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hey i just wanted to let you know that i'm really enjoying your nurseydex fic so so so much like your characterization for them is so spot on which makes the bodyswap part even better. just wanted to spread the love to you, you're amazing!!

oh wow thanks i try but honestly i think i have it easy in terms of writing these characters? like i, like nursey, am a mixed race hipster with Opinions and knows the ‘externally chill, internally a garbage fire/ball of stress’ mentality well, but i am also a very poor, exceptionally angry person who is done with everyone’s shit but is decently fluffy on the inside, like Dex

so yeah i dunno i can just relate to these two so much and that’s why i love them and absolutely Adore writing them

Positive things about the signs
  • Aries: You have this positive energy and are a really fun person to be around. You make most people happy and you're great at complimenting people. Nobody feels bored around you specially because you know how to party and make everything super fun. You're really fun.
  • Taurus: You definitely give the best and most fun presents. You can make smallest things look so much worth it with all the love and time you worked on the present to make it meaningful and beautiful. Your doors are always open for those in need and you can make your home feel like home to others. You're really kind.
  • Gemini: You have a great sense of humour and make almost everyone around you laugh. If someone is having a gloomy day you can make them forget all their sorrows and misery with your jokes and charming personality. You're definitely the best first date (and ofc more dates ;)) for people because you can make awkward situations almost funny and make people forget that few minutes ago things were awkward. You have a great smile. You make people feel all fuzzy and warm.
  • Cancer: You're someone people find easy to rant to. Probably because you're a great listener and try your best to support people when they're feeling blue. If someone would call you in the middle of the night and ask you to come over, because they're not feeling so good, you will be there with ice cream and you're ready to let the person spill all what is troubling them. You don't judge people and try to give people a chance. You really do have a heart made out of gold.
  • Leo: You're really loving and caring to those you love. You're generous and try your best to make people comfortable. People find you soothing and super charming. You're just a big kitty who wants to hug everyone, except those who hurt people you care about, then you roar!
  • Virgo: If someone stands up for their friends that would be you. Nobody can hurt the ones you love, that's just not going to happen on your watch! You make people feel really secure and you bring people comfort. If someone wants to watch a movie you might not be all that interested in, you watch it anyway, but of course discuss it heavily afterwards ;). You have the ability to discuss about things without making it an argument. You're a peace maker.
  • Libra: You're great at comforting people and make them forget their sorrows, however people who hurt you or your friends you don't let go so easily. Nobody can get get away with being mean! You easily charm people and you show most people kindness and try your best to be understanding and forgiving. You're really sweet.
  • Scorpio: You're really ambitious, if you have laid your eyes on some specific goal you try everything in your power to make it happen, no matter what! Since you have such a strong will power a lot of people look up to you and admire you. You're loyal to your friends and family and almost nothing can change that. You're sort of like a fluffy ambitious dog!
  • Sagittarius: You're almost always in a good mood. Like wow all Sagittarius' I know are always smiling! Everyone around you will sooner or later start smiling because you bring such positive aura. You stand up for people even those you don't know very well because you believe in justice. And you can be really convincing let me tell you that.
  • Capricorn: You're really passionate about things you love and give it your all into almost everything you do. You're really friendly and people flock around you, it's really hard to not like you.
  • Aquarius: You're really smart, like a wikipedia woah! If it's about a random fact you'll know about it. You love teaching people around you and people really appreciate you for it. Almost no one sees an Aquarius mad because you almost never are. You're really chill and people find it cozy to be with you.
  • Pisces: You have a really strong personality. It's hard to forget about you. Just like Scorpio you are very ambitious and try to make it to the top. You'll definitely succeed in everything you put your heart to because you're really strong. Don't forget that!

@karawek and I are doing four quick collabs of the chloya love square because it’s a universal fact that it’s blessed. so here’s the first where she sketched and i linearted & coloured the two raging civilians ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

the romantic interest has always been established within the first ep, just saying


carwood lipton
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Valentines day date? Yuri X Viktor

“How many years is this, now,” Yuuri teases, as Victor sits across from him in a restaurant. 

