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Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 7

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psychologicallyokay  asked:

I love the concept that KO could have also been Raf's guardian. I want more Prime so badly but no. No car trine.

I strongly agree, it would have been amazing to see Knock Out as Raf’s guardian.
It’s clear KO didn’t really fancy humans but still didn’t seem to be too bothered of them and even talked with them. But that’s just it, the whole journey to grow and see things from another point of view learn things you never knew before and even if it was just one human it’s something.
And out of the 3 kids, Raf seems clearly the one KO would like the most. 
Like, Knock Out and Raf are kinda similar like, they are both science nerds, incredibly smart for their age, they like building and tech stuff, they both like racing and things involving automobiles.  They like watching videos of dancing animals on the internet, they can be both found hanging around Bumblebee many a times.  They’re both small and kinda get overlooked, but still they stay very down to earth. They seem to like to learn things and also share what they know and enjoy little things they have.

And there was those tiny things like, Raf’s colours are yellow, red and orange. Raf was always playing with yellow and red cars and he hang around a medic.

it would have been amazing to see Knock Out grow around Raf and Bee’s kindness.

Bee, KO and Raf, they would have been great.

🎵when you try your best and thenyouretoldyoudidntactuallytrythathardaccordingtotheirhighstandards🎵

Ushiten is so important to me for a number of reasons. 

I think my favorite thing about it though, is that Satori is normally so brash and intense, but he interacts with Wakatoshi and he just… instantly softens? It’s like Wakatoshi is this calming presence for him, someone he feels incredibly comfortable around. And that’s not to say that he isn’t comfortable around the rest of his team, because he clearly is, but with Wakatoshi it’s just… different. 

And it’s also the fact that Wakatoshi isn’t even fazed by Satori’s intense personality. He accepts it, he accepts Satori for who he is, and he doesn’t look down on him for being ‘different’. Sure, he might not completely understand all the things Satori says or why he does the things he does, but he still accepts it. And treasures it. He appreciates Satori for everything he is.

And I think another important thing is that Wakatoshi obviously isn’t the easiest person to get close to. And yet, Satori is one of his closest friends. And this could mean several things: Satori sees so much worth and importance in Wakatoshi and he values him and it’s obvious he worked really hard to get close to him, to get underneath that stoic outer shell and really figure Wakatoshi out. Or maybe they’ve known each other for a very long time, maybe they grew up together and just have this incredible bond that definitely won’t break any time soon. Either way, it’s obvious that these two have an incredibly strong bond. 

And god, their personalities are just… so perfect for each other. Wakatoshi keeps Satori grounded, keeps his mind from trailing off too much into a fantasy world, reminds him that working hard is important. But he also reminds his of his skill, acknowledges his talent and his worth, and that’s so important for Satori as someone who grew up being told he wasn’t good enough, or that he was ‘too weird’. And Satori reminds Wakatoshi to have fun, he reminds him to smile and laugh, and to appreciate the little things in life that he might not immediately see much worth in. And much like Wakatoshi, Satori also reminds him that he’s incredibly talented (not that he needs the reminder, but he still gives it to him) and amazing, and let’s not forget he even wants to support him and stay close even after high school. He loves his Wakatoshi.

Ushiten is so underrated and beautiful and I feel so warm and fuzzy when I think about it because they’re so good for each other. They complete each other, support each other, and see so much worth and importance in each other, and I think that’s just…. sososo important.