they're so easy to love really

Positive things about the signs
  • Aries: You have this positive energy and are a really fun person to be around. You make most people happy and you're great at complimenting people. Nobody feels bored around you specially because you know how to party and make everything super fun. You're really fun.
  • Taurus: You definitely give the best and most fun presents. You can make smallest things look so much worth it with all the love and time you worked on the present to make it meaningful and beautiful. Your doors are always open for those in need and you can make your home feel like home to others. You're really kind.
  • Gemini: You have a great sense of humour and make almost everyone around you laugh. If someone is having a gloomy day you can make them forget all their sorrows and misery with your jokes and charming personality. You're definitely the best first date (and ofc more dates ;)) for people because you can make awkward situations almost funny and make people forget that few minutes ago things were awkward. You have a great smile. You make people feel all fuzzy and warm.
  • Cancer: You're someone people find easy to rant to. Probably because you're a great listener and try your best to support people when they're feeling blue. If someone would call you in the middle of the night and ask you to come over, because they're not feeling so good, you will be there with ice cream and you're ready to let the person spill all what is troubling them. You don't judge people and try to give people a chance. You really do have a heart made out of gold.
  • Leo: You're really loving and caring to those you love. You're generous and try your best to make people comfortable. People find you soothing and super charming. You're just a big kitty who wants to hug everyone, except those who hurt people you care about, then you roar!
  • Virgo: If someone stands up for their friends that would be you. Nobody can hurt the ones you love, that's just not going to happen on your watch! You make people feel really secure and you bring people comfort. If someone wants to watch a movie you might not be all that interested in, you watch it anyway, but of course discuss it heavily afterwards ;). You have the ability to discuss about things without making it an argument. You're a peace maker.
  • Libra: You're great at comforting people and make them forget their sorrows, however people who hurt you or your friends you don't let go so easily. Nobody can get get away with being mean! You easily charm people and you show most people kindness and try your best to be understanding and forgiving. You're really sweet.
  • Scorpio: You're really ambitious, if you have laid your eyes on some specific goal you try everything in your power to make it happen, no matter what! Since you have such a strong will power a lot of people look up to you and admire you. You're loyal to your friends and family and almost nothing can change that. You're sort of like a fluffy ambitious dog!
  • Sagittarius: You're almost always in a good mood. Like wow all Sagittarius' I know are always smiling! Everyone around you will sooner or later start smiling because you bring such positive aura. You stand up for people even those you don't know very well because you believe in justice. And you can be really convincing let me tell you that.
  • Capricorn: You're really passionate about things you love and give it your all into almost everything you do. You're really friendly and people flock around you, it's really hard to not like you.
  • Aquarius: You're really smart, like a wikipedia woah! If it's about a random fact you'll know about it. You love teaching people around you and people really appreciate you for it. Almost no one sees an Aquarius mad because you almost never are. You're really chill and people find it cozy to be with you.
  • Pisces: You have a really strong personality. It's hard to forget about you. Just like Scorpio you are very ambitious and try to make it to the top. You'll definitely succeed in everything you put your heart to because you're really strong. Don't forget that!

@karawek and I are doing four quick collabs of the chloya love square because it’s a universal fact that it’s blessed. so here’s the first where she sketched and i linearted & coloured the two raging civilians ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

actual footage of genocide run

(Pretty loud)

carwood lipton
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the romantic interest has always been established within the first ep, just saying

You know, you act like love is so easy. It’s not. It’s work. Hard work. You have to work to keep loving the person and to keep them loving you. And sometimes you have to give up everything, *everything*, for them. That’s not easy. You can’t give that to everyone. So if I seem cold, or heartless its because I’m saving that for someone special. I can’t give it to just anyone.
—  Slytherin to Hufflepuff

that fact that people on twitter are talking more about hansol being taemins back up dancer than taemins first solo concert itself is beautiful and i couldn’t be happier 

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Valentines day date? Yuri X Viktor

“How many years is this, now,” Yuuri teases, as Victor sits across from him in a restaurant. 

“Hmm?” Victor asks, looking up from his meal. 

“How many Valentine’s Days have we spent together?” Yuuri clarifies. 