“Hmm?” Victor asks, looking up from his meal. 

“How many Valentine’s Days have we spent together?” Yuuri clarifies. 

“Only a couple more than the years we’ve been married,” Victor smiles. They both know how long that’s been: it’ll be 15 years later this year. 

“Hmm, really?” Yuuri asks, tapping his finger against his lips - a habit he’s picked up from Victor. “Because I specifically remember a couple years that we were both away at a competition or another, or on a business trip where we missed it.”

Victor frowns and thinks for a second. Perhaps there were. “But we always made up for them,” Victor nods. 

“We did,” Yuuri grins, his eyes sparkling in the candlelight between them. If anything, Yuuri looks more gorgeous than when they first met. There’s a few streaks of silver in his hair to match Victor’s, and he’s got crinkles at the corner of his eyes and lines at the edges of his mouth where he’s been laughing too much over the years. Victor’s proud of those. 

“So it’s probably been right around 15 valentine’s we’ve spent together, then,” Victor says. Probably less. Which seems a shame because any chances he’s missed to dote on Yuuri seems like a waste. Even after all this time, there is no one else Victor would rather be sitting with. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, some rainy day in April, or snowy day in December, it doesn’t matter. 

“You’ve got that look,” Yuuri teases, smiling, eyes crinkling at the corners, just the way Victor loves. 

“What look?” Victor asks, even though he knows the answer. 

“The ‘blinded by love’ look,” Yuuri says. Apparently it’s one of Victor’s four main expressions, so Yuuri and Yurio tell him. 

“Is it a problem?” Victor teases. “Are you finally getting tired of it after all these years?”

Yuuri chuckles, because it is absolutely absurd that he’d ever tire of Victor looking at him that way. As if he’s the only one in the world. “No. Never a problem.” He makes sure to say anyway. 

They eat in comfortable silence for a few moments, happy to just be in each other’s presence. 

“So, what did you get me this year?” Yuuri asks finally. “Am I going to come home to a rosepetal-covered bed again?”

“It’s tradition, can’t stop now,” Victor doesn’t deny it. Every Valentine’s they’ve spent together, Victor’s made sure that they’ve had candles, chocolate, and a perfectly-laid-out bed, roses and all. It’s cheesy, cliche even, but the first time he’d done it - the look on Yuuri’s face, and the tears (sorry Yuuri, he’s not going to pretend it didn’t happen, no matter how much he’s asked to) - had told him Yuuri was getting nothing less than that every year. 

“I suppose I’ll have to give you time to light the candles when we get home, won’t I?” Yuuri smiles. 

“As long as you’re not getting tired of it, I won’t stop,” Victor tells him. 

“No, not tired of it. Never. It’s something I look forward to, in fact,” Yuuri tells him. But Victor already knows it. They clasp hands over the table, fingers twined together, Yuuri’s wedding ring glinting from its spot between their fingers. 

They don’t need more than this. Valentines isn’t so much of ‘professing your love’ to them, but rather, just a confirmation of what they feel every day. Mostly, it just gives Victor another excuse to spoil his husband. 

This year, however, is a little different. Although in the beginning years Victor had showered Yuuri with gifts, ranging from stuffed animals to cars (which he’d been told was too extravagant), as they’d grown older, all they needed to be happy was a night out together, no distractions, and an evening to themselves, no lavish gifts. But right now, there’s a small box in his pocket that seems heavier than it should. 

He knows he’s already married to Yuuri, and they’re still so deeply in love there’s no point in being nervous about it, but for some reason, there are butterflies in his stomach at the thought of giving Yuuri another ring. 

It’s just a simple vow renewal. It’s been 15 years. That seems like a long enough time to have waited to ask Yuuri to marry him again. He’s surprised he held back on their tenth anniversary, to be honest. Still, he can’t wait to ask. He can’t wait to see the look on Yuuri’s face. Anything for those bright eyes and soft smile.

