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Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^

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Oh wow hi look at that they're open~!! : D So maybe some sweet headcanons for how Sebastian would get his s/o ready for bed/put them to sleep~? ^_^ 🖤

SebbySebbySebbySebbySebbySebbySebbySebby… Ahhhhhhh we love the bean waaaaay too much ohmygoodness he’s so beautiful and gentle and badass and dangerous and ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! He’s such a beautiful demon and I can’t get enough of him! :* <3333333

- Sebastian would want his s/o to get an adequate night’s sleep, so we’re talking 11 PM at the latest if they have school, work, or other engagements the next day. Anything past midnight, even when the next day is a free day, is not acceptable and you’ll end up with a foot-tapping demon making passive-aggressive comments such as, “Surely you are tired, Y/N?“ And a pointed look that obviously says, Bed, now.

- So, assuming his s/o goes to bed before our demon starts foot-tapping and resembling a Mother Hen, he would wait for them to get ready for bed, i.e. pyjamas, teeth brushed, hair brushed or, if you’re like me, chucking it into a bun and resolving to deal with it tomorrow (spoiler: I never do), then he would knock on their bedroom door twice with a gloved knuckle and let himself in, coming to sit on the side of their bed, gazing at you.

- If you leave it until you say it’s time for bed and it’s quite a while past midnight, Sebastian is. Not. Happy. And if he has to, he will quite literally drag you to bed and practically lay on you until you go to sleep. This would be reserved for extreme cases of sleep deprivation, i.e. I’ve been up since 7 AM and it’s now almost dawn, kind of sleep deprivation. This is all done out of concern for your fragile body and quite frankly, if Ciel has to deal with this from Sebastian, then so do you.

- Sometimes you talk to him about what’s secretly bothering you, sometimes you pretend it’s all okay and he lets you play your games, finding it all the more delicious when finally it all bursts out in a wave of emotion, sometimes he reads you a chapter or two of your favourite book if you’re having trouble going to sleep and if you’re reaaaaally lucky, he’ll allow you to lay on him and he’ll stroke your hair and murmur quietly to you in long-dead languages until he feels you relax in his arms.

- Oh, who am I kidding? Every night, he lays on your bed and lets you cuddle up to him. If your hair is up, he’ll take it down and run his fingers through it, untangling the knots so fast you don’t feel a thing, he’ll talk to you, he’ll read to you, kiss you… He’ll do whatever you need him to do, even if you don’t know what that is. 

- A butler’s day begins early, before the sun, but he will stay if you ask him to. You have to ask him though, he’d hate to damage your impression of him by overstaying his welcome in your room. A simple, “Sebastian, stay?” will suffice. He’ll smile and his eyes will seem to soften as he lays down next to you, his crimson red eyes never leaving your face.

- If he’s feeling affectionate, he may lean over and cup your cheek, kissing you gently… This most likely leads to… other, more strenuous bedroom activities if you want it to. He doesn’t need that, he never has, it’s luxury to him, so if you don’t want to, he won’t care either way. 

- At some point though, he’ll stop paying attention to your lips and will rumble a, “sleep now, my love” and his tone will leave no room for argument. He’ll manipulate your body into relaxing by stroking your hair slowly, letting you lsiten to his heartbeat, rubbing your back… Whatever he needs to do to help you sleep if you struggle to, he’ll do. And it never escapes your notice just how ironic it is that the only place you feel safe is in the arms of a demon, the literal embodiment of darkness and evil.

Ahhhhhhhhh this was so cute, I’m nearly crying <3 Okay, so, tags!

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Even though Yuuri and Victor will be in different countries for at least the majority of episode 9, I really feel like there's a good opportunity for relationship development. I hope we get to see Victor interacting with Yuuri's parents and Yuuri with Yakov learning things they didn't know about each other and falling even deeper in love and then when they're reunited it'll be even sweeter :D

/sobbing ;; this is so sweet!! i would like to see this too~