“Only a couple more than the years we’ve been married,” Victor smiles. They both know how long that’s been: it’ll be 15 years later this year. 

“Hmm, really?” Yuuri asks, tapping his finger against his lips - a habit he’s picked up from Victor. “Because I specifically remember a couple years that we were both away at a competition or another, or on a business trip where we missed it.”

Victor frowns and thinks for a second. Perhaps there were. “But we always made up for them,” Victor nods. 

“We did,” Yuuri grins, his eyes sparkling in the candlelight between them. If anything, Yuuri looks more gorgeous than when they first met. There’s a few streaks of silver in his hair to match Victor’s, and he’s got crinkles at the corner of his eyes and lines at the edges of his mouth where he’s been laughing too much over the years. Victor’s proud of those. 

“So it’s probably been right around 15 valentine’s we’ve spent together, then,” Victor says. Probably less. Which seems a shame because any chances he’s missed to dote on Yuuri seems like a waste. Even after all this time, there is no one else Victor would rather be sitting with. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, some rainy day in April, or snowy day in December, it doesn’t matter. 

“You’ve got that look,” Yuuri teases, smiling, eyes crinkling at the corners, just the way Victor loves. 

“What look?” Victor asks, even though he knows the answer. 

“The ‘blinded by love’ look,” Yuuri says. Apparently it’s one of Victor’s four main expressions, so Yuuri and Yurio tell him. 

“Is it a problem?” Victor teases. “Are you finally getting tired of it after all these years?”

Yuuri chuckles, because it is absolutely absurd that he’d ever tire of Victor looking at him that way. As if he’s the only one in the world. “No. Never a problem.” He makes sure to say anyway. 

They eat in comfortable silence for a few moments, happy to just be in each other’s presence. 

“So, what did you get me this year?” Yuuri asks finally. “Am I going to come home to a rosepetal-covered bed again?”

“It’s tradition, can’t stop now,” Victor doesn’t deny it. Every Valentine’s they’ve spent together, Victor’s made sure that they’ve had candles, chocolate, and a perfectly-laid-out bed, roses and all. It’s cheesy, cliche even, but the first time he’d done it - the look on Yuuri’s face, and the tears (sorry Yuuri, he’s not going to pretend it didn’t happen, no matter how much he’s asked to) - had told him Yuuri was getting nothing less than that every year. 

“I suppose I’ll have to give you time to light the candles when we get home, won’t I?” Yuuri smiles. 

“As long as you’re not getting tired of it, I won’t stop,” Victor tells him. 

“No, not tired of it. Never. It’s something I look forward to, in fact,” Yuuri tells him. But Victor already knows it. They clasp hands over the table, fingers twined together, Yuuri’s wedding ring glinting from its spot between their fingers. 

They don’t need more than this. Valentines isn’t so much of ‘professing your love’ to them, but rather, just a confirmation of what they feel every day. Mostly, it just gives Victor another excuse to spoil his husband. 

This year, however, is a little different. Although in the beginning years Victor had showered Yuuri with gifts, ranging from stuffed animals to cars (which he’d been told was too extravagant), as they’d grown older, all they needed to be happy was a night out together, no distractions, and an evening to themselves, no lavish gifts. But right now, there’s a small box in his pocket that seems heavier than it should. 

He knows he’s already married to Yuuri, and they’re still so deeply in love there’s no point in being nervous about it, but for some reason, there are butterflies in his stomach at the thought of giving Yuuri another ring. 

It’s just a simple vow renewal. It’s been 15 years. That seems like a long enough time to have waited to ask Yuuri to marry him again. He’s surprised he held back on their tenth anniversary, to be honest. Still, he can’t wait to ask. He can’t wait to see the look on Yuuri’s face. Anything for those bright eyes and soft smile.

His other hand that isn’t holding Yuuri’s clenches around the box in his pocket. Maybe later. After a walk around the park. He leans in for a kiss, and Yuuri reciprocates without hesitation. 

“I love you,” he says, and Yuuri smiles. 

“I love you too,” is the easy reply. 