His other hand that isn’t holding Yuuri’s clenches around the box in his pocket. Maybe later. After a walk around the park. He leans in for a kiss, and Yuuri reciprocates without hesitation. 

“I love you,” he says, and Yuuri smiles. 

“I love you too,” is the easy reply. 

((Sorry, for some reason, I just really wanted to write an older-married-couple date? I know that wasn’t in the prompt, so I hope it was alright.)) 

I just wanna give Mark and Haechan pats on the back and a lot of love for performing twice in music shows because they’re both in 127 and dream

I love the idea of Hunk being Lance’s wingman and overall just on board with Klance as endgame:

“So, what do I talk to him about?”

“Just go over and say hi—”

“Got it.”

“—and then ask him if he’s up for some combat practice—”


“—and then offer to make out with him.”

“Okay, I—HUNK!”

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Shiro thought, I know you headcanon that Shiro likes more instant food like instant ramen, kraft dinner, etc Do you think Shiro would like mug cakes? They're easy to make (I love them), but I can see Hunk not being a fan of them because they have the microwave taste.

(Point of order: Kraft Mac and Cheese.  Though I admit Shiro would really love adding ketchup and hot dogs to it)

I think so, but I think Shiro also 90 percent of the time looks at the finished version and goes ‘oh, man, under cooked’ and puts it in until it’s a dry, flaky mess.  Hunk doesn’t necessarily miiind mug cakes, though he prefers the real version and thinks most the recipes for it are shit.  But the fact that Shiro will sit there and calmly eat what’s basically flour sand is slowly killing him.

(”Do you hate me?” Hunk finally bursts out one day, scrubbing over his face.

Shiro looks up from his mug, eyes wide.  He looks down at it, just a flicker, then tilts it toward Hunk.  “No.  Did you want some?” He asks carefully, like he’s not sure that’s the solution to this issue.

Because it’s not.  Hunk looks at the mug like it’s a bomb that’s about to go off.  “If you wanted cake, you could have asked for my help.”

Shiro frowns.  “I wouldn’t ask you to do that just for this.  And besides, it was just a craving, we don’t need to make a whole cake.”  He goes back to eating, and Hunk watches in horror as he happily swallows each dry, crumbling bite.)

*watching a kids movie nowadays*
  • Me: alrighty time for some easy entertainment
  • *puts in dvd*
  • *presses play*
  • Me: oh wow okay these characters are actually pretty cool
  • Me: and these jokes are actually really witty
  • Me: and the plot is so well thought out
  • Me: omg that character is so sweet I love them they're my fav forever
  • Me: oop ship them
  • Me: ship those two as well
  • Me: I should stop.
  • *intense moment happens 45 minutes into 70 minute movie*
  • Me: *screams*
  • Me: *bites nail*
  • Me: fuck fuck fuck fuck fUcK
  • *intense moment ends*
  • Me: oh thank god
  • *surprise sad twist*
  • Me: nooooooooooooooooooo
  • *plot comes to an end with a sad but sweet ending*
  • Me: weeps
  • Me: blows nose into 7382729283rd tissue
  • Me: dies

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What are your thoughts on Sansa and Arya's dynamic? Honestly, i find it to be one of the most interesting in the series. They're literally as different as the moon and the sun, but as Ned said, the same blood runs on both their veins. I just love it.

I LOVE SANSA AND ARYA’S RELATIONSHIP, I love it precisely because it’s not an easy one. (it’s not a mystery that I’m into strained or complicated dynamics that evolve into something better and stronger, or just—different, come on.) Really, what I want the most from these novels is for them to eventually find each other again, or at least some kind of mutual understanding. 

