they're so small and cute here omg

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Hello ! Can I request a scenario where Bokuto and Kuroo are sharing an appartement w/ a female friend of college. And one day, they're having a small party together, they end up drinking way too much and having a threesome w/ their small and cute roomate. And maybe can you write their reaction the morning just after it ? Thank you in advance ♡

AHHHHHHH. This is everything I dream about with these boys, like seriously! Who here wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning to have their hangover relieved with the idea that you had a THREESOME with these two boys, like OMG!

Lol, so thank you for sending in this request! I hope you enjoy!

“Oh geez,” was a strange comment to be awoken by. But then again when Kuroo raised his head that morning and forced his eyes open despite his entire being tell him to do the exact opposite, he supposed the sight was a strange thing to be waken up to as well. Granted, Bokuto was in his bed more often than he would like to admit - hey, some things just happen when you’ve been best friends with someone for so long - but seeing her on the other side of the, still, heavily sleeping male was definitely something that he had never thought he’d see. Especially not with her sitting up and the sheets pulled around her bare chest.

It was a long moment before Kuroo finally pulled his mind back from whatever drunken state it was trying to recover from in order to speak. “Something happened,” it was a statement that was obvious due to all three of their states of dress. While he couldn’t exactly speak for Bokuto, he was more than sure that he was just as naked as the other two were beneath those covers.

With a breath leaving him upon hearing no verbal response from her, he kicked at Bokuto’s leg in an attempt to wake him up - which being as heavy of a sleeper he was might take sometime - but considering their living situation and the circumstances under which this event had occurred, they needed to talk about this. There was no way they could pretend that nothing happened and then just go about living together the way they had been before.

“Tetsu,” Bokuto groaned, his foot eventually moving to kick the other male back, “let me sleep.” While he didn’t know how he felt about the fact Bokuto just assumed that he was waking up next to his best friend, he decided that was something they should discuss at another time. Right now, they had more pressing issues to worry about - such as their wonderful roommate whom they had somehow convinced into bed with the both of them in their drunken stupor.

“Nope, come on, meeting in the living room,” she demanded, a hand coming down on Bokuto’s bare shoulder. Whether it was the fact that she hit him or that her voice was so close to him was unknown to either of them for the reason he jolted up in bad. His large gaze landed on her before turning to Kuroo with a question silent on his lips.

With a simple shrug, Kuroo left his friend without an answer before moving to reach for his shorts at the side of the bed. “Like she said, meeting.”

It didn’t take them very long to congregate where they had agreed. It was the talking that was going to be the hard part to start. Neither of the boys knew what to say - not that she was at a much better advantage. And, really, what was there for them to say? They had been drunk last night and there had been some poor decision making that had led them all to where they sat now.

“Okay,” she finally started, pushing herself forward on the chair she was situated on across from the boys on the couch, “so last night, we slept together. All three of us.” Time to get the facts out on the table.

“We were drunk,” Bokuto continued, clearing his throat, “not that I wouldn’t sleep with you sober, [First Name]-chan, I just–”

“Kou, stop while you’re ahead,” Kuroo couldn’t help but snicker when he said the words. As much as he enjoyed watched others attempting to grasp at words they don’t have, this wasn’t the time for that. “Yes, that’s what we did. Who here is - other than being a little surprised - absolutely freaked out by this?” When he recieved nothing but blank stares from either of the two, he continued, “Okay, and who here would like to forget it ever happened?”

Again, blank stares. A pause passed between the roommates as they all looked back and forth between themselves. It was when she finally laughed that some tension dispersed from the room. “Well, to be honest, not remembering what actually happened is bothering me,” she leaned back in her seat and measured up both boys before speaking again, “I wouldn’t mind doing it again.”

“Well shit,” Bokuto grinned, an instant primal look coming over his expression, “then what is everyone freaking out so much about?” And it certainly effected the roommates, just not in the way they had anticipated.