they're so funny oh my god

  • <p> <b>otp :</b> *does something cute*<p/><b>you :</b> oh my god, they're so cute i'm dying<p/><b>me, an intellectual :</b> oh the everloving father of heaven, the two people before my eyes have committed an act of such beautifully crafted affection that my soul has now departed to the place far above the skies and i have been purified mentally and emotionally<p/></p>

@thelaohugirl asked: borderlands + favourite romantic relationship

We never officially broke up, you know.
Yes, we did!
No. Not officially.
Well, then I officially—
Which is why I’m officially breaking up with you now!
Oh my god, you are out of your mind!
It’s funny you say that, ’cause I was just thinking, ‘man, I must seem pretty nuts right now.’

  • Tangled Fans: Oh my god! Why does Frozen get a big budget sequel when all Tangled gets is a TV series on Disney channel! Disney is completely neglecting Tangled! This is so unfair!
  • Princess and the Frog, Wreck It Ralph, and Big Hero 6 Fans: *look into the camera like they're on the office*

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"i know they're afraid of ducks or whatever" was that a WOLF 359 REFERENCE in the latest episode oh my god

Yet another lovely serendipitous thing that I can’t take credit for. I’m a HUGE @wolf359radio fan so this fact about Jacobi had clearly slipped into my psyche, but it wasn’t on my mind when I wrote this script. I was just thinking about all the various scary dreams people could have and what fear would be funny/embarrassing instead of actually scary, and came up with ducks. Great minds, etc. etc. or Wolf 359 just owns a portion of my brain (equally as likely). 

omg the ask box is open? *screams?* could i request pls for Ace, Sabo, Snooj with a s.o who really loves children and seems to be often popular with them? (i just rlly like kids and for some reason kids seem attracted to me tho i dont do anything special im just patient and listen to them? ) bonus: if on one of those occasions the s.o mentions wanting to have one one of those days and the boys reaction to it.  x’D

A/N: I just drank a whole 1.5 l bottle of lemon ice tea in less than an hour… I think I’m 50% lemon ice tea now…. I hope this is fine. :)

S/O is popular among children + their reaction


  • When Ace first noticed how popular you were with children, he would be really happy
  • I feel like it would make him feel better, because he thinks you deserve the best and to see that even children realize that… he’s truly happy for you.. so pure…
  • If your relationship becomes more serious, you start to remind him of Makino and how she treated him and his brothers when they were younger
  • It would suddenly come to his mind that you’ll be a great mother and then he’s thinking about your own kids
  • It will scare him a bit, but after he sees you patiently listening to the kids around you, smiling like some sort of angel, he starts to like the idea of your own little family
  • He might become a bit jealous tho
  • At first he thought it was all fun and games, but after some time, he hates those little punks
  • Especially when there’s this one kid who always hangs in your arms and hugs you, kisses your cheek… and when you laugh with him
  • Like that’s his job
  • He just silently glares at them and wishes that a bird takes a shit on their head
  • Won’t interfere tho, because he just likes to see you happy and even if that means he has to stare at a little kid stealing away his love, he will accept it
  • Still hugs you tightly once you come back into his arms
  • Pulls a grimace at the little kid behind your back
  • “Take this L, you shithead. This is my girl.” - “Ace, that’s a kid…” - “So? He needs to stay in his lane, Y/N.” - “….oh my god” yeah same


  • I think Sabo would feel like it’s funny how popular you are with them
  • He would call them your “army of little legs” and always tease you about it
  • “Oh, what? Are you gonna call your little army? Will they throw their pacifiers at me? Please don’t!” *laughs at his own joke*
  • He’s the only one laughing btw
  • I feel like every time he catches you with children, he will stop and stare at you for little while
  • He wishes he could tattoo this picture of you crouching down and talking to them into his eyelids so he will never stop seeing it
  • Like Ace, it reminds him of Makino, but instead of thinking of your own children, he starts to admire you more for your pure heart
  • Will walk up to you and act like he tries to steal you away, so the kids come and fight him
  • He just laughs and pleads for forgiveness
  • Sabo actually likes children too, so he might play games with them and swirl them around and act like they’re airplains or something  idk
  • Whenever you two are alone, he doesn’t say anything, just carefully kisses your lips and tells you how much he loves you
  • If you mention your wish for own children, he will be a bit scared and probably turn as red as a tomato
  • “A-Ah, but not now, Y/N, right? You’re too young…” - “I never said I wanted them now! Maybe later on…”
  • And then he just stares at you and feels like, yeah… children with you later on… it doesn’t sound too bad


