they're so cute shut up

Bae wanted to give Bum a gift he could always carry with him, so he gave him an opalite necklace

Bum always feels just a little bit safer when he wears it

Also @pliskin every seungbum picture you draw adds 20 years to my life thank you so much


The Saga of Seungri’s shower scene [Subbed Video].


VanVen having an argument
  • Vanitas: *punches the wall near vens head in typical shippy/douchey fashion*
  • Ven: *loud gasp* :O
  • Vanitas:
  • Ven:
  • Ven: did
  • Ven: did you hurt yourself???
  • Vanitas: *pained noises*
  • Ven: *wrapping vanis hand up* YOURE SO STUPID
  • Vanitas: SHUT UP?? JUST SHUT UP??????

The other day I’ve been tagged by @bridgesinthesky and @misshammett, thank you! :D

I went to the zoo and I have a new squad now, because llamas are cute as fuuuuck.

I’ll tag @only-one-who-waits, @paradoxoftheflame, @wrestlethedevil, @alexxtrasza and @moveslikejaromir if they want to!

the baudelaire children are gay.. all three of them.. especially klaus

I showed my mom that pic of Harry smiling from yesterday (is my wallpaper now), and she said “His arm is full of tattoos, uh?” and I looked at the camera and said “Yeah, he got lots with his boyfriend”, she laughed a bit and say “Really?” and then “Are they still together?” and I said “Yes, of course (always). They’re going to get married soon” and she was like “Ah that’s cute, they’re going to be together forever, aren’t they? They have lots of affinity” and I just set here screaming internally

okay but please imagine
  • eren and mikasa opening up to each other while they do their time in their cells.
  • driving the guards nuts by communicating through knocking and one would interpret for the other when they don’t feel like talking. bonus points if armin comes in, and they drop the act and start talking to him.
  • linking pinkies through the bars because it’s the closest they can get to holding hands.
  • pressing their hands against the wall while talking to the other, unbeknownst to the fact that the other person is doing the exact same thing.
  • being released and the first thing mikasa does is slam into eren, arms thrown around his neck, face buried in his shoulder. eren initially being overwhelmed but soon adjusting to her being in his arms and relaxing against her, holding her tight to him because he can now. finally.