they're so easy to love really

@karawek and I are doing four quick collabs of the chloya love square because it’s a universal fact that it’s blessed. so here’s the first where she sketched and i linearted & coloured the two raging civilians ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


carwood lipton
requested by @seeungri


a few sketches from drawpile,, I was testing it out,,, and i really love it?? it’s so easy to work withhhhhh


i was trying out expressions and then i drew myself (multiple times) bc someone put my hair up and ahhhhh maybe possible persona?? im terrible at keeping personas tho,

anyways the last one is @galactibun ‘s sona and i really love them and their art and how they draw and clearly they’re an inspiration to me,,, i cry every time i see their art tbh,

It’s Easy Allies first birthday! Go subscribe to them on YouTube so we can get them over 100k to celebrate their anniversary! They make really great content and are all very sweet! Plus the community is wonderful! These are all good things friends! Okay that’s all, thanks, love you.

A Continuation

I’m going to be making mainly these today. They’re quick and easy to make so, yeah. I can make these while I think about what to do with the character. But, at the moment, all I am thinking about is how to caption this. I’m pretty much stuck. I don’t really know many things to talk about so I’m just typing out my thoughts as the occur in a bit of a rushed manner. Anyways, hope you enjoy these! I’m making tons of them today. Really, probably just two or three.

I clearly follow the right people here since everyone’s so nice and don’t tolerate any hate or harassment towards the fandom or the actors 💚

As someone who uses sarcastic jabs as a sign of affection, I’m endlessly confused by people who claim that Barba hates Sonny. I mean, come on, there’s a huge difference between insulting someone and teasing them a little… and Sonny’s just an easy target because he’s too positive to be offended.

The whole “Am I right?” - ”Seldom.” thing they’ve got going on is a running joke. What kind of people do you have running jokes with? Probably not with those you dislike.

Like, yeah, you don’t have to ship them, but Barba sure as hell doesn’t hate Sonny. If he did, his remarks would be a lot more cutting and there would be no doubt about it.

When Fitz kisses Simmons it’s, as Iain says, like an impulse, and just out of, kind of, almost frustration, and the situation is just– there are no words anymore to come back with. And when Simmons kisses Fitz, that’s cognitive. She’s thought about it, and it kind of felt good when he kissed her, and she wants to then – that second kiss, for me, is kind of a kiss that maybe FitzSimmons fans might want. It’s very deliberate, and it’s nice, and it’s kind of familiar, almost. That’s when they know…because I think both of them were probably hoping that it would be terrible, because then the situation is just resolved. But it wasn’t, it was really nice. So Fitz says that they’re cursed, because they can’t see a way through it.
—  Elizabeth Henstridge on the FitzSimmons kiss (x)