  • Will get really jealous/happy
  • One side of him thinks how amazing you are for being so nice and heartwarming
  • The other one wants to scare away all of the kids and take you back to where you should be; in his arms
  • He walks up to your group of little people and crouches down, the same eye- level as the one guy who sat on your lap a second ago
  • “Listen up, don’t think I didn’t see you flirting with my woman, I will beat-” and you just gasp, “Sanji, that’s a kid!”
  • The boy starts to cry, because he’s so scared and you take him back into your arms, stroking his head carefully and glare at your boyfriend
  • And Snooji swears he just saw the kid stick out his tongue at him
  • I really feel like Sanji lowkey hates little boys lol
  • If he sees a little girl talking to you, he tells her how cute she is and even says something along the lines of:
  • “I know my Y/N is the cutest, but after I see you, I’m not so sure anymore.” maybe even gives her some sweets
  • When you guys are alone again, he hugs you close to him, takes your face into his hand, might even push you back a bit  standing there like in those disgusting romantic movies
  • “You know my heart only burns for your love, you still are the sweetest cherry my lips have touched.” or something
  • and you just laugh, “Yeah, I know, you tell me every day.”
  • I think Snooji doesn’t want children that early, he rather wants to spend his years with you and enjoy your company to it’s fullest
  • He might be ready for it later on, but just maybe

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So I scrolled through your ENTIRE Kayleigh lives au tag and at some point you said Riko and Nathaniel bicker a lot and Jean and Kevin have to occasionally separate their smols- and I know it was meant to be semi-serious actual fighting but all I can picture is them fighting about the best things. "You are not buying those Nathaniel" "Riko shut up they're combat boots just like yours-" "yeah but they aren't /real/ there's a zipper" "I'm not spending five fucking hours lacing them oh my god-" +

//// “did you seriously buy the blue hat” “Riko-” “the raven colors are red and black Nathaniel WHY IS YOUR HAT BLUE GIVE IT-” //// “we should surprise Kevin for his birthday with Jeremy Knox” “for what purpose” “to watch him have a stroke” “Nathaniel I actually want Knox on our court-” “-but it would be so funny-” “-and he would /never speak to us again we have a reputation/” //// - “I want Andrew Minyard” “he’s already on our team?” “Riko” “oh-… nathaniel you should totally do that” “are you using reverse psychology?” “No what-” cause it isn’t working" “damn”

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

OMG all of these are GOLDEN thank you so much (and i’m with Nathaniel for the combat boots lmao i don’t even untie my sneakers’ laces do u think i have time for combat boots laces–)

Also. On the subject of the smols arguing. Please consider:

Exy European Championships

There’s no mercy in this household

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UT/SF Papyrus and US/UF Sans and SO are hanging out, an event happens, and the skells make a comment about said event. Thing is, SO found their comment to be the Most Hilarious Thing they've Ever Heard in their Life and literally have their hands on their knees wheezing and coughing from how hard they're laughing, they end up getting the hiccups! How do the boys react?


He just stares at them for a long, long while. Why are they laughing that hard? Was it that funny? Okay maybe he just doesn’t get it. He lets out a hesitant and nervous Nyeh heh… Then his S/O starts hiccupping and he kind of ?????!!?!?!?!???!?????!!!! Did he break the human?? What is happening oh my god someone help him!!!!


He snorts alittle when they start hiccupping, because honestly, what he said wasn’t even that funny?? He watches on, amused as his S/O collapses in on themselves from laughing so hard with his chin propped on his hand. They’re probably in public when this happens. Someone comes by to ask if his S/O is ok. He holds out a hand, “Shhhh, they’re fine. Let them be. Let them be…”


He takes out his phone and starts recording, zooming in on the unglam faces they make as they transcend from ‘chortling, head thrown back’ laughs to ‘wheezing but no sound is coming out and clapping like a seal’ laughs. Every time they start to calm down a bit, he says whatever triggered their laugh attack in an exaggerated fashion to set them off again. He’s so amused by their giggling misery, especially when they start whining about how much their stomach hurts.