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The signs introverted vs extroverted
  • A lot of posts say things like "___ is so loud ugh shut up" and it's not always this is for both types of people~
  • Aries extroverted: Funny af and has lots of friends. Probably has the "jock" style going on.
  • Aries introverted: punk af and has a few close friends. Is really good at sports on the low
  • Taurus extroverted: funny and wants to be the leader a lot. They need to be in charge
  • Taurus introverted: follows around other people but is so funny and usually the butt of the joke but is SO chill
  • Gemini extroverted: that person that hooks up with EVERYONE and their parents know all about it
  • Gemini introverted: A+ student but doesn't give a fuck
  • Cancer extroverted: the sweetest person and has all of the friends but probably does a lot of pda with their partner
  • Cancer introverted: mom. Cat videos 101
  • Leo extroverted: gorgeous and the squad leader
  • Leo introverted: makes up lies about people their crush likes because they're insecure just a lil
  • Virgo extroverted: basically just says hi to everyone and has tissues just in case you need to blow your nose. They got your back.
  • Virgo introverted: always has their laptop and has a tumblr with 4 followers. They're so good at math and still rlly nice and jus tries hard and yes fabulous
  • Libra extroverted: the cutest. Probably a hipster. Is friends with everyone but isn't so loud that they're always noticed. They just get along with everyone.
  • Libra introverted: Stylish and quiet. Probably likes otome. Charming in the cute quiet way
  • Scorpio extroverted: loud and tbh kinda annoying. Can be really funny and has a lot of friends, but has trust issues
  • Scorpio introverted: hot but no one really knows them. That quiet kid that has so much sass. Everyone wants to date them but they're hard to talk to
  • Sagittarius extroverted: so fucking funny. EVERYONE likes them. Very easy to fall in love with, and everyone does.
  • Sagittarius introverted: awkward cutie that must be protected at all costs
  • Capricorn extroverted: gets the good grades and is basically God
  • Capricorn introverted: resting bitch face but is a melted marshmallow on the inside. Their room is messy but it's so cute omg
  • Aquarius extroverted: hilarious, but probably has never been in a relationship. Everyone loves them because they let their inner nerd show.
  • Aquarius introverted: cute. Shy smiles 101. Teachers pet maybe but will go somewhere in life
  • Pisces extroverted: the lifesaver. Will talk with you about your feelings even if you're at a party. Caring and the sweetest person and everyone knows and protects them.
  • Pisces introverted: always asleep. You can probably murder them really easily. They're caring and will listen to you no matter how much you talk. They don't care about your virginity. They'll always tell you they love you too.

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XV, Prompto + Noctis. Any of the prompts work tbh because they're my lifeblood at this point.

I’m gonna admit I kinda rejoiced when I saw your ask. I love your blog! *squeal* I couldn’t decide which prompt to use so I kinda jumbled them up together thus resulting to a not-so-drabble drabble. I went overboard, but otherwise I had fun writing this (bottom Noctis for the first time) Hope you like it!

Incoming lame title drop

Porn for Prompto

“So I’ve been wanting for you to do me this huge favor. It ain’t gonna be easy and I’m not sure if you’re gonna agree to it, but if you do, that would be really cool.”

Noctis tossed his deck of cards over his unfinished game of solitaire. He plopped down on the bed and stretched his legs out, bitterly dishevelling Prompto’s perfect game. He listened to him beat around the bush, waiting to get to the point of the consequence.

“I want to film you sucking me off.”

No response. The prince was just absentmindedly showering himself with the mess of cards around him. He was just really bored.

“You’ll be on the floor, doing business while I hold the camera from above. Maybe you could glance up every now and then and shoot me a dirty look.“

A handful of cards flew at Prompto’s face and he could only squint in defense.

“You’ve got a pretty dirty imagination thinking your prince would pose for the camera with cock in his mouth. That’s going to be a huge scandal if it got out.”

“No way am I gonna make that happen. It’s only for my eyes to feast on. Porn for Prompto.”

It’s not like Noctis had anything better to do. Starring on his boyfriend’s personal porno is a great idea to kill time and of course he trusted him it would only be for his safekeeping. So he agreed to do it, but under one condition.    

“You’re only allowed behind the camera til I tell you to get on scene. No hands inside my pants or yours.”

