they're so destructive for each other why is this happening to me

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I'm not sure if you've spoken of dark timeline Team Nice dynamite but I am highkey into the idea of it because Gavin is like a match and Michaels the fuse, and they're destructive alone but it's hellfire when they're together

alright, so, the thing about darker timeline tnd is that michael– 

look, okay, sure, michael’s explosive, michael is fire and michael is all cards on the table, wears everything on his sleeve, can become blind and lost to his emotions, sure. michael is four thousand pounds per square inch of pure destruction, put everything you’ve got into one hit, but

the thing is, darker timeline michael’s also rational. he knows when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to put the brass knuckles away. he knows when blowing up a building is a good strategy and when it’s just dangerous. he knows how to pick and choose what to get himself into when it comes down to it, fury-fueled decimation notwithstanding.

but take one rational-michael and add one devious-gavin and you’re working with a new monster entirely.

because michael? michael adores gavin. michael will shout his fool head off at gavin and have a smile on his face while he does it. michael gives gavin what he wants, heedless of innocent bystanders, of his own safety, of his own crew

gavin’s clever and michael’s ruthless and they’re both in it for the fun of it in the end, past the money and the power and the infamy. and so they tear at the city, at each other, grinning like it’s a children’s game, like they don’t realize they’re staring at beautiful, terrifying death.

so if gavin casually decides it’d be cool to take a minigun to a whole squadron of lspd’s finest, or bring a grenade launcher to a street of busy shops and let loose–just to see what happens, because he’s curious, because he’s bored

michael will grin and grab his weapon, fire and delight and death in his eyes, and sling an arm over gavin’s shoulders and ask him where to start, because they’re fucking invincible, because what could possibly kill them when they’ve got each other?

like, man. team nice dynamite will probably destroy the city one day, but darker timeline michael and gavin? they’ll destroy each other, absolutely, no question, laughter and death and devotion.

and so it’s innocent–as innocent as anything ever gets in los santos. i adore you and that’s why i’ll kill anyone. i adore you and that’s why i’ll kill us.

hi yes i believe today is the day to talk about way-too-codependent jack and gabe and ignore everything canon says about how jack became a super soldier (inspired by the first couple pics on this post) 

so they meet shortly before undergoing the “soldier enhancement” (aka: we’re trying to make a captain america let’s see which of you survives lol of course your chances are high) program and are politely kind to each other. they’re sitting in the debriefing room, both way earlier than the other subjects and alone. they chat a bit, jack makes gabe laugh with a ‘jarhead’ joke, and eventually the other subjects trickle in. 

there’s a lot of them. at least a hundred. gabe and jack get separated as they’re given numbers— gabe is 91, jack is 76. they take fifteen at a time, and the room slowly empties over the course of the entire day. jack’s was the second to last group, gabe’s the last. 

there’s injections and probes and so many ethically questionable pills and drugs pumped into their systems. the ones that don’t get nosebleeds are dragged gracelessly out to fancy, soft, cozy, barracks 

like the blankets are the softest jack ever felt and the pillows are super fluffy. they drop him off on the bottom bunk closest to the door and he passes out, not even bothering to struggle under the blankets

he wakes up maybe two hours later because someone flops on top of him. he can barely move, like all of his limbs are full of sludge and muck. he groans questioningly and cracks his eyes open to see gabe curling into his side


he points in the general direction of the ceiling and/or the top bunk. “too many steps.” 

“nngh” he means that to be an acquiescing tone, but he doesn’t think the sentiment gets across. his head flops over to rest on top of gabe’s and they both pass out 

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In the new TOS for YouTube, they changed the rules so that YouTubers won't be able to earn money off of their videos because if they're deemed "inappropriate" ad companies can chose to not monetize their videos. It includes cussing, politics, tragedies, sexual content, etc as things that are now considered "not ad friendly". YouTubers can now get their videos affected and risk not making ad revenue from their job because of the change and them and fans alike are concerned for their careers.

yeah I actually just found out about what’s going on like an hour ago, and the whole thing is freaking ridiculous and stupid in my opinion! I mean I get that people should have standards, but obstructing things as simple as opinions, or taking monetization away from something that may be considered “inappropriate” or “unfit for all ages” based on if it’s “inappropriate”  is completely suggestive, and subjective. 

Now I mean I get it that youtube wants to have higher standards. ok cool, that’s awesome whatever. like sex porn and stuff, that’s bad, don’t want that. excessive language, ok, I kinda get it especially if it’s used in a vulgar and abusive way, sure. violence, well, ok I kinda get that too. like, yeah I know there’s a lot of bad stuff and I think it’s good not to have it, but the way it’s being regulated is completely out of hand and there’s no lines or boundaries at all to make it ok or manageable at all! but to the point that it’s taking away people’s jobs, limiting people’s content. 