He ends up laughing at their laugh then completely losing it at their hiccups. He’s trying to hold back his laughter and ends up snorting. He didn’t understand what was so funny in the first place but his S/O is curled up on the floor wailing about stomach cramps between hiccupping laughs and that’s the funniest thing in the world. And also the cutest. At the end of everything, when all is calmed down, he turns to his S/O and says, “I don’t get it.”
Oh boy, here we go again. His S/O bursts out a giant “HA!” then starts giggling and snorting all over again.

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Who was the show stopper in the movie?

There wasn’t a singular show stopper, to be honest.

Not even kidding, the movie was cast so well that they ALL did a great job! The only critique Silvia and I both had was that Kondo was just a little too skinny, but that’s not even a big deal at all. We’re just used to Kondo being all beefy and hunky whereas in the movie he was still strong, he didn’t have all that muscle mass. That is the tiniest critique and it’s all I’ve got for things I’d want done differently.

Shinpachi was soooo good and so was Kagura! Oguri Shun plays a great Gintoki! Hijikata was good, but I missed all their usual voices that we’re used to hearing. Gengai was hilarious and awesome. Tetsuko and Tetsuya were well casted. 

Sougo plays a really cool part in the movie and I think they chose really well for his character! Ryo Yoshizawa looked good and his acting was fabulous! I loved all the scenes that had him in it and he just plays a really convincing Sougo! Katsura was so perfect, too! THEY WERE ALL PERFECT!! And Otae was great! Oh my god, the scenes with Otae were so funny! The actress was beautiful, but then just how they wrote Otae into the movie HNNNNN IT WAS SO GOOD!! 

You want a show stopper? Try the whole cast (*^▽^*)

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A scenario where the GoM's respective gf is a die-hard-fan of a kpop group ((you can decide which group you want to write, but I personally fangirling over BTS and EXO ฅ'ω'ฅ)) and the boys being jealous when she's paying more attention to the group, especially they're having their comeback. Bonus if the GoM snapped and desperately ((yet successfully)) trying to revert her full attention back to them. Make it fluffy and funny, Author-san, thanks! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Wahhh! I’m sorry if I got some things wrong.. I’m not really a fan of KPOP so I did my research on BTS and EXO! Uwaah I hope you like this dear! (✿ ♥‿♥)

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Oh god, they’re so handsome.” she squealed, watching the performance they did not too long ago.

Akashi looked up from his book to catch sight of her, who was madly fangirling over other guys.

God, he loved her so much, but wow, was he jealous. Especially since she went to his house to spend time with him. Not use his giant flat screen TV to pay attention to other boys.

“(Name), do you want anything to eat?” he stood up from his chair and made his way over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Nah.” she replied quickly. “You can go eat if you want. Let me stay here. Like wow.. seriously.. look at that move!”

Akashi sighed and glanced at what she was watching. A performance by this KPOP group named EXO. They were talented and handsome and all that, but he didn’t really get why she was that interested.

“You can watch it later.” the red head reasoned with a small smile, hoping she would give in. But she didn’t even look at him. She had her eyes glued on the performance.

“But it’s live!” she smiled widely. “Sei, if you’re that hungry, tell me you’re off to eat and I’ll follow. Right after this.”

“Oh my god, Chanyeol’s so handsome!” she exclaimed, as the camera focused on this one guy that sang and danced with expertise.

Akashi sighed and sat down next to her. He tried attempts like hold her hand, smile at her, or convince her to do something else.

God.. anything. He just wanted her to direct her attention to him. He placed a hand on her cheek.

“(Name)..” he said, his voice cold and low out of a sudden. Astonished, she turned her head and glanced at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“What do you want me to do for you to notice me?” he asked softly, combing her hair with his fingers. She blushed.

“God, Sei, stop acting like we’re not together.” she laughed awkwardly, then directed her gaze towards the screen again.

Akashi placed a hand behind her nape and without any warning, pulled her in for a kiss.

After a few seconds, she pulled away, panting. “Wow.. why did you have to do that so suddenly?” she breathed out.

Akashi stood up and pulled her wrist. “You’re going to eat with me. Now.”

“And when did you get so demanding?” she smiled playfully, but followed after him.

“I’m better than them.” he said simply.

“I never said anything about that.” she smirked, realising he was jealous. “Come on, you are better.”

“Yes. Let me show you later that I am.” he gave her a knowing look.

“Well..” she laughed.

