle. He surely meant nothing by it, it was nothing major or important, and the next second he’s back to Katara and reassuring her she’s the one for him - “it’s just you and me right now”. Aang has no problem being charming and playful with other people in a somewhat flirty way, while being steadfast in his affection for one person - it could mean nothing, or it could hint at him not being against the idea of a more open kind of relationship.

Same with Katara, in a different way. She has this very tentative relationship with Aang where she’s clearly somewhat interested (actually we know she starts considering him a legit option for a future husband from Book 1 episode 14), but she’s also absolutely ready to connect deeply emotionally and be physically affectionate with every other boy. Again, it’s not necessarily romantic: Katara is a very affectionate and emotionally open person. But it’s a part of her personality - she naturally connects and is willing to build an emotional bond with more than one person at a time, and maybe it could hint at her being open to a less monogamous relationship.

I think people also tend to see them as more “stuck up” or traditional than I imagine them. They’re these adventurous nomadic hippies with a good deal of curiosity for everything, and idk, I think in their group they may be the ones most open to new experiences - by which I mean, in the show, they are often the most eager to step out of their comfort zone, discover new possibilities, meet new people and explore traditions from other cultures. Katara’s always excited to meet strangers (Aang, Jet’s group, Haru, etc.), she wants to know more about them and try out the things they do, in contrast to Sokka’s ever mistrustful and reluctant attitude. It’s Katara who’s always ready to (physically) challenge the status quo everywhere she sees injustice, whereas Sokka had to have his sexism literally beaten out of him, and he still carried with him burdensome ideas of what it meant to be “manly” for the majority of the show. Aang of course is as social and accepting as you can be. So idk, I think that while Sokka or Zuko for example might be at first flabbergasted by the idea of three people being in love and/or having sex together, Katara and Aang might just be curious? (I don’t think they’d be uneasy anyway yk?)

They are both 1) extraverted, friendly and good at managing relationships, 2) good at talking about their feelings and listening to the other’s, 3) very loyal and honest with each other. These should be the most essential qualities to have in order to maintain a healthy poly relationship? They are also both publicly affectionate with each other and very unapologetic about their relationship. They don’t mind being different from everyone else - actually as the only survivor of his people, Aang is different by default? They already have a peculiar lifestyle anyway. But even without taking this into consideration, he’s just the sort of person who thrives on his uniqueness? He’s more than comfortable standing out in almost every situation - he actively tries to stand out. Same thing for Katara, she grew up the only waterbender in her tribe and was being called weird for it, she’s used to being different. They’re both pretty non-conformist without trying.

(It’s also worth noting that we don’t know much about the Air Nomads: “free love” could have been the norm in their culture as far as we know - it’s certainly one of the most likely options.)

Of course, they are several ways to be poly. Personally I just think that if they both had a crush on Zuko some cute/hot person, exploring the possibilities - sharing or even falling in love together - is something they might enjoy?

(Though not before they grow up a bit and become absolutely confident in their relationship (them as a couple), because both Aang and Katara can get jealous pretty easily if they’re insecure about the other’s feelings. It’s not something I can see them trying early on.)

Disclaimer: I of course don’t think them being poly would mean they’re any less devoted to each other. And really, I think most of this is still valid if you prefer to see them as mono - I mean they still love people: I don’t think Katara would be very happy never interacting with anyone apart from her family. And if Aang doesn’t have friends he loves to visit all over the world, he’s not Aang, yk?

Maedhros and Fingon during the Siege of Angband

I absolutely love this image for so many reasons.  It’s war.  They’re not pristine.  War is dirty, grim, and horrible. Their clothes are torn and blood-spattered (with black orc blood by the looks of it).  Their hair is coming undone and they, themselves, are not unscathed.  Still, they are noble Elf-lords, and they literally have each other’s back. 

(Art by Star)

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I always think it's interesting that people want to be so quick to call out WA fandom. I've seen quite a few is HR useless discussion (Not from me, I love HR) in places I check outside of tmblr and those people are def not WA fans. So..Not saying there isn't a part that talks like that, but idk with the singling out. As for other characters mentioned, most Iris/WA I come across love Jesse. And Carlos, and Wally, (and etc like the anon liked to say.)

Sorry about my little rant btw, I get annoyed by HR is useless discussions too, whether they’re by WA or not, but sometimes it’s like: ‘certain people in WA sneeze’ — Oh my, everyone in WA is always sneezing! ugh. People always want to bring WA/Iris into it. The other day there was this discussion/fight on a blog about supergrl, and suddenly anon started attacking Wa/Iris even though the person only vaguely shipped them (they ship another ship more) and it wasn’t the topic at all.