Prompto was puzzled, but he had an idea and thinking about it only roused his sexual fantasies even more.

“So you’re gonna give me a show too?!”

“I’m feeling generous today.”

Noctis’ pants came off quick. Prompto shuffled to his feet and rushed for his camera, eager to catch some footage of his boyfriend stripping for him before there would be nothing left. He indulged himself and he didn’t care if Prompto took forever to set up his camera and stand. Whatever footage he failed to record was Prompto’s loss. Noctis wasn’t gonna slow down for him since the heat came in too quick.

His legs are spread open and his hand shamelessly rubbed on his clothed boner. His shirt is held up between his teeth, displaying erect nipples that his other hand fondled on. Prompto freaked. His eyes were all on Noctis and his fingers were blindly fumbling random buttons, hoping the one he pressed on was the fucking record button. He heard the camera beep once and did a millisecond check to see if that tiny red circle was displayed on the corner of the screen. Perfect.

“Oh gods, Noct. It’s so hot watching your legs spread out on camera.”

Noctis hoisted his ass up so he could rid himself of the last lining of clothing. He grabbed on to his shaft and started to jack himself off crazy. There was no lube so he used his thumb to rub on the head and hasten the release of pre cum as substitute. Prompto had an eye for perversion so he had no shame zooming in on that delicious cock stimulating itself for pre ejaculation. He bit his lip hard and fought off every fucking temptation of digging into his own pants and start pleasuring himself, but no. He had to stay strong. His hands were secure on his hips and his fingers fondled nothing but the buttons on the camera. Then he felt weak. So weak when Noctis reached further down and stretched open his ass cheeks to reveal his gaping asshole.

“I know you got your lens zoomed in right here. “

He kept it stretched open and even slipped a quick digit inside to tease. The moaning was just impossible to resist.

“You’re killing me here, Noct. I want in already.”

The horny begging made Noctis’ chuckle sound sadistic. He continued to torture his poor erect boyfriend with all the ecstatic moaning and obscene self penetrations, but honestly he wasn’t doing this only for himself. He knew Prompto would thank him one day for providing him with some great masturbation material. That and he needed to create his own leverage to reach his climax faster so he could move on and pleasure his needy boyfriend.    

“Sucks I can’t have yours inside instead.”

“Heh. Sucks for you coz I can come in anytime, but you’re just stopping meee.”

“Haha… I’m doing this for you, Prompto. After this, you can mouth fuck me all you want.”

Prompto gulped down his impatience.

“J-just finish off already, Noct. Please… It really does suck I’m not doing all the work for you.”

Noctis was empathetic. He closed his eyes and only focused on reaching climax. His hands double tasked, one vigorously pumping his cock and the other fingering his hole. Once at the brink of satisfaction, he elicited such sweet, sensual sounds. The release of cum sullied his stomach and he spread his mess up his chest just coz he wanted to feel a little dirtier.

“Oh Noct. If you could only look at yourself now.”

“I can do that later.”

He beckons for Prompto to come over and he approached Noctis, bringing the camera with him. He had it on standby until the prince was ready for round two.

“You’re such a sadistic little bastard, y’know that?”

He came down to kiss him on the lips and he felt Noctis’ greedy tongue try to slither its way into his. Prompto took it and sucked it hard like venting out a fraction of his sexual tensions he had pent up in him.

“Yea, I know and I got you to thank for being lenient despite me abusing my sadism.”

Noctis flicked the protruding flesh beneath Prompto’s jeans and before he could react, Noctis’ lips were already pressed against his erection. He sniffed at its pungent odor and the effects of it drove his libido mad. Hands worked their way to free Prompto off his restraints. Belt unbuckled, fly unzipped and when the first layer was gone, Noctis sunk in deeper into his pelvis to lick the cum seeping out of the edges of Prompto’s underwear.

“Hey, you gonna turn the camera back on or what?”

“Oh! R-right!”

