they're so effing cute

Venice: DeanCas strangers at a masquerade

“D’you wanna get out of here?”

Castiel shivers at the words pressed into his neck, biting his lip. He’s pressed against the cold marble of one of the alcoves in a corner of the room, his lips swollen from kisses and hands buried in the fine clothing of his partner. His hat is so askew it’s at risk of falling off, though his mask still seems to be in place by some form of divine intervention.

Unfortunately, so is his partner’s. The other man is wearing a delicate thing of green and gold, the former of which brings out his eyes and the latter of which highlights the freckles on his nose and the apples of his cheeks. His light brown hair has been haphazardly messed from kissing, his clothes are rumpled, and he is totally and completely gorgeous.

…And to think, he never would be here, kissing some handsome stranger in Venice, if Gabriel had not tricked him onto the plane.

Castiel hums into their next kiss, nodding enthusiastically against his partner. The other pulls away only to grab his hand with a blinding grin and pull him in the direction of the door. As they stumble onto the street, Cas has the brief thought that Gabriel will never let him live this down.

Then again, he’s never been so happy to be proven wrong.