Sure. I don’t have a problem with Iris fans / WA shippers, many of whom are also big Tom/Harry/HR/Eo fans (I mean, c’mon, HR probably has a WA blog). It’s never a good idea to generalize (I say, generalizing). I’ve seen fans who want a WA-only show, but I’ve also seen fans who want a Barry-only show, or a Wally-only show, or a STAR Labs-only show, or a McSnurtle-only show, etc., etc.

Bottom line for me is, fans don’t determine what happens on the show (sadly my pleas for a nude power-sliding episode are STILL going unanswered), and if people are upsetting you for whatever reason, then block/unfollow them and don’t go into certain tags. I’m here to enjoy my faves, not to have my blood boil about what some niches of the fandom might think about them.

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INGE!!!! Fanfic idea!!!! Enjonine based on the Wildest Dreams music video!!!! Like they're actors and he has a bad reputation because he's grumpy and super political but hot af and she has to work with him and they have a passionate love affair and like... It could be so beautiful...

She almost didn’t take the job because of him. 

Gabriel Enjolras had a terrible reputation. Sure, he was talented - one of the best actors of his generation - but he was a total pain in the ass. A perfectionist who could always find fault in any script, any scene, any actor. He refused to do a great many things that other actors would have killed for - but he was the great Enjolras, and that meant that the offending scenes would get rewritten, the writers and/or actors fired until the entire production was up to his exacting standards. 

So when her agent told her that the studio was in talks with Gabriel fucking Enjolras for the male lead in the new Javert, she almost didn’t show up for the callback. Fantine had to beg and beg until Eponine finally decided to go - the asshole was never going to approve of her anyway. She was too raw, too untutored for someone who only held stock in fancy acting techniques that a girl from the mean streets of Brooklyn was never going to come across. 

But then she got hired. Javert saw something in her, for some reason. He fought the studio (they wanted a Name for this, and someone not so… ethnic) and his reluctant lead (Enjolras remained unimpressed by anyone) to get her the job. 

It was a coup. She had to take it, even though playing a romance with Gabriel “Asshole” Enjolras was going to take all of her considerable acting skills. 

Their official introduction at the table read was basically a train wreck. No one was able to look away as Enjolras looked down his nose at her and she “accidentally” stepped on his feet in return. She wasn’t just going to take his stupid snobbery lying down! 

He really was good at the acting thing, though. Even at the table read, where a lot of their costars still fumbled with some of the lines, Enjolras was completely convincing. Hell, she was a little bit in love with him by the end - or at least, with his character. The real guy was still a tool. 

Things did not get a whole lot better during the first week on set. He stalked about like an arrogant regency era gentleman, bossing everyone around. She was the only one who wasn’t following orders - and that pissed him off so much. 

Every single time she told him no, he tried to use his height - he was just so tall - to intimidate her. It never worked. Eponine Thenardier was made of stronger stuff than that. 