Prompto turned the damn thing back on record and watched Noctis through the screen. He was already stripping his underwear off and continued to lick the semen dripping down his thighs. Prompto had to steady his hand from all the shivers he was receiving. When Noctis licked his thighs clean, he gave Promto’s tip a little peck.

Oh shit. He’s so fucking hot, I’ll have the gods take my soul after I come.

Noctis liked to take his time playing around with boners before swallowing the whole thing down his throat. He licked him underneath, on the sides and lingered a little longer at the tip before taking it into his mouth. Prompto couldn’t take the play of his tongue on his tip so he pressed in a little without warning which earned Noctis to gag and withdraw. His chin was filled with cum and saliva.

“My bad. That part’s a little sensitive.”

Prompto came back in, filling Noctis’ mouth a little deeper. He eased in with shallow thrusts, getting Noct used to his size and pace. The lens of the camera begged for Noctis’ attention. Prompto had to lift his chin up and divert his focus to the lens.

“Don’t forget to look at the camera once in a while, your majesty. It loves your face.”

He held him on the back of his head and fucked his majesty’s mouth faster. Prompto wanted to see his prince make wanton and lewd expressions on cam, make him gag without pulling out and get his juice all over his face. The thought of it catching it all on camera came close to reality. Noctis was bobbing his head in sync with Prompto’s rough thrusts. His eyes shot lustful stares at the camera, his hunger for cock growing ravenous that he managed to reach base.

“Oh gods! Gods…gods, Noct! You better get ready to gulp this all down.”

Prompto rocked his hips harder against Noctis’ oral fuck hole. His moans were breathy as he failed to speak up and instead mentally begged Noctis to hang on a little longer. He threw his head back, bracing for climax and when it came, boy was he loaded. His release came out plentiful and messy. When he withdrew, there was more that got on his majesty’s face and Prompto at the heat of the moment didn’t feel sorry at all. He squeezed himself empty, squirting his last few into Noctis’ gaping mouth and outstretched tongue. Prompto mentally praised the six for being destined to meet this handsome prince covered in all his jizz.

“Haaa… Let me just take a moment to bask in this beautiful and sultry work of ours.”

He focuses the camera on Noctis’ soiled face, capturing the aftermath of their lovemaking, but Noctis turns away and wipes his mouth clean. Promto’s got more than enough dirty footage of him.

“Shut the hell up, Prompto. Don’t get used to making my face your cum dump.”

“I am aghast, Noct. I would never think that.”

And Noctis just rolls his eyeballs. Prompto was occupied with his camera. He replayed the whole video on fast forward, just making sure nothing was cut or corrupted. Then he caught sight of something disturbing.


“What is it?”

He shares his findings with Noct, playing back the video now on normal speed. They exchanged glances and both of them are petrified.

“This is what you get for chanting gods gods gods the entire fucking time, Prompto.”

“I couldn’t help it! You would have chanted with me if your mouth wasn’t so full.”

“I’m fucked. She’s definitely gonna tell Luna on me.”

“Holy shit…”

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Normally I'm not a fan of the idea of taking your partner's last name, because I think it's an antiquated sexist custom for several reasons, but I LOVE your hc regarding this for Victuuri. The placement of Katsuki at the beginning cos of Japanese naming customs and Nikiforov at the end, and BOTH of them doing it because they're both possessive in that 'I want the whole world to know you're mine' kinda way. I accept it 100% if they both do it, that's really cute.