((Sorry, for some reason, I just really wanted to write an older-married-couple date? I know that wasn’t in the prompt, so I hope it was alright.)) 

I just wanna give Mark and Haechan pats on the back and a lot of love for performing twice in music shows because they’re both in 127 and dream

*watching a kids movie nowadays*
  • Me: alrighty time for some easy entertainment
  • *puts in dvd*
  • *presses play*
  • Me: oh wow okay these characters are actually pretty cool
  • Me: and these jokes are actually really witty
  • Me: and the plot is so well thought out
  • Me: omg that character is so sweet I love them they're my fav forever
  • Me: oop ship them
  • Me: ship those two as well
  • Me: I should stop.
  • *intense moment happens 45 minutes into 70 minute movie*
  • Me: *screams*
  • Me: *bites nail*
  • Me: fuck fuck fuck fuck fUcK
  • *intense moment ends*
  • Me: oh thank god
  • *surprise sad twist*
  • Me: nooooooooooooooooooo
  • *plot comes to an end with a sad but sweet ending*
  • Me: weeps
  • Me: blows nose into 7382729283rd tissue
  • Me: dies

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Paladins where they end up in a situation with their not yet s/o like getting trapped where the paladin is stuck on top of them or in a room where the walls were caving in so they were up as close as possible to each other and to anyone else that sees maybe like an aftermath they're like--well I'm just going to get away from you lovebirds. Or this is a mission not a date

Since I made them all separate scenarios it’s really long.

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hi im leaving this blog (if you haven’t already realized that) and there are about a million reasons as to why im leaving, the main being im not happy here at all, the community is not the best, it’s dying, it’s becoming a race for who has the most this or that, etc. etc. it hasn’t all been bad though, ive met some really great people like @dandromedas , @lesterally , @phillester , @2k17rebrand , @furryphil , and so so many more awesome pals, i even met my girlfriend @marigoldbub on here and that changed my life, it just feels kinda toxic (sorry if any of you get offended god forbid (oh yeah that’s another thing)) but uhh yeah, that’s about it, i still love dan and phil i just can’t stand to be apart of this side of tumblr or be apart of the ‘phandom’ .. im on tumblr elsewhere and im finally really enjoying it which feels great, no stress, im not sad about being on here anymore :“) i hope you all do well.. it was fun while it lasted, thanks, see ya

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Shiro thought, I know you headcanon that Shiro likes more instant food like instant ramen, kraft dinner, etc Do you think Shiro would like mug cakes? They're easy to make (I love them), but I can see Hunk not being a fan of them because they have the microwave taste.

(Point of order: Kraft Mac and Cheese.  Though I admit Shiro would really love adding ketchup and hot dogs to it)

I think so, but I think Shiro also 90 percent of the time looks at the finished version and goes ‘oh, man, under cooked’ and puts it in until it’s a dry, flaky mess.  Hunk doesn’t necessarily miiind mug cakes, though he prefers the real version and thinks most the recipes for it are shit.  But the fact that Shiro will sit there and calmly eat what’s basically flour sand is slowly killing him.

(”Do you hate me?” Hunk finally bursts out one day, scrubbing over his face.

Shiro looks up from his mug, eyes wide.  He looks down at it, just a flicker, then tilts it toward Hunk.  “No.  Did you want some?” He asks carefully, like he’s not sure that’s the solution to this issue.

Because it’s not.  Hunk looks at the mug like it’s a bomb that’s about to go off.  “If you wanted cake, you could have asked for my help.”

Shiro frowns.  “I wouldn’t ask you to do that just for this.  And besides, it was just a craving, we don’t need to make a whole cake.”  He goes back to eating, and Hunk watches in horror as he happily swallows each dry, crumbling bite.)

And now I have to put up with drivel about Maiko being a “toxic mess” on my dash, and I’m too tired to…

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It’s all just willful misinterpretation of motive, means, and manner. Mai wants few things more than to see Zuko be happy, but let’s be real, Uncle Iroh struggled to do that for two full seasons and barely got anywhere. Uncle. Iroh. The man radiates peace and joy and calm. And if he can’t bury Zuko under waves of positive energy, you know Mai isn’t going to be able to do that.