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legally blonde songs: a summary
  • ohmigod you guys: holy shiiiiiiiiit he's gonna propose!!!
  • serious: nope nvm, he's not. also he's kind of a total asshole
  • what you want: "singing and dancing and ethnic movement"
  • the harvard variations: look at all these students. they're very smart and also quite stuck up tbh
  • blood in the water: time for a Complete Asshole to make his entrance but still it's so catchy
  • positive: kick her fucking ass that'll get him back
  • ireland: bro what the fuck?? the fuck??? you're so pretty why the fuck did he dump you wtf. also I kind of have a massive crush on the entirety of ireland
  • ireland (reprise): IRELAND IS HELLAAAAAAAAAA also whiskey
  • serious (reprise): look you're hot but seriously (heh) why are you here
  • chip on my shoulder: literally the equivalent of a training montage
  • so much better: awww so sad I didn't make the cut sYKE I'M FUCKING INCREDIBLE FUCK YOU WARNER
  • whipped into shape: jump rope is incredible also I may have killed a man
  • take it like a man: instead of a training montage it's a makeover montage
  • bend and snap: asses are assets
  • there! right there!: how many stereotypes for gay men and european men can we fit into one song
  • legally blonde: literally the saddest song you're ever gonna hear it comes out of nowhere and hits you like a fucking sledgehammer
  • legally blonde remix: fUCK callhan he's a ASSHOLE also vivian is like the best bro ever
  • find my way/finale: they're graduating, warner and callahan are both failures, paulette and kyle are havin babies and the otp is together at last
~CHRISTMAS~! RP Starters
  • "Ho-ho-holy shit it's almost Christmas."
  • "I see that you purposely gave the gingerbread men horrified expressions. I suppose it's so we feel bad as we eat them?"
  • "How come you're not on top of that tree, angel~?"
  • "You better not pout, you better not cry, you better good I'm telling you why— the in-laws are coming make a good impression."
  • "I'm not saying that you can't reach the top of the tree to put on the star...but you could just ask for help."
  • "Did you know it's scientifically proven that Santa won't come any faster if you keep sticking your head up the chimney?"
  • "So...just you and me...y'know..chillin'...totally normal except HEY THERE'S SOME MISTLETOE UP THERE WOULD YOU LOOK aT tHAT WHAT A COINCEDENCE!"
  • "I brought you some hot chocolate while you wait for Santa."
  • "What do you want for Christmas again?"
  • "Why does Frosty the Snowman look like a demon?"
  • "Let's drink our sorrows out with the elves and some eggnog."
  • Leo: Hey Aquarius, does this hat make me look good?
  • Aquarius: Why do you ask that? You were already looking good even after you put on the hat ;)
  • Leo: oH ;)))))))))))
  • Libra: It's okay they're lying, Leo. Aquarius is a flirter.
  • Aquarius: L i e s.
  • Leo: Yeah, Aquarius is right. Those are LIES
  • Libra: Oh my god. *rolls eyes*
  • Aquarius: *whispers to Libra* Shut up dude Leo needs some confidence man. Imagine them just like, being genuinely happy dude.
  • Libra: *loud gasp* YOU'RE NICE?????
  • Aquarius: No. *walks away*
  • Libra: SHUT UP
  • *an hour later*
  • Aquarius: Yo.
  • Aquarius: Yo Leo. Your hair is nice c:
  • Leo: aW THANK YOU
  • Libra: Yeah, and how're your eyes so p r e t t y?
  • Libra and Aquarius: You're SO NICE
  • Leo: But what about Libra?
  • Aquarius: Do you think Libra wants to throw cheese at Aries while they're flirting?
  • Leo: Oh. Yeah. True, true.
  • Aquarius: ARIES
  • Aries: *yeyesyeysyeysyeyseyyeysyssyes y e s* YEAH
  • Leo: HEADS UP *throws cheese, hits Aries on the head*
  • Aries: yOU'RE DEAD LEO
  • Aries: ......what.
  • Aquarius: Hey ;)
  • Aries: I totally like cheese guys, so fine with it. Cheese forever. Cheese is so cool.
  • Libra: ehehehehheheheheeheeheheheh *throws cheese*
  • *hot person walks by*
  • Leo:
  • Leo: but
  • Libra: *winks at Leo then walks to the hot person*
  • *another hot person walks by*
  • Leo: OH HI ;)
  • Aquarius: More cheese, dude?
  • Aries: Yeah.
  • requested by anon

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ok but highschool AU where Courf and R flirt so shamelessly with each other ("R, you have the greenest of all green eyes" "Courf, your smile lights up my life") that for a time the amis are 100% convinced that they're dating but they never bother to ask because "it's THEIR business and they'll tell us when they're ready". Cue A LOT of pining Ferre and E's confused why-can't-I-be-happy-Courf-is-happy? mixed emotions.


And at some point Grantaire would risk a move towards Enjolras during movie night of whatever, Enjolras goes up to get a glass of water in the kitchen, quickly followed by Grantaire who finally managed to pack up his courage.

“D’you need water ‘cause you’re too hot?”

And Enjolras looks at him (after choking on his water, obvs) like “what the hell why would he even say that to me, what about Courf?!” and the message totally flies up his head and he blurts something along the lines of :

“I-I’m so sorry I can’t do that to Courf. That’s… wow not cool.. I-I neeed to…go”

Cue a SUPER CONFUSED Grantaire, what does Courf has to do with a cheesy pick-up line, like, yes I fucked up, but HOW?!

“Kaneki, are you really going the spend the last few minutes of the year reading?” Hide huffed, trying to get Kaneki’s attention.

Kaneki happily flipped the page, totally ignoring him.

“Kaneki!” Hide whined. They’d went straight to Hide’s house after school since Kaneki didn’t want to spend his New Years with his aunt and her family. He wanted to start the year with something good. Hide didn’t know that Kaneki’s definition of that was silence and a good book.

Kaneki finally looked up at him, lowering the book slightly. “What do you suggest I do instead then?”

“Finally, you’re back! I thought I’d never hear your voice again, Kaneki!” Hide exclaimed melodramatically, throwing his arms around Kaneki.

Giggles spilled from Kaneki’s mouth and he rolled his eyes, and while Hide was too busy admiring the beautiful sound he attacked Hide’s sides in merciless tickles. “This old form of torture seems like a good option in case you had no suggestions.”

“No- Kan- oh my god- st…HAH- stop!” Hide gasped, squirming and breathless from laughter. “I have one!”

