they're so limp

anonymous asked:

something where oikawa, kenma, tsuki, and suga have a s/o that has an injury where they have to wear a brace or something, but they never wear it and so they're always limping or something from the pain ((sorry about the bad wording of it I've never requested something before))

Your wording was fine, thanks for the request! 

When Oikawa noticed you weren’t wearing your brace he was pretty disappointed. You always chided him for not taking care of his knee so why should he listen to your advice if you wouldn’t? Swiftly he would pick you up bridal style and carry you until you were able to put your brace back on. “You’re only going to make it worse if you keep putting weight on it! If I promise to take care of my knee, will your promise to take care of yours?”

Kenma knew you weren’t wearing your knee brace before you did. Sometimes it scared you how perceptive he is. He had his eyes glued on his phone as he blatantly pointed it out. Exasperated you complained about how you felt fine and it didn’t actually hurt (to which he threatened you with Kuroo). After enough scolding and convincing he got you to go to the nurse for pain killers.

Tsukishima clicked his tongue as soon as he met up with you at lunch. He instantly noticed you weren’t wearing your brace. Instead of the teasing you expected you were met with genuine concern. Shocked all you could do was listen as he lectured you on why you should take care of yourself. He began blushing furiously as soon as he realized that both you and Yama were staring at him in shock.

As soon as Suga noticed you limping his maternal instincts automatically kicked in. He knew from experience that you had an awful habit of not wearing your knee brace, so he, himself got into the habit of carrying one with him. Sitting you down he scolded you for being reckless before giving you the knee brace and some painkillers. “I hate seeing you in pain. Please start wearing your knee brace.”