So she doesn’t even try.

Instead, she uses her own methods–saying that things Zuko finds stupid are stupid, reminding him that she likes him and so not everyone hates him, and generally just being appreciative of his company (which, let’s be real, the kid was stuck on a boat with a grouchy crew for three years and was then roaming around a country full of people who would only hate him more if they actually knew who he was, so having someone who was like “I care about you even if you can suck the joy out of a room faster than a joy sponge” was actually a really good deal for him). Mai also doesn’t try to get into a “My life was difficult” war with him because she knows that this isn’t a fight (and her life wasn’t that difficult), but she also doesn’t let him use his hardships as an excuse to be a jerk because she is just that awesome.

Mai is very much a “tough love” person. She’s not going to pick you up and kiss your boo-boos. She’s going to watch you get up (or maybe if she’s in a really good mood, help you get up)…and then kiss your boo-boos. It’s not that she doesn’t care. Mai does care. Very very very much (don’t tell her). But she is also not fooled by someone’s anger issues because, honey, she has a lot of anger issues, but she keeps herself calm and doesn’t hit people. She channels her frustrations into sighs and snark. And sometimes she unleashes it all upon her uncle’s hapless employees, and cuts a little deep when insulting a Fire Princess…

But the point is that even while her issues are far below Zuko’s, she also knows that Zuko can be a better person. So once again, tough love (because, repeat after me, it is not her responsibility to make Zuko act like a decent human being). 

Also, if you read between the lines and look really closely, it’s not like Mai has all of her problems sorted out, either. It’s hard for her to properly empathize with Zuko’s problems because it’s hard for her to empathize, period. She’s privileged and fully aware that she lives in a messed-up world that she can’t do anything to fix, so why care? What’s the point? And what we see is her eventually realizing that if she wants to keep what actually makes her happy (her relationship with Zuko), she’s going to have to fight for it, and to fight for it, she’s going to have to care. 

These words aren’t just meant for Azula. They’re also an affirmation to herself–Mai is about to die, but she’s going to die finally declaring herself free of the demons that plagued her for so many years. She doesn’t pretend that she’s unafraid–she simply accepts that her emotions have finally won out over her fear. Clinging to safety, simplicity, and security is no longer enough for her, because now she cares.

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This whole “caring” thing is, of course, brand-new to her and leads to a few messes, but she turns out all right; but really, the accusations of “toxicity” and “failure” are both unfair and accurate because neither Mai nor Zuko is anywhere close to being ready for a Genuine Relationship at the start of Season 3. Yet somehow they stumble, trip, and claw their way forward and manage to drag one another into a place where they are Ready, and judging by how Izumi turned out, I’d say they did a Good Job. 

The signs introverted vs extroverted
  • A lot of posts say things like "___ is so loud ugh shut up" and it's not always this is for both types of people~
  • Aries extroverted: Funny af and has lots of friends. Probably has the "jock" style going on.
  • Aries introverted: punk af and has a few close friends. Is really good at sports on the low
  • Taurus extroverted: funny and wants to be the leader a lot. They need to be in charge
  • Taurus introverted: follows around other people but is so funny and usually the butt of the joke but is SO chill
  • Gemini extroverted: that person that hooks up with EVERYONE and their parents know all about it
  • Gemini introverted: A+ student but doesn't give a fuck
  • Cancer extroverted: the sweetest person and has all of the friends but probably does a lot of pda with their partner
  • Cancer introverted: mom. Cat videos 101
  • Leo extroverted: gorgeous and the squad leader
  • Leo introverted: makes up lies about people their crush likes because they're insecure just a lil
  • Virgo extroverted: basically just says hi to everyone and has tissues just in case you need to blow your nose. They got your back.
  • Virgo introverted: always has their laptop and has a tumblr with 4 followers. They're so good at math and still rlly nice and jus tries hard and yes fabulous
  • Libra extroverted: the cutest. Probably a hipster. Is friends with everyone but isn't so loud that they're always noticed. They just get along with everyone.
  • Libra introverted: Stylish and quiet. Probably likes otome. Charming in the cute quiet way
  • Scorpio extroverted: loud and tbh kinda annoying. Can be really funny and has a lot of friends, but has trust issues
  • Scorpio introverted: hot but no one really knows them. That quiet kid that has so much sass. Everyone wants to date them but they're hard to talk to
  • Sagittarius extroverted: so fucking funny. EVERYONE likes them. Very easy to fall in love with, and everyone does.
  • Sagittarius introverted: awkward cutie that must be protected at all costs
  • Capricorn extroverted: gets the good grades and is basically God
  • Capricorn introverted: resting bitch face but is a melted marshmallow on the inside. Their room is messy but it's so cute omg
  • Aquarius extroverted: hilarious, but probably has never been in a relationship. Everyone loves them because they let their inner nerd show.
  • Aquarius introverted: cute. Shy smiles 101. Teachers pet maybe but will go somewhere in life
  • Pisces extroverted: the lifesaver. Will talk with you about your feelings even if you're at a party. Caring and the sweetest person and everyone knows and protects them.
  • Pisces introverted: always asleep. You can probably murder them really easily. They're caring and will listen to you no matter how much you talk. They don't care about your virginity. They'll always tell you they love you too.