I can’t imagine either of them would give up their last names but I think they’d also both want each others names so it’s an easy solution :D

gosh golly i sure fucking wish i could draw saitama and genos in a way that didn’t make me cringe 

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Hi Austin, how are you? I love your content so much! I'm a noobie when it comes to meshing hair, I can BARELY join two hairs together. I often look for tutorials online but they're too hard to follow. So I was wondering if you knew any good video tutorials? Fa1ry made one but it's too easy and it doesn't get me anywhere. Like I want to know your magic ;-;

Im not good lmao it’s been a bad 2 days, but that’s besides the point. Um I didn’t really watch any tutorials when I started? I just played around with the ‘sculpt’ tools for a while before actually releasing anything, and I didn’t learn about the proportional editing tool until I started looking at tutorials for hat chops(Which was around the time I released ‘Love Me Down’). The only tutorials I looked at for meshing is hat chops HERE and I learned how to convert clothes/proportional editing tool HERE

I have no idea how to video anything on my computer or I would do a little video on me editing a little hair lmao sorry

synopsis: your roommate cheated on me and i just threw your laptop out the window thinking it was his [x]

pairing: mingyu/you

a/n: i know i should be working on requests but i had so much fun writing this! it’s a bit on the corny side so this goes out to all my fluff-lovers!!! (❁º◡º❁)

1272 w. 

     With anger in your heart and purpose in your stride, you storm up to the door of your soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend’s dorm and shove the spare dorm key he gave you a few weeks ago into the hole. You thrust the door open (loud enough to create a bang) and scowl, eyes scanning the room for the familiar black laptop.

You spot it, perched neatly atop a few text books, and smirk deviously, marching up to it before grabbing it and turning to the sole window of the dorm. It’s already halfway open and you tsk. “You make it so easy for me, babe.” Making your way to the edge of the window, you glance down and when you’re certain that it’s a guaranteed kill, toss the laptop out with a satisfied grin.

When you turn around, you jolt in your feet. Standing in front of the bathroom door across from you is a tall, half-naked teenage boy whom you recognize to be his roommate, Mingyu. You’ve been introduced to each other in the past, but conversation was limited to awkward exchanges of “hello”s.

He’s merely clad in grey, plaid pajama pants and by the way his tousled fringe falls untidily over his forehead, you can tell that he’s getting ready for bed. Now that you’re single, you can’t help but find yourself staring; was he always this attractive?

“Hey, you scared me.” His voice shakes you out of your thoughts. “It’s ______, right? Aren’t you supposed to be out with Joowon?”

“Yeah. Change of plans,” you state proudly, gesturing back to the window behind you. “He’s in for a big surprise when he gets back.”

He pauses, eyebrows furrowing suspiciously. “…What did you do?”

“Come here,” you wave him over eagerly with a snicker.

Mingyu pads over to you and you point down. When he takes a look himself, his eyebrows immediately shoot up. “Oh my God—”

“I know. Pretty harsh, right?” you smirk. “He deserves it.”

“That’s… that’s my laptop.”

“No it’s not,” you shake your head. “It’s Joowon’s. Or, was Joowon’s.”

“No, no, no,” he runs a hand through his dark hair. “He took his laptop in for repair last night.“

You deadpan. “So you’re telling me… That wasn’t his?” When he nods in dreadful confirmation your stomach sinks. “It was yours?

“It was mine,” he confirms. Your face drops and Mingyu holds his hands out in front of him, “Hey, it’s okay. You didn’t know!”

“I’m so sorry,” you apologize, the guilt making it impossible for you to meet his eyes. “I can’t believe I just broke your laptop…”

Mingyu peers down at the remnants of his laptop from the window and purses his lips. “There’s nothing we can do now,” he sighs. “But can I ask why you were going for Joowon’s laptop?”

Wordlessly, you fish your phone out of your pocket and open up Snapchat, handing it to him. “Look at his story,” you murmur.

Mingyu looks confused but takes it anyways, tapping on Joowon’s username. Already, you can hear the upbeat music and cheers blasting from your phone as you divert your eyes.

“It’s just a bunch of videos of him partying — oh.”

You bite your lip, the image clear in your mind. “That’s my cousin he’s kissing, too.”

Mingyu hands you your phone back hesitantly. “I’m sorry…”

“Not your fault.”

Mingyu gives you a sympathetic look and all of the pent-up emotions you’ve been suppressing for the night begin to surface. Your boyfriend cheated on you with your cousin and you even managed to fail your own self by wrecking the wrong laptop. Seriously, who screws up on revenge?