“Oh?” Kaneki’s fingers paused and Hide took the opportunity to flip them over, earning a surprised gasp from Kaneki.

“Hide wh-” his words were silenced by a kiss. It wasn’t at all deep or hot. It was a soft brush of lips against one another yet it still sent sparks down both their spines.

Just as Kaneki’s hands went to Hide’s hair bells rang all around them. Hide pulled back slightly, his lips were tugged in an achingly gentle smile.

“Happy New Years Kaneki, I love you.”

Kaneki just buried his face in Hide’s neck, muttering a string of ‘I love you too’s and ‘happy new year’s.

The FMA characters' blogs
  • Ed: Memes, occasional vent posts, science facts, and more memes. Very into social justice but also hates the Tumblr extremist sjw culture and occasionally calls people our on their BS. Does a lot of shitposting and complains about random shit, sometimes posts selfies. Changes his theme frequently. Likes all Winry's posts.
  • Al: Very pretty theme, probably pastel. Science, cute animals, pretty things, and probably Animal Crossing or some shit. Makes a lot of encouraging posts and sends people nice asks. Posts a LOT at night. He and Ed are those two mutuals who are constantly posting inside jokes and having conversations none of their other followers understand. Has a side blog where he makes vent posts so that Ed doesn't see them. Never posts selfies.
  • Winry: Engineering and girly things. Always says good morning and good night to her followers. Usually pretty done with Ed's memer shit. Posts a lot of tutorials and pictures of automail and Rush Valley. Also a lot of horoscope posts and "Reblog this and ____ will happen!" stuff, Ed sometimes complains that they're totally fake but she likes them anyway.
  • Roy: Memes, NSFW, and LOTS of selfies. Background is probably some gif tiled. Talks about himself a lot and his URL is probably something about how hot he is. He and Ed are constantly trying to show each other up in one way or another. Procrastinates on Tumblr when he's supposed to be working.
  • Hawkeye: Boring default theme with the title "Riza Hawkeye's Blog". Likes all Roy's posts and reblogs a lot of helpful masterposts and tutorials, but doesn't do much else. Secretly really enjoys seeing everyone's posts and sends people nice messages on anon when they're feeling down, especially the Elrics. Knows when Roy's sneaking on Tumblr and will kick his ass both online and IRL. Gives good advice to people who need it.
  • Havoc: Just... Lots of really bad, Memebase-style memes. And by "bad" I mean makes it seem like he's on drugs.
  • Breda: Memes and food.
  • Falman: Default theme and reblogs every single Ultrafacts post, but that's about it. Not online very frequently.
  • Fuery: Just kinda general stuff, nothing in particular, but especially reblogs a lot of cute animals.
  • Rebecca: Fashion, makeup, and how to kill a man using only common household objects.
  • Envy: Weirdly fucked up memes and a lot of passive-aggressive shit about how much they hates humans. Occasionally harasses random people for fun.
  • Lust: Pretty much just makeup tutorials tbh, but really good ones. Knows how to doxx someone. Sometimes manipulates people into doing her bidding and stalks certain people's blogs to spy on them.
  • Gluttony: Doesn't even have a Tumblr
  • Sloth: Technically has had a blog for years but only made like four posts ever.
  • Pride: Doesn't have a blog because Tumblr is beneath him
  • Wrath: One of those celebrity blogs, since he's the Fuhrer and all. Most of the stuff he posts is 100% made up. Occasionally tries to be hip with the kids these days by posting really outdated and misused memes.

anonymous asked:

i'm becoming desperate, how do i clean linoleum tiles? they're all gross grey-blackish.

Good question! Linoleum, unlike other kinds of flooring, can be easily damaged, so cleaning them carefully is important.

  1. Get all the dust and crumbs and all the surface level debris away by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. I know some people have a weird mind thing against vacuuming tile, but I assure you, it’s totally a thing you can do.
  2. Fill your sink or a bucket with hot water.
  3. Mix in 5-7 drops of a mild dish soap.
  4. Use a mop (any kind) and mop the floor a few at a time. Rinse and wring out the mop regularly every couple of minutes.
  5. When done, rinse out mop thoroughly and pour soapy water down the drain. Refill bucket or sink with hot water without dish soap this time.
  6. Mop the floor with the clean water.
  7. FULLY DRY the floor with towels. I cannot stress this enough. Other types of tile you can let air dry or just half-ass dry, but not linoleum, no sir. Linoleum will absorb that water and get gross.

If your floor is really bad or if you haven’t cleaned before, instead of mopping, you want to get down on your hand and knees and scrub. Use a scrub brush and rinse with a sponge (or mop). Actually, it’s suggested you do this once or twice a year as a deep clean anyway, but it’s a good place to start, too.