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ok but jessica or someone walking in on them after they've been sweet like hugging or kissing or something intimate you know, and harvey's just got this adorable bashful and smug smile when he addresses them. because. he with his baby. he love mike, mike love him, they're cute and everyone knows it. and nothing could make him happier.









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*SLAM DUNKS IN* Yo, is it okay if I get some hc's for Alois or Soma trying to get evidence to prove that their weird S/O is an alien? Like, they look human but they act so weirdly to things that they're a lil suspicy. Thanks much!

Haha oh my God this is so cute!! After the last request I did we could all probably use some funny fluff <3


    • This little brat gets his entire staff in on it. Claude, Hannah, even the triplets. First one to get actual evidence gets the honor of actually not having to wait on Alois for an entire day. So, basically, they’re all working their asses off to get evidence.
    • He tries to work “slip-ups” into his conversation. Meaning, he thinks if he says something weird (as if he himself were an alien who forget something about Earth culture), his S/O will feel freer to kind of “confess” to him.
    • More than once has tried to pull his S/O’s hair down from a bun because he is convinced that their “human suit” is held together up there.
    • He likes to run his hands up and down his S/O’s body (especially if the two of them are in bed without any clothes) in an effort to look for zippers, ties, or stitches.


      • He’s half convinced that his S/O is in the same category as Sebastian. The one difference is that he’s not quite as afraid of them as he is of Sebastian.
      • Tries to persuade Agni into spying on them for him. Goes about as well as you might expect it to.
      • There are nights when the two of them are outside, lying in the grass, staring up at the sky, and Soma will start pointing at different constellations. He says things like, “You know anybody over there?” or “How’s the weather in that part of the universe?” It usually just makes his S/O crack up and cuddle him more.
      • He might get up the courage to ask them directly a few times. The big problem with this is that he’s just so worried they’re going to laugh at him, but he just has to know.
      What Cogs You Should Fight (In Real Life)
      • -> SELLBOTS <-
      • Cold Caller: They're probably like maybe 5 feet tall, but they can throw fire at you. Otherwise they're kind of weak. Fight this dude.
      • Telemarketer: They're a literal tree branch. Fight them. Do it. Use them as firewood if you want, I don't care.
      • Name Dropper: Fighting Name Dropper is conflicting — don't bring any money or valuable items because they WILL steal your shit and then shame you for not taking care of your teeth. But if you can stand having stuff taken and dental insult, then do it. Fight Name Dropper.
      • Glad Hander: Don't let them touch you and you'll be fine. Beat these nerds up.
      • Mover & Shaker: Like Telemarketer, they're literal sticks, but they can be titan sized so maybe don't fight these things if you get motion sickness.
      • Two-Face: Bring earmuffs if you want to live.
      • The Mingler: Don't say anything to them and you should be a-okay.
      • The VP: no oh my god what the hell are you doing do you want to dIE HE IS A LITERAL SENTIENT TANK MAN DO NOT FIGHT THE SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES IN REAL LIFE
      • -> CASHBOTS <-
      • Short Change: Steal their money. Do it. It'll be funny and also you'll win. They might even cry too.
      • Penny Pincher: Distract them with crabs. Pinch pinch pinch
      • Tightwad: Just stick gum wads to them. It works a lot.
      • Bean Counter: Spill small objects everywhere. They'll be too distracted to even see you so make a run for it because these beanpoles aren't even worth your time.
      • Number Cruncher: AVOID THE FACE
      • Money Bags: Like. Their eyes are on top of their head pretty much. Aim them at the sun and you'll be good.
      • Loan Shark: Like Cruncher, avoid their mouths. But like, don't fight them? They didn't do a lot wrong. Don't fight Loan Shark, they're sad enough.
      • Robber Baron: Beat this piece of shit up he deserves it. Even more fun, get Lil Oldman to join you. Then you can fight TWO pieces of shit.
      • -> LAWBOTS <-
      • Bottomfeeder: Do it. But fight them somewhere clean, because like, trash only makes them stronger.
      • Bloodsucker: I guess? If you wanna fight a robot vampire lawyer that lives off your bad luck, go ahead.
      • Double Talker: Absolutely. Punch them in all 2 faces. More faces to punch, more weakness.
      • Ambulance Chaser: If you can stop them from running away, sure.
      • Back Stabber: Bring a gun, they won't expect it. Nobody brings knives to a gunfight, right? Absolutely.
      • Spin Doctor: Destroy them, they're really shitty DJs and also probably got their degree from Mayo Clinic. Fight Spin Doctor.
      • Legal Eagle: Have you ever wanted to punch a buff robot furry? Well now you can. Beware the beak and talons though. Fight Legal Eagle.
      • Big Wig: Wears a wig, just tug on it and they'll go ballistic. Fight Big Wig.
      • CJ: He's made fun of by some toons for being blind, please give him a break.
      • -> BOSSBOTS <-
      • Flunky: They already have a hard enough time doing their job, why would you want to fight a Flunky.
      • Pencil Pusher: Fight a giant sentient pencil. Fight Pencil Pusher.
      • Micromanager: You can like. Just step on them. Don't fight Micromanager, you're OP. They're probably just small babies in a suit.
      • Downsizer: Don't fight Downsizer. He'll shrink you until Micromanager can step on you.
      • Head Hunter: are you out of your mind don't fight this monstrosity with a tiny head and gIANT ARMS
      • The Big Cheese: Just eat nachos or something with melted cheese, it will unsettle them enough to make them forfeit.
      • CEO: again, no
      MBTI as Mean Girls quotes
      • ESFP: “Get in loser. We’re going shopping.”
      • ISFP: “I have a nephew named Anfernee, and I know how mad he gets when I call him Anthony. Almost as mad as I get when I think about the fact that my sister named him Anfernee.”
      • ESTP: “One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome.”
      • ISTP: “Did you see nipple? It only counts if you saw a nipple!”
      • ENFP: “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.”
      • ENFJ: “I’m sorry I called you a gap-toothed bitch. It’s not your fault you’re so gap-toothed.”
      • INFP: “I have this theory, that if you cut off all her hair she’d look like a British man.”
      • INFJ: “I’m a mouse, duh.”
      • INTP: “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”
      • INTJ: “This is Susan from Planned Parenthood, I have her test results. If you could have her call me as soon as she can. It’s urgent. Thank you.”
      • ENTJ: “I don’t hate you ‘cause your fat. You’re fat ‘cause I hate you!”
      • ENTP: "Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, God love ya."
      • ESFJ: "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm popular."
      • ISFJ: Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.
      • ESTJ: "Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!"
      • ISTJ: "calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George's life definitely didn't make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you."
      In an alternate reality
      • Person #1: So wait, you're straight?
      • Person #2: Um...yeah?
      • Person #1: Oh my god I had no idea! You totally don't even seem straight! Look at that, I have a sassy straight friend! Straight best friend!
      • Person #2: You know, I'm really no different than I was a minute ago...
      • Person #1: Oh my god, do you know Carly? She's straight too. I should totally hook you guys up! Straights are SO CUTE! I sooooo wanna go to a straight wedding, I bet they're amazing! Do you want to go to the Straight Pride parade with me next month?
      • Person #2: ...I gotta go.