I like to imagine Max having a hard time during the twins’ first few years. Like, obviously he does a good job, but he’s always tired and the babies are, well, babies. They’re a handful, with their constant need to climb things or put things in their mouth and crying when their dad tries to stop them from doing all that.


Meanwhile David and Gwen are giving each other this look.


No. No, you might think so, but I don’t. And I don’t think the rest of my men did either. Might have a hard time getting a crew together. Don’t think I’m seasoned enough for it. I, uh… If it’s alright, I wouldn’t mind… going back to work… for you, you know?

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What are your thoughts on Sansa and Arya's dynamic? Honestly, i find it to be one of the most interesting in the series. They're literally as different as the moon and the sun, but as Ned said, the same blood runs on both their veins. I just love it.

I LOVE SANSA AND ARYA’S RELATIONSHIP, I love it precisely because it’s not an easy one. (it’s not a mystery that I’m into strained or complicated dynamics that evolve into something better and stronger, or just—different, come on.) Really, what I want the most from these novels is for them to eventually find each other again, or at least some kind of mutual understanding. 

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'#it turns out that you don't need to suggest that sam get all bitey and dominant #he does that shit all on his own' that's why he's hanging up and rolling his eyes, he's like "GOSH DEAN DO YOU THINK I'M AN AMATEUR" "I KNOW EXACTLY THE RIGHT DEGREE OF DENTAL PRESSURE TO APPLY"

after they throw Meg off the building and Dad’s gone and they’re both bleeding and it’s weird because Dad’s definitely alive, so what are they doing now, Dean says in the dark on I-94, a shitty grin in his voice, he says, Sammy, and Sam grunts, and Dean says I guess you must’ve been pretty crap in bed, since Meg wanted to kill us and Sam drops his head back against the seat and groans because oh my god, Dean and Dean’s grinning wider, warming to the subject, saying hey, nothing to be ashamed of, little brother, it takes time to learn how to satisfy– and Sam says you are such a– and the car maybe swerves a little as Sam smacks Dean’s shoulder and Dean smacks Sam right back, and then they’re quiet for a few miles. And then Dean says, chuckling, she probably would’a liked it if you’d bitten her, demons are such freaks, and Sam groans, loud this time, and Dean says not that you would’a been able to close the deal, boy scout and Sam grabs Dean’s arm and yanks his wrist up to his mouth and bites, teeth in the skin just right, and Dean says what and tries to get his arm away and Sam bites a little lower, teeth scraping over the mound of Dean’s palm, breath warm and moist and–is that tongue–and Dean shivers because that’s right–that’s exactly right–

and then Sam throws Dean’s arm back into Dean’s lap and says I know how to close the deal, jerk, and Dean says shut up, bitch, and flips on the tape and the car’s full of music, then, too loud to talk, so Dean can just sit there quiet for the next fifty miles and rub his palm against his thigh, letting the denim scrape over where it’s tender and just the perfect hint of sore.