they're so cute i can't handle them


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

jughead living with betty would include... pt. 2

- them opening up betty’s window on warm summer days enjoying the soft breeze while listening to some songs blasting out from the radio/speakers/etc.
- jughead would be writing his novel at betty’s desk
- betty’s on her bed writing in her diary or smth
- them struggling with their insecurities and helping each other with those insecurities
- ugh the aNGST
- betty feeling like she’s not pretty enough (or even being stressed about her school grades)
- she’d be standing in front her mirror frowning and jughead comes up to give her a back hug
- “i think you look amazing. and you should think that way too. because it’s true; you’re beautiful, betty. ”
- or jughead holding betty in his arms stroking her hair
- “they’re just numbers. they don’t define you, betty.”
- same for jughead btw
- him feeling bad about his family’s situation and betty would be there to comfort him
- she’d caress his cheek and whisper encouraging words to him
- betty being in a really good mood after a day at school
- she’s so happy to the point she feels like dancing
- so she does
- and she keeps bugging jughead to get up and dance with her
- he’s just like “lol no let me be woman”
- she turns up the volume real high and just starts dancing around the room
- and jughead tries to distract himself but he keeps looking back at her
- he smiles like a dork while watching her be all happy-go-lucky
- then he realizes how much he loves this crazy girl
- when the song finishes she turns to him and he just pulls her to him
- he kisses her passionately like woah i rlly love you betty cooper
- and at first she’s just like “????”
- but then she smiles and kisses back
- betty putting on her makeup and jughead stares at her like “lol what is all this”
- one thing leads to another and betty leans in
- and she draws a line across jughead’s face with her red lipstick
- he tries to look real pissed but gives up and just grins
- bughead brushing their teeth together in the bathroom
- they keep making funny faces at each other in front of the mirror with their toothbrushes in their mouths
- they invite archie over to study and stuff
- but then archie gets ignored bc bughead be in their own bubble
- he just watches them act like cute like jughead bopping betty’s nose
- and betty playing with jughead’s fingers or hair
- like ugh guys archie’s still here
- “aHEM”
- “oh hi archie when did you get here”
- lol #justiceforarchie
- k i’m done
- or am i
- sooo part 3???? :D


  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Pinof came out a couple of days ago, but I'm still freaking out bc dan was so happy and phil was just so cute, but not only that, dan still hasn't uploaded the bloopers and I really can't handle this anymore. Dan literally pretended to be a chip having an orgasm, and phil literally spoke in the cutest Scottish accent. NOT ONLY THAT, but dan just announced that they're uploading a video about them reading fanfic, and they want the fans to get involved. But have I told you about pinof, they did friggin yoga together and a trust fall and
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