they're so shippable

Season 3
  • Nic: Hey everyone. Because a few people tried to abduct, and drug me on several occasions. I decided...
  • Geoff: We decided.
  • Nic: Yes, we decided that it would be safer if I stayed with Geoff for a while. I'm using his basement as a studio. Geoff has only one bed, but he was kind enough to share.
  • Geoff: It's just that I can sleep better when I know you're sleeping next to me, in my arms, and not in the forest.
  • Nic: Yeah, are very nice...I mean your bed is very nice. It's very nice to sleep with you...ahem... in your bed...*Coughs* Now tell me something about your brother, Geoff. We still have to find Tanis.
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Once Upon A Fan - SDCC 2014 - Anna & Elsa (Frozen Sneak Peak)

Elsa: Anna, they would be so proud of you

Anna: Of both of us, Elsa

Elsa: Then come on, I have a surprise for you

Anna: Really. Cause surprises tend to be hit or miss in this family

Elsa: It’s one you’ll like, I promise. It’s for your wedding.

EDIT: This video was removed by the user, but you can find a couple other videos of this clip here and here.

I don't believe they aren't close (∥ ̄■ ̄∥)