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      Hi! I was wondering if I could request headcanons for Crocodile, Smoker, Doflamingo, Zoro, Kidd, and Aokiji reactions and behavior when they're dragged by their female s/o to the mall? Thank you so much! (P.S, your writing is so beautiful and it inspired me, just like op-headcanons :3)

      OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU DARLING!!!!!!!!!! 

      Funny hcs of those dweebs girlfriend dragging them to go shopping

      Reaction gifs because you said reactions







      • Getting dragged to the mall will be hell on earth for Zoro, Kid and Smoker
      • Especially Kid
      • THey hate shopping more than anything srsly all three of them are the black shirt for everything guys, Smoker might get talked into looking for a nice leather jacket on the internet and thats the end of it
      • Kuzan is not a big fan of shopping either but he’ll settle with carrying all her bags and have a nice cup of coffee at one of the coffee shops to not completely die of boredom
      • Speaking of boredom, everytime his girlfriend shows her outfits once she gets out of the fitting rooms hes probably sleeping
      • In fact Zoro is too
      • Now Crocodile and Doflamingo love shopping and they wouldn’t even need to be ‘dragged’ to the shopping mall
      • Hell those slutty old guys are gonna drag their gfs to the shopping mall
      • In the end Smoker will be more grumpy than usual, Zoro is gonna constantly whine about wanting to go home, Kid will roll his eyes so hard he’ll see his brain, Kuzan will have to be slapped out of his nap and Doffy and Croco will enjoy themselves.