they're so similar in so many ways


A few sketches I did during work (I’m able to bring my tablet aw yisssss…. but mostly draw company stuff so–) Some Shimada bros!

I always see people draw Genji based on his younger skin but I’ve always wondered what he’d look like… idk if he aged just like his older brother?? I’ve also been watching “Dragons” way too many times so I noticed the beard on Hanzo’s dragon match his and I thought ‘why not Genji???’ so… I tried :U

Hanzo probs has greying hair out of all the stress lol

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I honestly don't know why people always compare two different types of artists and when they think one looks similar to the other they call one of them a copycat. Styles can look similar, no need to flip out when they do. Btw I love you're art style and It's always fun to see it on my dash. Really inspiring :)

its unoriginal because we’re both drawing people

what we need to do is start drawing furries–that’ll really show em 

  • ableist people on tumblr: self-dxing is SO BAD it is THE WORST you should NEVER do it, medical professionals are THE BEST ALWAYS, NOBODY has that many mental illnesses, fictionkin and multiple systems are always unhealthy and fake, integration is the only answer, psychotic people never know they're psychotic
  • me, after thinking and researching and self-dxing for months: hey, therapist,,, i have hallucinations and delusions, i call them psychotic symptoms but what do you think? i feel like it would be good for me to have a label so i can connect with people who go through similar things and find ways to cope. also, one of my delusions is that i'm a fictional character, but it helps me get through life and doesn't cause me distress, unlike some of my other delusions. also, through this past year, "I" have been coming to identify as two separate people; I'm Kit, and the other one is Sofia Rose.
  • therapist, after talking with me for like 5 minutes about it and flipping through the DSM: you could be considered to have psychosis-nos and depersonalization disorder, you also may have dissociative identity disorder, ocd, and add, on top of your other disorders; we should start work on acknowledging you two as separate people and working on your issues separately, as well as working through the delusions and hallucinations that cause you distress while leaving or even encouraging the ones that help you cope.

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I'm going to go complete Dark Larrie™ here but I refuse to believe that Freddie Reign and freddieismyqueen is a coincidence. ESPECIALLY bc so many people think Louis changed the name to Freddie at the last minute. If you're a Larrie, then you know freddieismyqueen. Even if you're NOT a Larrie you probably know freddieismyqueen. They're just way too similar for it to be a coincidence and it's not like "Freddie Reign" is a popular name.... at all.

I’m guessing it’s not so much that the name was chosen to reference @freddiesmyqueen as much as the fact that they are both referencing the same person: Freddie Mercury of Queen. It’s absolutely Louis throwing shade on this whole situation, but I think it’s due to the common reference, not directly about Ellie. I doubt he’s unaware of her videos, though, so that gives it an extra level of shade.

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That gif of Taylor pointing at Calvin while she sings, "It's like you're my mirror. My mirror staring back at me..." always fucks me up because that's them. They're so ridiculously similar in so many ways and there's safety and security from that. But they're also opposites in a few aspects so there's still the excitement and surprise that comes with that. I have to believe that their meeting that night was like a child looking into a mirror for the first time and being fucking fascinated.


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Tumblr makes me feel bad for being an extrovert. Like they have this introvert superiority complex thinking they're smart/imaginative while extroverts are just shallow gossips and risk-takers. Introverts are in tune with themselves and bookworms; extroverts are loud and annoying and only use books as paperweights (actually saw they once). Or they confuse I for N and E for S which is also sort of annoying for an ENxx type. I just want to punch them in the face ugh it makes me so upset.

Tumblr is amazing in so many ways. I think this Extrovert backlash comes from the fact that people irl do similar things to introverts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - all MBTI says is how you think. It’s not about talent or aptitude or mental health or creativity or preference or gender or anything else