I mean what if my sister wants to make a cover on one of Melanie Martinez’s song? a lot of her stuff talks about serious subjects that can be “considered” sensitive, such as mental illness, family problems, sexual assault, etc. is that going to be unable to be monetized?  or like, what if I want to talk about LGBT rights and how I’m for it. Heck, me saying I’m bi is enough for some people to be “offended”, so does that mean I can’t even talk about something like that without it being considered “sensitive and heavy material?”  does that mean that my picture of Chara is going to be explicit enough to lose monetization if youtube finds that video? lol… heh…. I mean what? or are my vlogs going to be de-monetized simply because my friends use some swear words? (which isn’t even in an abusive manner) or will my vlog be chosen because I talked about being threatened by a cop, which would fall under “political sensitive topics” 

what about news channels? What about channels that talk about mental illness, or abuse to HELP people? or some teen making a dick joke? like, I don’t get it, because like, the media, like, TV, movies, etc, can have explicit material, so why can’t social media? if it’s not age appropriate, then the viewer, such as kids, don’t have to watch it. Why can’t people be free too? especially over things that aren’t even “bad” or talking about real world problems. again like, porn, sexual stuff, explicit swearing or major violence, abuse, cyber bullying, yes I get it, that’s fine, get rid of that, but the way youtube is doing it is so out of hand, it’s ridiculous! especially at the expense of people’s whole youtube careers, which FYI youtube, MAKES YOU MONEY! not just them! I mean, people pay their bills, feed their families off of making silly satire. When was satire, or saying a funny joke, or a little innuendo considered so bad that it can’t be worth anything? especially after the time and effort someone did to make that form of entertainment. 

like think of any movie, even PG, like ZooTopia for example. That is a PG, kid friendly movie, which the whole plot resolves about cops, excepting others, fights against racism, and has suggestion of drugs. so according to youtube, that incredibly great movie, with so many good moral messages, would not be considered worthy to monetize. like… what? like seriously like. what? or like what’s going to happen to Vevo? like 90% of the stars and artists making music videos which made money off of ad revenue/monetization, has some sort of explicit content, even if it’s vague, because that’s how the media works. so why the heck, is youtube, the biggest social media platform, banning anything to be monetized if it has a tiny thing that doesn’t even matter? like wwhhhyyyy???

I think the whole thing is ridiculous. if youtube wants to become a better platform, how about they actual do their job and fix the problems such asWhere’s the Fair use? or stop people from ACTUAL cyber bullying? or taking down videos with actual explicit content such as all the porn videos, or harassment, or actual destructive content on there? why don’t they actually keep tabs on who is making fake claims and keep those fake companies from taking advantage of youtubers like what happened to one of my slowpaints? or how about all those people taking content and uploading them with video theft by uploading videos that aren’t theres and not editing them? There are countless people trying to upload videos someone else made, and that also includes a lot of reactionists out there that break several rules in the youtube guid lines with every video, which by the way, hurts content creators like me. youtube is trying to have better security with this? When they aren’t even fixing the problem that actually abstract the actual security guid lines? what’s even more dumb is that youtube didn’t tell anyone, they didn’t tell us youtubers about what’s going on, they just did it. no update in our dashboards where we are SUPPOSE to get updates of the site, and no email. We only found this out because we as youtubers, communicate to each other and figured out what’s going on. 

idk, this is just my opinion, but I’m afraid to see some of my favorite youtubers begin to go under do to this “update”. because the thing is, it doesn’t just effect the content creators, it effects the viewers too. because if it effects us, the viewers, you guys, lose content and people you like to watch. I mean with how vague and the lack of actual boundaries are with these rules, even videos as clean and family friendly as Good Mythical Morning, could have some videos lose monetization. and that’s saying something. 

now this doesn’t effect me too much because all my videos are art related, for the most part, but like I mentioned before, some of my videos, (if youtube gains attention to them) could fall under this too…. such as Chara, or one of my more tragic sad pictures that has blood or implied violence in it, or my vlogs which are very positive, not abusive and negative. Not to mention, I’m kinda worried too because……. my next animation is fine, but…. the animation I’m working on after that is another fight scene, and it’s from Undertale’s Genocide rout… and it’s… gonna have some violence and  blood in it, like Chara gets really beat up, and if it blows up even 7% of the amount that Death by Glamour did, meaning youtube might find that video, it could lose monotization, which will really hurt me financially. Not that I do my art and animations for money, I still do them for fun, but, youtube is my career now, if I can’t pay rent and eat, it’s gonna suck.