“That was pretty dumb of him. I mean, who puts that on their story, right?” Mingyu jokes, attempting to lighten the mood. “Plus, he cheated on you. Wait, are you crying?”

You wipe away your tears with the sleeve of your sweater. “Sorry,” you sniffle. “It’s late and this is probably the last thing you’d want to deal with right now. I’ll leave.” You take a deep breath in an attempt to calm yourself down but then you’re reminded of your situation and the initial anger is replaced with anguish.

“I can’t believe he cheated on me,” you choke out, hugging your arms to your chest. “And I broke your laptop. Why can’t I do anything right?” You look up at him miserably, tears clouding your vision. “I can’t even get my boyfriend to stay faithful to me!”

Mingyu goes into panic mode as your body begins to wrack with sobs. Turning on his heel, he scrambles to find a shirt, figuring that that would be the first logical thing to do. “Don’t cry!” he splutters in the midst of shoving his head through his shirt’s hole. “It’ll be okay! Here,” he hands you a box of tissues from his nightstand and guides you over to sit on his bed.

“Thanks,” you grab a few tissues and wipe your tear-stained face with them. “This is so embarrassing. I’m sorry you have to witness this.” Mingyu remains silent as you attempt to even out your breathing, taking a seat next to you. “I promise I’ll get you a new laptop. I’ll take up a few jobs so I can repay you as fast as possible.”

“You don’t have to do that,” Mingyu frowns.

“I do,” you object. “And I will.” Mingyu gives you a pointed look and it’s then do you register how close he’s sitting next to you and how indulgent he’s been with you all this time. His cologne mixed with his natural scent fills your senses as you bite your lip. “Can I kiss you?” you blurt out.

Mingyu looks just as shocked as you do.

“Sorry,” you shake your head. “I’m not thinking clearly right now. I should leave.”

“Wait,” Mingyu grabs your wrist before you can stand up. “Are you going to be okay?”

You try to ignore the warmth of his hand circled around your wrist. “I’ll manage,” you stutter. “Bye.” You manage to release his hold on your wrist and stand up, bolting for the door.

“______, wait.”

You can hear Mingyu’s footsteps shadowing yours so you increase your pace, which is a futile attempt, really; your shorter legs are no match against his long ones.

“Wait,” Mingyu repeats, grabbing your wrist to gently spin you around. “I want to kiss you,” he confesses, “trust me, I do. But you just broke up with Joowon and I don’t want you to re—”

You get on your tiptoes and grip the front of his shirt for support, leaning up as high as you can to press your lips against his. They’re soft against your own but before you can give him time to react, you pull away and turn the other direction, hoping he won’t follow after you any longer.

_ _ _

The next morning you’re awakened by a string of notifications buzzing from your phone. Groaning, you slowly blink yourself awake and reach for your phone on your nightstand, a grimace immediately crossing your face when you scroll through the notifications.

There’s an endless amount of messages and missed calls from Joowon, a handful of them being apologies and excuses to even “i love you”s. You scoff; what a tool.

You’re about to block his number when another text message appears, this time from an unrecognizable number. Confused, you open it.

Hey, it’s Mingyu. You better not try and actually repay me for that laptop or else!!!! How about a date, instead?? I know it’s a bit early but it’s completely up to you >< Or you could always pay me in kisses? Haha. jokes, jokes~

anonymous asked:

Got any pets?

Isn’t she adorable? Her name is Noodle!

But… I can’t really bring her around the others, ‘cause I don’t think Melone likes snakes and Formaggio would be an easy meal for her if he happened to be small, y’know?

@boyjaegars thank you!! we love you!! and yes! when we first got him he was so overweight… he weighed 42 at his heaviest! he is a decker rat terrier so he’s bigger than your standard type a/type b rattie but getting him down to 28 lbs has not been easy. he’s not too difficult to carry but he squirms so it can be exhausting lmao. buddy was only 15 though but he really wasn’t much bigger than your average yorkie or silkie